I can’t resist the urge to read books with titles like this one. It’s a truly a decided way to get my interest up to want to try a book. The book, the right choice indeed, and a good storyline. Reese Walter and Jacori Johnston had a quick meeting and romance which went up in flames after some events pulled them apart. Here’s my review.

The characters were likable, even when they got on my last nerves. The storyline had some drama, but it had a point and matched the story completely. The pace of the story was involved and made me smile a few times, and I laughed every now and again. The couple was a lovely pairing, and the author made certain the characters owned their story. The intrigue was the so-called taboo relationship that I did not find any problems with the association. The author described the couple’s attraction as earth-shattering, with a soul-stirring passion. And she was correct.

When I first started reading about Reese’s mother’s marriage, my Spidey senses started flashing on high alert. I knew this was a clue, so stay close to your Kindle, or whatever reading device you’re using. You will need it handy. The day of the parents’ nuptials, when Reese met her new Dad’s son; I was like, come on, Kay. For real! My feelings of hesitation started to dissipate when new facts sunk in more in-depth.

Reese’s Mom was not easy to take. She had me talking to myself.

It was difficult to expect anything other than the couple being a perfect pair with the combustible chemistry between them. But things would not be as easy for them because of the nature of the so-called taboo of their forbidden love.  The author gave me enough reasons to change my view and look at the reality of the situation. And let’s not forget about the precious gift they shared.  The overall story was darling and enjoyable. The couple’s love was indeed worth the fight and an excellent 4.5 Star story.

Review – Can’t Resist This Complicated Love, by Kay Shanee

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