Soraya is a modest and quiet young lady, not really interested in the party scene. She gets the opportunity to go to school and get a better job working in the county hospital. Loving her job and newfound freedom, Soraya is naïve to dating, especially the likes of Adonis, oldest of the infamous Mitchell family. Soraya didn’t take too kindly to Adonis. He was a player. She was familiar with his type.

Adonis is used to women swooning over him and, quite frankly, is bored by those women and their gold-digging tendencies. Putting the family name on the line with his partying lifestyle, Adonis wants to escape from under his mother’s thumb in time to gain his inheritance. Seeing his chance to get under his mother’s skin, he picks someone he knows won’t meet her standard of approval. 

While his intentions for dating Soraya aren’t honorable from the start, Adonis finds that his feelings shift the more he gets to know her. Adonis’ heart opens, and he soon finds he can’t live without Soraya. His mother sees things differently.  
Will Adrienne’s uncivilized behavior cause Soraya so much angst that she walks away from Adonis for good, or will Soraya give Adonis a chance to prove he’s the right man for her?


New Release Spotlight – Suddenly, by J. Shanee Byers

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