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Check out these new releases from October 9th-15th.

All He Ever Wanted (Million Dollar Baby Book 2) by Tay Mo’Nae

Kyonna had wanted Rhys for as long as she could remember. After coming home from college and starting her career, he was the only thing missing from her life.

Rhys is adjusting to being a retired NFL player. He’s ready to settle down and start a family, but his issue is he hasn’t found the right woman to be with.

When the opportunity presents itself Kyonna takes matters into her own hands. Dressing up in a mask and finding her way into Rhys’s bed seemed like a good idea until she’s presented with a life altering consequence. Now she’s forced to tell the truth or live in a lie without Rhys and their families finding out.

Rhys isn’t prepared for how his life is about to change and Kyonna is forced to woman up and face the music.


Her Royal Majesty (The Royals of Kéra Asnela) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

King Isaac Winthrope, a charismatic and progressive monarch, finds himself irresistibly drawn by the allure of Cynthia Denise Clark, a strikingly divine woman from a different world. Their attraction is magnetic, a collision of hearts and desires that ignites the night.

But in a world where expectations and tradition collide with contemporary ideals, their story is far from conventional. King Winthrope yearns to explore the uncharted territory of love with Cynthia, who believes in seizing the present moment with erotic nights.

He wants spontaneous adventures and laughter-filled moments.

She doesn’t dream of castles and tiaras but a love that transcends titles.

Finding how they fit into each other’s worlds will prove to be both thrilling and challenging.


Bloody Fairy: A Novella by B. Love
At the end of her life cycle, aquatic fairy, Syena, is willing to do just about whatever she can to live a little longer. An unlikely hero saves her life, and she’s surprised when he offers to extend it too. One bite from a vampire changes Syena instantly. What they don’t prepare for is their bond to be fated, causing Syena to be both fairy and vampire. As she adjusts to her new life cycle, she finds herself thirsting for blood. Will her new mate, Diesel, be able to teach this bloody fairy the ways of his vampire lifestyle… or will she be banished or put to death because of her ravenous thirst for blood?


Give Good Love: A Ganton Hills Romance Novel (Ganton Hills Romance Series Book 5) by Aubree Pynn

As fate would have it, everything must fall apart in order for it to come together. A lesson Kadeem Damson and Raya Wright are in the process of learning.
Single father Kadeem is faced with the task of continuing the growth of his empire and bracing fatherhood without assistance for the entire summer. With the stress of raising twin girls, Kadeem is faced with accepting help outside of his inner circle.
Raya is standing at the end of one chapter and the not-so-hopeful beginning of another. As depression, anger, and chaos wreak havoc on her already troubled world, her friends and family come to snatch her out of it, placing her in a familiar, long awaited space.
Can the wounds to their hearts be mended or will time and their fears of being broken again consume them and unroot everything that was planted?


Midnight in the Grove by BriAnn Danae

A few granted wishes weren’t enough to satisfy Aleesa’s fervent desires.

A year after she’s been thoroughly taken care of and then ghosted, she’s stuck trying to make sense of it all. Rich wasn’t the type of man to be easily forgotten about, and he’s been on her mind every waking moment since his abrupt departure. Taking measures into her own hands on yet another Halloween night, Aleesa quickly discovers that what was meant to be would remain, no matter how she tried to intervene.


Uncovering Her Petty (Big City Small World Book 4) by Rae Shawn

Love can come and go, and come again

After a painful split, Jada Lorenzo was focused on rebuilding her life and nothing more. Co-parenting, getting her business up and running again, and learning to navigate a new city kept her plenty busy. But when the past unexpectedly knocked on her door in the form of Tra’Mel Denzel—the college boyfriend who left her for gridiron dreams—her newly-charted plan began to falter. 

Tra’Mel never wanted to leave.

But it had been a necessity compelled by family and his own fears. Now, burdened by regrets and a career cut short, a replay for her heart could score him the only touchdown that had ever mattered. But Tra’Mel has to overcome Jada’s emotional obstacles involving her vindictive ex-fiancé, the whims of a domineering toddler, and the heartbreak he’d caused her the day he’d exited her life.


Love Curveball: A Baseball Romance (The Rookies Series Book 3) by J. Nichole

He could remember every player’s batting average. But he couldn’t remember the name of the woman he slept with the night before. 
Cam didn’t need to. He’d be on to the next the night after. 
Except he met her. They agreed to share one night.
But her name was the only one he wanted to remember. 

The only thing Makenna could commit to was detrimental to her wellbeing. 
It was best for her to avoid all other commitments. 
So, when she met Cam, she doubted it would ever become a thing. 
Until, it became one.


Sis, Is He Suitable? by Wynta Tyme

Thirty-year-old Cyan Colors is at the top of her hustle. Not only is she a successful travel blogger and social media influencer, but a warrior who makes it a point to bring awareness to kyphosis when rubbing elbows with the who’s who in elite circles. Everything she can control has balance except for her love life. Taking time for herself, Cyan dismisses her attraction to the handsome bookstore and cafe owner, Steele Locks, and sets out on her journey to Montreal.

Amongst the food, art, and blog worthy experience, the entrepreneur meets business tycoon, Demond Harris. The older man captures Cyan’s heart and converts her relationship status faster than she can post about it online. High on love, the new couple is ready to return to the states and share their union with the people they love. Neither has a clue how quickly their fast-paced romance will have them falling or how deadly their love could be once it’s time to meet the family.


Emotional Descent by K.C. Mills

Balor Allen’s heart was damaged when his mother left.
Keiris Dorian’s heart was made whole when Balor arrived.

Some believe only those who have been loved, can love. However, soul ties force emotions that most can’t process or understand until their world shifts.

When two hearts connect in the depths of an emotional abyss, there’s an understanding in a language that is meant only for lovers.


A Month of Sundays Part One by Grey Huffington

When your sneaky link turns out to be closer to comfort than you’d like…

A Month of Sundays is a short story that consists of two parts. This is part one. 


Down for Three (Ideal Arrangements Book 1) by Kianna Alexander

Maya’s job in the world of corporate finance often leaves her spread thin and stressed out. Lucky for her, she has the best possible stress relief on call at all times: Talia, her high school classmate. A particularly brutal Friday has her sending up the smoke signal for Talia’s special brand of comfort, and Talia answers the call with the prompt attention Maya has come to expect. What she didn’t expect was for Talia to tag in her bestie, Dez, for an erotic assist.

Auto mechanic and body shop owner Talia is used to getting her hands dirty when the job calls for it. When she finds out that Maya needs her, she’s quick to leave her coveralls and wrenches behind, intent on putting in work of a different kind. An idea pops into her head, and she follows through, hoping Maya will appreciate her initiative.

And when Maya opens her door to find two strong, masc presenting women ready to fulfill her every desire, she makes a choice she never thought she would: to be DOWN FOR THREE.


Rescue Me by Laquana Brumfield

Almost two years have passed since the day Haze tried to end her life but there she was, still “living”. If you could call it that. Tucked away in her cottage in the middle of nowhere, the only time Haze had human interaction was on accident. Well, that was until she decided to step out on faith and bumped headfirst into Mr. Sire Sutton.

Sire is a businessman whose only concern should have been making sure he closed the biggest deal he’d ever worked on. Not only would this deal be life changing for everyone connected to him, but it would also sever ties he had been dying to cut. He just needed to stay focused long enough to get the job done… but there was Haze.

God created the world in seven days, and in those same seven days, your whole life could change. This week, Sire and Haze are getting something neither of them knew they needed—time to heal.

Haze needed to be rescued and Sire needed someone worth saving. Will they each get what they need, or will they be left longing?


Khan’s Choice by Tacarra

To the naked eye, Khan looked like your typical hustler, but that was far from the truth. He was living his best immortal life while he waited for his mate…until he laid his eyes on Choice. He knew from their first encounter that she was his.
Choice was a sweet and caring young lady living her life like any other normal female her age…that was until the mysterious Khan entered her life and changed what her definition of normal was.
Will Choice accept her fate or try to deter it at every turn?


Enigma’s Embrace: A Paranormal Path to Love by Zyanya Redtop

In “Enigma’s Embrace”, Amara Thompson embarks on a journey of self-discovery filled with mystery, romance, and the paranormal. A brave 23-year-old black woman, Amara is determined to leave her toxic hometown and family behind and find her own way. But when love and the unexplainable intertwine, Amara must rely on her resilience and an extraordinary connection to shape her destiny. If you enjoyed books like “The Witch of Willow Hall” by Hester Fox, you’ll love “Enigma’s Embrace”. Get your copy now before the price changes!

Please note that there are graphic scenes only suitable for mature audiences. Trigger Warnings are included for your reading preference.

Vows Fulfilled (The DuBois-Arazi Family Novels Book 3) by Unoma Nwankwor

Love Is A Commitment

Salma DuBois-Arazi
, the strong-willed and fiercely independent last born of the DuBois-Arazi clan, keeps herself busy with her role as the Director of Guest Services at the family’s luxurious resort, Grand Amour. Work and family provide the perfect distractions to drown the painful memories of a time when she believed she could have it all. Her mission has been to keep her secrets buried deep within and her heart shielded from the past. She’s been successful in her endeavor—until her grandmother’s eightieth birthday celebration, when Qasim’s return threatens to shatter her meticulously constructed world.

Qasim Adesina, the enigmatic and charismatic ex-footballer turned CFO of Ilẹ Oloro Farms, is a man on a singular mission: to reclaim his lost love, Salma. His friend’s baby sister and his guiding “Star.” Years ago, he had grievously underestimated the shadowy Brotherhood his family had once been a part of. The underground organization found “his heart” and tampered with it. For a woman who swore off second chances, Qasim’s secrets become a fatal miscalculation that cost him everything.
After giving Salma the space, she deserved and diligently tying up loose ends, the moment has come for him to remind her of the vow they once made.

But before they can even glimpse at a semblance of a happily ever after, they must navigate the labyrinth of secrets and treacherous waters that make up their shared history.
To love is to commit. Can their commitment withstand the secrets they’ve kept hidden, family discord and a past alliance that refuses to be severed?

Each book in the DuBois-Arazi Family series is a standalone story, but will be enjoyed if read in order of publication:
A Promise Fulfilled
Destiny Fulfilled


Her Grace and Mercy by Mel Dau

Rizelle “Elle/RiRi” Tillman’s life has been a cluster of bad since she was five years old. She was pulled into a life that she never asked for and no child should be engulfed in. Seeing no way out, she does what she needs to do for survival and survival only. When survival turns into desperation, she’s forced to make another life change that will shake up everything she thought was her truth. Going from a have not to a have is not as easy as one may think. The key method of life for Rizelle is resistance.

Maverick “Mav” Abioye is a have that wants more. He’s not one hundred percent sure of what the more looks like, however, what he does know is how life can offer grace and mercy where you often don’t deserve it. Will it be Rizelle’s Grace and Mercy that helps him achieve getting the more that he so desperately desires?

Find out if there is enough grace and mercy to save both of them, or will they only be hers?


Tested by the Off Limits Rival: An Opposites Attract Romance by Azani Leshay

Hit her with my best shot, fire away! We both cannot work here, it’s pure madness.

There’s just way too many chiefs and not enough indians.

She wants things her way and I have been around longer so she needs to fall in line.

Our coworkers see what we cannot; perfection.

When our bosses get married and our guards are down we realize something.

We’re more alike than we are different.

Sneaking around starts off fun until feelings get attached.

Any place we can come together is life changing.

I know she’s the one for me….until my parents throw in an ultimatum.

Leave her alone or stand on my own two feet no matter what.

She deserves better than this but I need more time that she’s not offering.

This is a once in a lifetime type of relationship, we have to fight for it.


Corked!: An Enemies-to-Lovers Short (Love Cynics Anonymous) by L.M. Bennett

Nola knows wine. She lives it. But, when food critic Langston posts a scathing review about the wine that sommelier Nola paired with her dinner, Nola’s boss tells her to make it right–or else.


The Love Enthusiast (A Love Like No Other series Book 2) by Keisha Allen

Amina ‘Badass’ Thompkins is a woman who defies time and embraces love with an unwavering spirit. In her fifties, she remains a timeless beauty, as a singer with an enchanting voice that captivates audiences, though she shies away from the limelight. Never having witnessed a man’s loyalty to a single woman, she seeks solace in unconventional relationships and leaves behind her true love, her husband, for a bandmate. Haunted by her own painful experiences, not only does she have to navigate the treacherous waters of love but also the complex relationship with her mother. Puzzled by her mother’s differential treatment toward her and her older sister, she questions the secrets hidden within their family dynamics.

Now, she is plagued with a longing to reconcile with her ex-husband, yet her deep–seated mistrust threatens to sabotage their second chance at love. Additionally, the consequences of her past actions return to haunt her, turning her life upside down and causing her to question her faith in love itself. In a quest for true happiness, she must confront the ghosts of her past, navigating the complexities of forgiveness, self-discovery, and the healing power of love.

Will she find the answers she seeks and rediscover the melody of love that once resonated within her soul? The Love Enthusiast is a poignant tale of resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a woman determined to love, despite the odds stacked against her. It is the second standalone novel in the Worth the Weight: A Love Like No Other series.


One More I Love You by Jacqueline Scarlett

“Yours.” I breathed.
“Mine” He whispered.

A chance meeting leads India and Theory towards an instant connection.

The promise to love forever is broken after an unexpected loss, making co-parenting the new normal.

When another bomb is dropped can they find their way back to each other’s hearts?


Snow Place Like Home: A Christmas Novel by Lacey Baker

On a rare trip home for the holidays, Ella may have finally uncovered the secret to a joy-filled future by getting lost in her past.

Ella Wilson has avoided home and the holidays for nearly a decade. For her, the season is plagued by a jinx that’s brought nothing but painful memories: her mother’s death nearly two decades ago, her fiancé’s abandonment last year, and now the loss of her job as an art curator. But without work to occupy her, home is exactly where Ella has ended up. And somehow, she’s also been roped into planning the town’s Christmas tree auction—side by side with her first love.

Seth Hamil knows that home is where the heart is, and for him, it’s always been the sleepy community of Bellepoint, Pennsylvania . . . and for a while in high school that included Ella Wilson. Since then, he’s been married and widowed and has spent the year throwing himself into his career as a music teacher and trying to keep his wife’s memory alive, starting with the church fundraiser she launched to support local kids. So, despite their history, Seth isn’t about to let his wife’s vision for the event be easily dismissed by Ella’s temporary presence and big-city ideas.

To find a way to work together, the two strike a deal: Ella can incorporate her splashy ideas into the auction if she will allow Seth to show her why Christmas is about more than decorations. Soon both begin to wonder whether fate has brought them together for a fresh start—and if Christmas wishes really can come true.

  • A romantic holiday novel
  • Perfect for fans of Nancy Naigle and Brenda Jackson
  • Book length: 83,000 words
  • Includes discussion questions for book clubs


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up October 9th-15th

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