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Check out these new releases from October 2nd-8th.

Twenty-four Three by K.C. Mills

A shot in the dark.
A mistaken identity.
A undeniable attraction.

An injured hitman finds himself depending on a stranger and for Carter Reed trust is not something he’s willing to extend. Unfortunately when it comes to McKenna Smith, Carter can either allow her to be his saving grace or risk losing something more precious than trust…his life.

Stakes are high. A life is in danger and Carter’s ultimate decision could be his last.

The Veil of Revenge by Wynta Tyme

Hyghly and Camaro De Leon are one of Chicago’s most influential couples. The streets have pledged their undying loyalty to them, while the rich will do whatever to stay in their good graces. It’s to be expected seeing as the married couple operates one of the largest arms dealing businesses in America.

They’re surrounded by flowing cash, fast cars, and jewelry from all around the world, but it wasn’t always that way. Hyghly remembers her days of being poor, trap houses, and the times her stomach would touch her back, while those moments of struggle are a distant memory for Camaro. Their love and loyalty started in the trenches, and forever by Hyghly’s side, is a motto ingrained in his veins.

However, for one envious bystander, he refuses to let Hyghly forget. She took something from him, and he’ll stop at nothing to make sure she loses everything.


L.O.E: Loyalty Over Everything by Kami

Loyalty “Loyal” Graham is the jokester of the family. However, the scars on his heart from the loss of his mother can’t seem to be healed with time or laughter. While his family members are falling in love one by one, he’s still grieving the emptiness from the first woman that ever truly believed in him.
Tyeis Jossep has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Hit with blow after blow, she finds herself face to face with a past life she swore she’d never return to. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger exposes her to love she never imagined was possible. Will she run outta fear of the unknown or will these two be the missing piece the other needs to find true happiness?


Fire in the Moonlight (The Georgia Arcana Series Book 3) by Dria Andersen

Two things Vanessa Fouche took seriously: her family…and avoiding any involvement with the police. That included the very sexy and charming sheriff of Springbrook.

Two things Joseph Taylor the Third took very seriously: keeping Springbrook and its inhabitants safe… and making Vanessa Fouche his. She was stubborn, but his wolf had decided and he ain’t never shied away from a challenge.

The sins of her past were coming back to haunt her entire family. The curse over the Fouche family was finally broken, but Vanessa Fouche couldn’t settle down, not with danger still hanging over her family.


Soulfire Connection by Compton Carlotta

Aarika Morgan is a meteorologist with a dream career ahead of her. With an unbreakable bond with her protective brothers and close-knit family, she gets betrayed by them all. When it happens, her world collapses in a wave of deceit, and she finds herself at a crossroad.

Then, a fateful encounter with the brooding hellhound, West Norwood, sparks an intoxicating connection that defies reason. As a hellhound on a sacred mission to protect humankind, West knows he must walk the line between duty and desire. But with Aarika, the lines blur, and passion ignites.

As their love ignites, so do the challenges they face, including malevolent forces, supernatural secrets, and a destiny that could tear them apart. Aarika’s own hidden abilities emerge, revealing a new reality, while West wrestles with the truths he dares not share with the woman he’s grown to love.

This edgy, sultry romance weaves a tale of temptation and danger set against Atlanta’s urban backdrop. Can Aarika and West weather the storms that threaten to tear them asunder, or will their love prove stronger than the forces that conspire to keep them apart?


A Touch of Desire (Rapture of Love Book 2) by Ava Freeman

After their unforgettable weekend together, Asha is exploring a full-fledged relationship with Remy. As they navigate their desires, they must find a balance between their strong physical connection and getting to know each other. Will their explosive passion be enough to sustain a lasting relationship?


In the Heart of Memphis (Ode to Memphis Book 4) by B. Love

This is the end…


The Delany Bennets by Desiree Kannel

Martin Delany University has provided home, career, and stability for generations of Bennets. It’s 1999 and the latest generation of Bennets prepare for the new millennium, unaware of the changes the year 2000 will bring.

For Professor Elizabeth Bennet, that means questioning her position and dedication within the prestigious HBCU. She’s also tired of defending her rap music studies, especially to stuck up outsiders like visiting economics professor Dr. William Darcy. When her sister Jane takes an interest in Darcy’s best friend, Charles Bingley, she forces herself to tolerate him, at least for Jane’s sake.

Dr. Darcy, on sabbatical from Berkeley, looks forward to a productive year studying with one of Delany’s prominent Economics Professors. He soon finds himself charmed by small town southern life and, to his surprise, Professor Elizabeth Bennet. He came to Delany to work, not fall in love. Elizabeth’s Delany-Bennet pride wanes as family and work troubles take over. The constant clashes with Dr. Darcy also wear her down, but in a surprising way.

Prejudices crumble as the two academics relinquish to growing passions, but for Elizabeth, some offenses may be too big to ignore.


Bad Beat: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Competing Desires) by L.M. Bennett

The heat of the Las Vegas summer is just too much to handle, especially when you’re stuck playing hand after hand with your rival.

Fresh from a devastating breakup, Jax Bass wants one thing and one thing only: to win the Women’s International Poker Tournament and the half-million dollar prize. She’s less than pleased to find her rival, Miri, standing in her way.

Miri Black is tired of online hecklers dismissing her as an airhead, and would love nothing more than to win the tournament for herself. Only knocking out her biggest threat, Jax, would make this even sweeter.

Unfortunately for the two of them, they can’t stop bickering with each other long enough to focus on the prize at hand. After a fellow contestant gets sick of the Jax and Miri show, both women are forced to answer the question: could there be something more between them?

Bad Beat is an age-gap, enemies-to-lovers read with all the heat and snark you crave.

Roz & Zayn (This ain’t love Book 9) by Kori Karter

Let the games begin:

A game night to let off steam from the stressors of everyday life ends with a steamy encounter where two strangers do more than pass go during a game of Monopoly.


Rhoni & Dreaux (This ain’t love Book 10) by K.C. Mills

Rack ‘em:

Finding herself on the wrong end of a friendly wager on a game of pool makes Rhoni realize you can’t win ‘em all. When she realizes one night with Dreaux will the payoff, she accepts that perhaps losing isn’t that bad after all.


Rehabilitating a Hustler’s Shattered Heart by TN Jones

With dreams of becoming a food scientist, senior college student Trixon Lee, aka Trix, swore off relationships and carnal bliss until she landed in her career field. A semester shy of receiving her degree, an unexpected visit slammed the determined, introverted woman into her co-workers—brothers—storm, tremendously shaking up her world and focused mind. Yet, it allowed her into the mind of the brother who’s only suitable for greetings. Can she focus on the most important task she set for herself as carnal bliss continues to stare into her face?

Due to insecurities and karma spinning the block on him, Zonik Rivers vowed to fall back from the dating scene to become a whoremonger until his heart and pride were restored. While living his best life, Zonik knew of the perfect person for him. Yet, he knew his current mindset wasn’t good enough for the beautiful goddess of a co-worker, Trixon Lee. Unable to fight what he felt for a woman who put him at ease with a simple look or greeting, Zonik pursued the one he knew would give him what he needed, even at the cost of clashing with those who meant the world to him. Will Zonik have what his heart desires, or will his fears and thoughts of karma returning steal his desires?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up October 2nd-8th

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