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& Then There Was You by Tay Mo’Nae

All Sevyn wanted was to finish law school and make her late grandmother proud. She was never the one to color outside lines or go against the rules. When Sevyn is suddenly faced with past due bills and eviction she becomes overwhelmed on how to stay above water. What she didn’t expect was to offer to help her with all her troubles, the only problem is it goes against all her morals.
Nasir is content in his relationship with his long-term girlfriend. The two of them have an understanding an inviting another partner in the bedroom has never been an issue, until now. When Sevyn joins the couple for one night of pleasure, Nasir instantly becomes attracted to the innocence surrounding her. Soon he begins to question his current relationship and finds it hard to stay away from Sevyn. While Sevyn tries to fight the brewing desire she has for Nasir, he embraces it. What neither of them counted on was a fatal encounter that could take the both of them out before they even begin.


Love Me, Yours Truly by A. Marie Johnson

“Are we best friends or secret lovers?”
That’s a question Jalia and Hamidi find hard to answer.
They’ve been best friends since they were kids but now that they’re older deeper and more intimate feelings are beginning to surface.
Hamidi has always been Jalia’s protector.
Jalia has always been Hamidi’s secret keeper.
So what will happen when they both know that she deserves more than the one-sided love she’s been receiving?
Will they stay best friends? Or will they become the best lovers either one of them has ever had?


Roll Bounce Love by Kay Shanee

Dance instructor, Aubrielle Carson had her heart broken more times than she could count. Until she met the one. He was all she dreamed of at first, but with time and attention, she found he was just as disastrous as the loves before him. Ending the relationship left her with a need for change and relocating to Washington D.C. was the new beginning she craved. However, her hungry heart refused to remain unfed. 

Rashaad Hanes was finally living the life he earned. As a single father and co-owner of Roll Bounce Love, a new skating rink in town, he was confident, focused, and about his business. All of that was what he intended to bring to the table when he approached the woman he couldn’t take his eyes off of. Yet, despite all he came with, her guard was up.

Will Aubrielle give love another try? Is Rashaad forgetting to calculate his own flaws? When secrets and half-truths shake the ground, will these two lovers be able to roll with the punches and bounce back to love?


Hate To Love You: Short Story Collection by Kelsey Green, Kimmie Ferrell, Candice Johnson, and Sabrina B. Scales

There’s a thin line between love and hate… Or is it?

Rose Gold Press is excited to bring you a collection of four short, page-turning love stories. From sweet and heartwarming moments to hot and steamy love scenes, the unforgettable characters in this collection are bringing you a little sweet, dipped in a whole lot of sexy. 

The Art of Love by Kelsey Green
All it took was one night to bring Peyton back into Hasani’s life. But with passion, lust and revelations seeping from every blurry memory, Hasani will have to do her best to remember how it all fits together. For the art of love is painted in the details.

Stuck With You by Kimmie Ferrell
Landon only has ten days to show Gianna he’s not the man she thinks he is. But the uphill battle to win her heart is not easy. As the two rival event planners work to pull off the wedding of the century, they realize sometimes the best kind of love is unplanned.

Uber Intentions by Candice Johnson
Laken’s debut novel is poised to blow up every book list. But author Knight’s poisonous pen – and plagiarism lawsuit – threatens her potential best-selling title. Not only are they former secret friends with benefits, but they’re essentially telling the same story. Will Knight and Laken remain enemies? Or will they reconcile… via Uber?

Restored by Sabrina B. Scales
Ten years after their bad break-up, Deja and Orlando are forced to spend time together. As expected, tensions are high and it’s impossible to imagine reconciliation after such a long rift. Will Lando and Deja be able to restore what was lost or will they continue down two paths leading in opposite directions?


The Christmas Wedding Dance: A Holiday Novella by LaShelle L. Turner

Merry mayhem and secrets surround the holiday wedding of Arielle Allure Richmond. This season comes the tale of a very social bride. A budding social media influencer and blogger seeks to create a media buzz surrounding her upcoming nuptials. Along with having her fans/followers watch her plan her fabulous wedding, Arielle plans one of her biggest social media stunts. She reaches out to her estranged father for her upcoming Christmas themed wedding. Using their reunion as a catalyst to boost her social media stardom, she decides to use him as a prop for her online wedding diary to capture every moment of the father/daughter reunion. This causes more tension in her already strain relationship with her mother.

The soon to be bride also has a little secret: She is having an affair with her high school love, Lucius. He’s the opposite of her stable and loving Antonio. Or she just thinks he is. She may not be the only one tasting the last bit of forbidden fruit before her wedding; someone keeps posting cryptic messages on her social media pages about her fiancé’ own little dalliances. Arielle must not only put a stop to her cheating but also her groom’s. She resolves nothing and no one will stop her Christmas nuptials, not even a little cheating and lying. Will she ever make down the aisle, let alone have her big wedding dance?


A Deadly Halloween Love by DeeAnn and Nikqua

Two authors.
Four short stories.
A whole lot of love and spookiness.


Keeping Busy by Tracy Gray

They grew up together…but not really. More accurately, they grew up across the street from one another. He spent his youth pretending like she didn’t exist. She spent hers pretending to be unbothered by his lack of interest.

Maddox “Busy” Mayhew dedicated himself to setting goals and reaching them. So, being drafted to the league wasn’t a surprise to anybody. The fact that he was a savage on the football field, and crushed records wasn’t a surprise to anybody. The fact that he garnered the attention of countless women wasn’t a surprise to anybody. His fall from grace, though…that caught everybody off guard, including him. Now, he had to repair the damage he’d done, but frustratingly, he couldn’t do it alone.

Mecca Goode minded her own business, and there was plenty of that to mind. Not only was she part owner of a hugely successful dance academy, she also choreographed for both collegiate and professional athletic teams on the side. She didn’t have time to keep up with the happenings of old childhood neighbors, except when their demise was playing out in the public arena.

When Mecca is asked to step up to help Busy out, her immediate response is a thundering, “No thank you!” He spent years never even acknowledging her existence. Will she turn the other cheek, and help out a man who spent his entire life ignoring her?


Your Love is My Lifeline: A Novella by Britt Joni

Sometimes the eyes only see a person at surface level. What happens when the person you love most is seemingly strong on the outside but internally fighting a battle they refuse to face? Can you pick up the pieces to be the lifeline to save them from themselves?

Meet Anais, the fiery, free spirit the world first met in “The Secrets We Keep.” On the outside, all anyone ever sees is a no-nonsense, protective spirit who has everything all together. But Anais holds a secret on how she remains strong enough to face the world. When she falls for her friend, will that be enough to save her from herself?

Meet Tobias, the nosy lawyer who looks out for everyone… even if it can be damaging to his wellbeing. He holds the world together with an iron fist, but somehow, a sassy, free spirit has worked her way into his heart. He sees what the world doesn’t – a broken soul.

Would you be willing to watch the one you care for fall deeply into an abyss of darkness? Find out what happens when love is all you have and truly becomes your lifeline.


If the Boot Fits (Cowboys of California Book 2) by Rebekah Weatherspoon

“Wonderfully inventiveUniting a heart-stopping hero and a plus-size heroine who knows her own worth, this steamy fairy tale shines.”
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

Bustle Best Books of Fall 2020 Selection

From award-winning author Rebekah Weatherspoon
comes a thoroughly modern take on the timeless tale of a struggling Cinderella who finds her prince charming at the eleventh hour—and the adventure that ensues the morning after . . .

Working as the personal assistant to one of Hollywood’s cruelest divas has left Amanda Queen more determined than ever to sell her screenplay and gain her independence. In the meantime, she’ll settle for a temporary escape. When her employer is felled by the flu on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, Amanda gets her glam on, struts out the door, and parties with the glitterati. But she never expects to come face to face—and closer than close—with one of the hottest stars in the game . . .

Following up his first Oscar win with a steamy after-hours romp with an enigmatic woman seems like the perfect way for actor Sam Pleasant to celebrate—until she suddenly disappears. Worse, she’s vanished with the wrong swag bag: the one containing his Oscar statue, leaving Sam even more intrigued about the beauty’s identity—and wondering if a repeat performance of their amazing night is in the stars. And when a second chance encounter happens, only a trip to Sam’s family ranch—and revealing the whole, not-always-glamorous, truth about themselves—will give them a chance to turn one magical night into forever . . .


Seven Minutes of Christmas Magic : An Enemies to Lovers Romance (In the Cards Book 2) by K.L. Brady

From K.L. Brady, USA Today Bestseller and the Author of The 12 Daves of Christmas, Comes the Laugh-Out-Loud Christmas Story You Need This Season…

Can the Distance Between Enemies and Lovers be Erased with a closet, seven minutes, and a little Christmas magic? 

Struggling Christmas crazy greeting card executive, Mia Copeland, is desperate for a new Christmas card collection idea. She’d rather stay home, decorate, and create a concept than attend her best friend’s annual Black Friday party. It not only kicks off the holiday season but also hosts the social coup of the season—a mating ritual that pairs singles (for life if her record stays intact). Mia’s a three-time party loser, and she’s not thrilled to be targeted as the next victim—again. Then Mia learns she’s coupled with the man she wronged…seconds before she walked into the gathering 

Unemployed executive Nixon McCloud needs a professional miracle and a date according to his best friend. With Nixon still mourning his father’s passing six Christmases before, his friend’s Black Friday party is the last place he wants to be, mainly because he knows his best friend will try yet again to pair him up with some mystery woman he’s avoided for three years. By some twist of fate, he lands at the gathering only to find out the set-up girl’s also his most recent enemy number one. 

Then, seven minutes change everything. Mia and Nixon soon learn their meeting is for better—and for worse. 

SEVEN MINUTES OF CHRISTMAS MAGIC is a hilarious Christmas romance featuring two single business executives who resist going to the one place where they can receive exactly what they need. Pick up this book today and discover if they will allow ambitions to tear them apart or hold on to the magic of the season that brought them together. 

*This is a full-length, standalone novel within the “In the Cards” series.*


Last Chance (Moriah’s Boys Book 4) by M.L. Sexton

Marlon, the youngest of the James-Panton men, finds himself living a life based on hidden truths that soon prove to be detrimental to his mental health. His family and best friend, Maya Greene, are keeping a secret from him that he has long since forgotten ever happened. When Cassidy Chase resurfaces, a volatile villian from the past, she threatens to uncover a world of pain that can destroy what Marlon and Maya have, or could have. Maya made those around them promise to never let him relive that moment again that nearly sent her to any early grave. But when he finds out, will this be their last chance at ever lighting the love they have on fire?


On Us 3 by Nina

While Lake, Avery, Ivy, and Vant deal with the makes and breaks of their relationships, they also juggle the other Porters on their journeys. Each person is fighting to overcome, find their places with one another, and the new hurdles in their lives. Finding and believing in the trust and love they so desperately seek in one another. Everything gets put on the line in this final installment. Fight or flight has kicked in, and each Porter, along with the women they have chosen to love, will need to make a decision and commit. Can love conquer all, or will it not be enough?


Steel Roses Bleed Too by Tisha Andrews

Rose and Diesel have found love, but war is all around them. Just when Diesel’s time has come to finally be happy, his past in the form of a scorned lover clothed in evilness won’t allow him to have the happiness he deserves.

Delilah, the one who once held Diesel’s heart captive, no longer craves his love. She craves something he has—Rose. Without Rose, Delilah’s life is no longer meaningful. In fact, death is all she has to look forward to… if only Hugh would cooperate.

Hugh, feeling stuck in a loveless engagement, is overwhelmed by the likes of Dr. Casey also known as Delilah. While she’s consumed with him luring Rose in, he’s consumed with righting his wrongs with Dr. Casey, the one he betrayed for his fiancée Zara. It didn’t help Delilah at all since it was Dr. Casey that suspected Delilah was foul. So foul, she was willing to ignore his engagement to Zara to rid them all of Delilah, but was she too late?

Getty, no longer the panty dropping sensation he was known to be, has eyes only for Zara. For the first time in his life, the endless number of bodies he had in and out of his bed no longer mattered. His focus was Zara, finally telling her she couldn’t be another man’s fiancée as she was now his wife.

Death is all around them, but when love is worth fighting for, love is all that is left, but only if it prevails.


Boos & Booze Series Books 2-6

You’re invited to the Sapphire Springs’ annual Fall Festival. Two days packed with activities for residents and guests alike: an adults-only costume ball on Saturday night, and family friendly carnival on Sunday. RSVP to join us for opulent fun.

The Wrong Wicker (Boos & Booze Book 2) by AshleyNicole

As the newest member of Sapphire Springs, Evie is excited about the annual ball. A dressed up evening with an open bar, endless food, and dancing sounds like a good time. There is the small issue of the blind date Aunt Brenda set her up on, that has the potential to be a dumpster fire. Hopefully, he doesn’t show, and his cousin can be her date. Somebody has to help keep her mind off the ghost waiting at home for her.


The Stroke of Midnight (Boos & Booze Book 3) by Diana W.

Time is relative when it comes to Imani getting past the death of her husband. It’s been three years and she still doesn’t feel comfortable opening her heart to someone new. Even tendrils of affection for her contractor Hakeem makes her feel guilty and at the insistence of her friend, she visits a medium, hoping she will gain something helpful. What she receives is an unbelievable day that helps her heal so she can learn to love again.


Halloween Spice (Boos & Booze Book 4) by Turtleberry

Caught up in the routine of life, Ebony is encouraged to go to the Sapphire Springs Fall Festival to have a little fun. Then her husband Max shows up to give their marriage a little Halloween Spice.


Eerie Obsession (Boos & Booze Book 5) by T. Key

What happens when infatuation and desire turn into…obsession? Will Summer Banks find herself the object of Jonathan Green’s affection…or on the brink of something far more sinister.


Brewing Storm (Boos & Booze Book 6) by D. Rose

Seniyah Reid was on a journey of self-discovery. That journey led her to making the split decision to move to Sapphire Springs, a small quirky town that loves the holidays as much as she does. The move couldn’t have come at a better time for Seniyah. After the passing of her grandma, she was searching for a thrill to disrupt her mundane routine. Soon she realizes the answer to her problems comes from her fine neighbor, Blaine Richards, a single father who was also in need of a thrill… or two.


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New Release Round-Up October 26th-November 1st

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