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The Promise (Prism Book 3) by Love Belvin

Ojasvi “Sin” Sinclair.

Fast-forwarding three years after it was finally revealed, what’s in a name?

Ashira now knows the man she once thought of as a felon laborer is far more than the task she’d bargained for. Yes, he’s a convicted felon who works in home-building. He’s also convicted in his spiritual walk, a savvy entrepreneur, laboriously supportive, a tad insane, and has possibly run out of patience for her.

He’s also the father of her three-year-old child.

Find out how Jas and Ashira navigate through pain, resentment, acceptance, and co-parenting, while remaining solid for their child, and being true to themselves.

Is there room for them to say more? Or should they simply say less?

Publisher’s Note: “The Promise” is book THREE of a THREE book series. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, sexually explicit content, and potential gory material. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.


Strummed by Iesha Bree

The countdown is over.

Harlin Cox had one year to make it as a famous singer or succumb to the wishes of her boyfriend and become his boring trophy wife. It’s the last day of the year, but giving up just doesn’t feel right. The stars align and it just may be time for hers to shine.

Tru Newton, a singer from the hood, is R&B and hip hop personified. His career has been full steam ahead, but the possibility of its ending is constantly looming. Just when he thought his career had peaked, he meets the stunning singer who’ll help him get to the next level professionally and romantically. However, envy and jealousy lurk in the shadows, threatening to end both in the blink of an eye.

Harlin’s interest is piqued by the rude yet handsome singer who can catapult her career; but also hold the keys to her heart. Can they get past the bumps in the road to see it come to fruition?


Dangerously in Love (Love Doses Book 1) by Tina Martin and Stephanie Nicole Norris

When love and danger collide…

Wasn’t Supposed To Love Her by USA Today bestselling author Tina Martin

Ex-soldier Royce Pembroke has a new assignment on the anti-human trafficking task force – to monitor Makeena Ellison who’s just been trafficked in an undercover operation. She’s young, vulnerable and naïve. Royce’s team is bent on bringing the traffickers to justice, but he’s constantly distracted by this beautiful young woman who’s desperate for love. Can he focus on his assignment without catching feelings?

Mistaken Identity by USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Nicole Norris

Identical looks were their only commonality.

For Tiana, life is one challenge after another, but her greatest struggle is sharing a face with the sister she despises. Briana seems to have it all when her charmed life is ripped apart, and memory loss leaves her uncertain of who she is. With the help of a handsome stranger, Briana’s new life and love blossom, but Tiana won’t rest until Briana has no life at all.


Lone Wolf: Bennett Pack by K.C. Mills

Fated Bonds are nothing to take lightly. Jo wasn’t the type to settle because she knew her mate was out there somewhere. When her Alpha attempted to claim her, she had no choice but to run. Jo became a lone wolf and would run as long as she had to because the alternative was far worse -spending an eternity with someone she wasn’t destined to be with.

Laz understood what it meant to have a mate. His mother had warned him that one day the right wolf would enter his life and turn his world upside down, however no warning could have prepared him for the intense moment when he laid eyes on his little wolf – an Alpha just like him.

Welcome to Hollow Grove where things go bump in the night!


Whiskey Business: A Woodgate Halloween Short by Skye Moon

A cowboy hat, a glass of whiskey, and a supposed love spell.

Those are the three ingredients that leave Bela ensnared in a wicked web of chemistry and passion: and with a lack of inhibition that can only be conjured on All Hallows Eve.


A Love That Restores by Jaimsss P.

“If you love someone, let them go.
If they come back, they’re yours….”

What do you do when your reality crumbles in front of you almost instantly?

Davi was convinced she wasn’t meant for true happiness. In the five years since she lost her fiancé and became a mother, she had given up on romantic love. Instead, she committed her life to protecting and providing for her son, Joseph II, while striving to keep his father’s memory alive for both of them.

After enduring the ultimate betrayal from the woman he gave his heart to, Joseph was focused on moving forward. He swore he would never look back, but what other choice does he have when his past is staring him in the face with a miniature replica of him clinging to her leg? Fatherhood was all he dreamed about, but until now, he believed Davi had robbed him of the opportunity.

Now that they both know the truth, Davi is determined to leave Joseph in the past, while Joseph finds himself right back in the place he had run from for years— in love with Davi Westbrook.



Kingston and Makayla finally thought they were on the way to living out their happily ever after. Neither expected things to be easy going forward, but they knew their connection was strong enough to handle any obstacle that came their way.
That belief is put to the test when devastating secrets come to light. Within a span of a few hours, they are thrust into the middle of a war between their families that neither of them created. King promises Makayla that he will fix things; he’s never broken a promise to her yet.

Makayla trusts him with her life, but some problems are insurmountable–even for King Marks. Still, she struggles to hold on to hope that somehow, he can bring the Davises and the Pattels together to work through past hurts–and unforgivable betrayals.

But Makayla’s family makes a fatal mistake. Similar to wolves who travel in packs, the Pattels have always moved as a unit. They are fiercely loyal and protective of one another. If you come after one Pattel, you come after the entire clan.

Family above all else.

Kingston struggles to find a way to keep his and Makayla’s love out of the line of fire, but he can only compromise so far. Makayla has to make a decision. Either she remains loyal to her family whom she loves just as strongly as King loves his…or she turns her back on them and fights for the love of a lifetime.


In For a Penny: Crush on You Series #4 by Rina Gray

Penny Paige is an aspiring novelist and current ne’er-do-well entertainment writer-slash-waitress. She knows she doesn’t have this whole thing called life together. But she’s got plans. Big plans. And they hinge on winning the coveted Malcolm Dagner Writer Fellowship for up-and-coming thriller authors. If she could just get enough time and money to write her sure-to-be New York Times Bestselling Novel, she can quit her crappy job and transform from a diamond in the rough to a sophisticated author.

There’s just one problem: Malcolm Dagner ended the fellowship, and he kinda hates humanity. He rudely lets her know that there’s no way in hell he would give her a spot, even if he had a fellowship.

Just who in the hell does Malcom Dagner think he is?

Malcolm lives in solitude among the mountainous woods in Colorado, with only the occasional company of his housekeeper. A few years ago, he was a multi-award winning and best-selling author who penned the iconic Reese Masterson books. But after a series of heartbreaking events, he’s grumpy, distrustful, and absolutely will not tolerate strangers coming to learn about how to write in his home.

Oh, and he has writer’s block.

The world has been waiting for three years for the latest book, but what they don’t know is that Malcolm plans to kill off his iconic character.

Penny discovers his plans to kill his character, and she’s not having it. Mother Nature seems to be on her side, too. Stuck in a snowstorm together, Penny falls for the loveable grump, though his heart seems as cold as the winter storm. Can her optimism melt his resolve at living unhappily ever after, or will another event outside of their control destroy their shot at love?


The Naughty Heist : A Second Chance Romance (Naughty November Book 1) by Wynta Tyme

Love is a beautiful thing, but is it worth the risk of losing it all?

Finessing has always been at the top of thirty-two-year-old McKenna St. James’ to-do list. Born into a family who lives for the thrill of pulling heists, she was inducted into the fast life and trained to crack the most intricate safe at a young age. Now that McKenna has solidified her reputation in the streets and earned enough money to never have to work again, there is only one job standing between her and retirement. At least, that’s how it appears when she takes advantage of an opportunity that may unseal Pandora’s Box… or a jail cell.

Forty-year-old Wager Bets has managed to escape the streets without seeing the penitentiary or a pine box. Still, his success wasn’t without sacrifice, and when he peers at the burns on his skin, he’s reminded of the price he paid. Competent with the mundane routine of running his pawnshop and returning home, Wager has found peace. However, the reappearance of a blast from the past may unleash the animal inside of him that’s been locked away since the last time he was in love.


First Love: Best of Him Book 2 by Mila Hunt

Shadai Greene has one rule. She doesn’t date her clients. So when her biggest client, Gabriel White, reveals his feelings for her, she ends their professional relationship and ghosts him.

Everything changes at an engagement party, when a mutual friend reintroduces the two. After a heated exchange in a storage room, Shade reconsiders her position on Gabe. She decides to take a chance on a former client to see if there is anything more beyond the bedroom.

Find out what happens when two broken hearts take a chance to find love in each other.

Best of Him Series
First Time: Tiffany and James
First Love: Shade and Gabe
First Kiss: Denise and Bryce


In Loving Bliss (The Storms of Love Series Book 3) by Mya Kay

It’s been three months since Bliss and Montez broke up, but Montez knew that no matter what, he would fight for Bliss. Taking the job in California was his way of putting God to the test. If Bliss was meant for him, she’d come back to him someway somehow.

Bliss is now dating Ahmad Drummond, a man that’s giving her everything she needs, including local love. Sure, there are some red flags and things that irritate her about him, but nobody’s perfect, right? Just when she thinks things couldn’t be better, she breaks things off with Ahmad when he pulls a move that makes her uncomfortable.

Burdened with the realization that she’s had two breakups in one year, Bliss cries out to God. This isn’t how she expected to be introduced to her fortieth birthday, which is on the horizon. Just when she thinks all is lost, Montez returns to Philly three days before Thanksgiving and asks her to let him prove his love.

Starting on Thanksgiving Day, he challenges her to give him thirty days to sweep her off her feet and promises that by Christmas, she’ll have the best gift she’s ever received. She agrees, but things are already off to a rocky start when her mother’s judgmental and controlling ways show up on Thanksgiving, her brother’s codependency sends Montez reeling, and her own fears of losing herself in love start to surface.

Will Montez and Bliss be able to weather all the storms that’ll come in the next thirty days, or will they both realize that it’s just a little too late for their love?

Find out in this final installment of the Storms of Love series.


Daddy by Storm and Kaige Keira

They say when a storm touches down and prepares to wreak havoc, whoever is in its path should seek shelter. Hurricane season in Louisiana brought not only winds of destruction but discord within The Cassidy household, as Marley’s wife of three years uses the winds blowing as her sign of loosing the shackles of what she’s believed their marriage has become. But like any storm, the debris and pieces left behind alter the lives of its victims in ways neither of them expected.
Single mother, Jasyn Jones wasn’t looking for a relationship or anything that resembled one until her head is turned by the handsome Rykeem. His good looks and great sex make the life she thought she was living even better, putting her and her heart in a chokehold. When suspicions arise from her family about the mysterious man holding her heart, will Rykeem’s façade survive? Or reveal an interior nightmares are made of?
Fate has dealt its hand in this tale of winner takes all, but who lives to play again?


All Your Secrets by C. Monet

“A secret’s worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Bryce Metchie is a tough nut to crack. After the way his ex-wife deserted him and his daughter, it would take a whole nother lifetime for him to welcome another woman into his heart. Still, one meeting with his new assistant Kelci Grey, time shifts. Suddenly, he has no reservations… until his secrets are threatened.

Kelci Grey is a journalist because that has been her family’s intention forever. Most of her life she’s tried to slow the grooming process for her to take over the family’s gossip magazine empire. When she lands a cover job as an assistant to a man who steals her breath, she thinks things are looking up. Yet when her family alliances are weighed against her heart’s confidant, the revelations may be more than anyone can stand.

When jealousy, family ties, and exes come to steal and destroy the happiness they both deserve, both will have to make a decision. Will Kelci and Bryce’s secrets bring them closer or rip them apart?


Culahs II by Alicia Weathers-Grey

Kenzo & Cameron.
The Beginning.

**This short story is a stand alone. But in order to understand this book you have to READ THE FIRST EDITION, CULAHS.


Loved Right by Mr. Wrong by Tatum James

When you can’t get over the one that got away, do you spin the block or live with your regrets?

Summer Day owns a vegan bakery and ice cream shop. The free-spirited beauty lives life on her own terms. After being let down time after time, she gives up on love vowing to get her gratification through flings and carry on in solitude with her heart intact.

An avid businessman, Emerald Pike Jr., runs the Pike family empire a little different than his father did. After learning that his father’s infidelity resulted in an outside child, his faith in him crumbles. In questioning the decisions he made to stay in his father’s good graces, Emerald looks back in time to the woman he knew was his one great love… his sister’s best friend.

A force stronger than pride draws these two back together, but will they finally get their happily ever after?


Madison’s Manster: Make a Manster by Jade Royal

She wants to believe in love. He needs to choose between his heart and his dreams.


A crazy weekend with my friends ends with us casting spells that summon our true love.

Yeah, right.

I’m an overworked CEO who doesn’t have time to relax enough to find Mr. Right. Unless he comes walking off the elevator, I’ll never meet him.


I’ve been slaving away at my job for too many years. Tired of the corporate environment, I want to follow my passion for writing. Waiting for the right moment will never be the answer. Instead, I take an opportunity and hope that it doesn’t backfire. Pretending to be my boss’s boyfriend means she owes me a favor, right?


Deeper by Alicia Weathers-Grey

Can you keep a secret?


Devoted (Arranged Book 8) by Celeste Stewart

Ilana, unlike Mica, was born into the fold of Bene Elohim. But unlike Mica, she could care less about pleasing the elders that seem to have taken a perverse interest in her marriage to the outside looking to secure his place. Unfortunately, Mica learns the hard way that the harder he tries to keep his young wife on the path of righteousness, the more he pushes her away until inevitably he finds the only way to truly love Ilana is to let her go so that she can find the peace she has always sought.

If you’ve read books 1-7 of the Arranged series, you do not want to miss this enthralling account of Letisha’s story. This final book in the series manages to take a deep dive back in time to Letisha’s and Mica’s origins, while closing with a satisfying conclusion to the entire series.

Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, child abuse, rape, and childbirth trauma


Life Keeps Throwing Me Stones: A slow-burn, college romance by Lesanda Moore

Kya Cooper is in her final year of undergrad and her grades have plummeted due to partying. When she enlists the help of a tutor, she gets the surprise of a lifetime. Will she be able to focus on her work and finish the semester off strong? Or will she get distracted?

Find out in this new adult, slow-burn romance.

Previously published in serial format on Kindle Vella.


From Day One by Gloria P. Adams

Duron and Meara were close ever since they were kids in the church’s nursery. They were friends who did everything together. Through the years, nothing was fun for Duron without her, and for Meara there was no comfort without him.

Despite their closeness, she never realized she loved him until he started dating other women. Neither did he realize his feelings for her until a guy conned his way into Meara’s life.

Will they profess their feelings for each other before it’s too late?


After The Tryst : Tryst II by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Three weeks after getting married in a small, intimate setting at their new home Edward and Fatima Delore were home from their honeymoon in Iceland. Edward stared at his wife and the relaxed joy on her face. He discovered over the past seven months how hard she worked and how much she gave of herself to her students, employees and community. He was working alongside her until he was done with the center he was building with Malcolm Black in Fernandina, next to Fatima’s school. It was prepping minority students to work in the hotel and hospitality industry. There were certificates in hotel management, chef courses and other related careers. He was still working remotely for Stillettos, his and his parents resort in St. Lucia. He felt in love, loved and alive.

“Why are you staring at me?” Fatima asked. She lifted her hand to touch his hair. He allowed it to grow once he was no longer the face for his parents business and Fatima couldn’t keep her hands out of it.

“You’re my wife…my wife and you’re beautiful and look chill.”

“I am chill, I’ve never been more chill. I love us.” Sharp pleasure shot through him. He leaned over and kissed her lips softly. She loves us!

“I love us. I often think of if I had been on vacation that week as planned—or you hadn’t come.” He said and Fatima shuddered next to him.

“It is the stuff of nightmares but here we are, us. Ready for our future.” She said snuggling closer and closing her eyes, they were in hour two of an eleven hour flight.


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