Sergeant first class David Armstrong has dedicated his life to serving his country. Joining the Army right after high school, he has worked his way up the ranks. Now settled at his new duty station, Fort Hood, Texas, Sgt. Armstrong realizes he has given so much time and energy into his career that he has missed the chance to pursue love.

Anise Cole is back in her hometown and can’t wait to get together with friends and family. While getting her home in order, she decides to go to the mall. David is there, doing some shopping of his own. He sees Anise, and the world stops spinning on its axis. He is instantly smitten by her smile and can’t take his eyes off her. Anise feels David’s piercing gaze raking over her. When their eyes finally meet their chance for acquaintance is cut short. Fate gives David a second chance when he sees Anise once again. It’s an opportunity David won’t let slip away.


New Release Spotlight – A Soldier’s Curvy Mission: (Curves on Demand), J. Shanee Byers

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