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Let Me Show You (McClain Brothers Book 3) by Alexandria House

Nolan McClain is the smart one, the driven one, the one who goes for what he wants, meticulously plans his steps, and thinks he has his life all mapped out…until he lays eyes on Bridgette Turner.

Bridgette Turner is just as driven and focused as Nolan, but when her past comes back to haunt her, she finds herself knocked off balance and all her hard work in jeopardy.

What Nolan feels for her is real, but Bridgette is skeptical. Will she let him show her his heart?



The One He Craves by A. Marie Johnson

“You’re bad for me, Nim, because this is crazy and I know I’m playing a dangerous game but I don’t think I could stop now even if I really wanted to. You got my mind all messed up, and I don’t mind it.” —Andretti

She’s bad for him, he’s bad for her, yet being together seems so right it shouldn’t be wrong… but it is.

The very thing that should pull Nim and Andretti apart pushes them together and they find themselves unable to escape each other after one night of forbidden desire.

In another man’s arms is the one place Nim should’ve never been and also the only place she felt she was ever meant to be. Lust at first sight clouds her better judgment and though she knows Andretti is wrong for her in more ways than he is right, she doesn’t want to leave him alone.

Andretti’s undeniable attraction to Nim went against everything he believed in and also made him imagine things only a man on the verge of love should think. Lust at first sight is the reason he can’t stay away from her and his morals become tested in ways they’ve never been before.

Life can turn unexpectedly unfair when it gives you everything you’ve always craved in the form of a person you’re not supposed to have. What will happen when the choice that can make Nim and Andretti the happiest is the same choice that can break them down emotionally?



The Hand You’re Dealt by Quan Williams

Jay is an ambitious college student looking for love. He finds it in Tika, a beautiful coed with a big heart and an explosive temper. They bond and grow their relationship over monthly games of spades with their eclectic circle of friends. Their love is put to the test early and often during their college years, and the tests get even tougher after they graduate.
Jay now deals with the disillusionment and disappointment of dreams deferred, while selling vacuum cleaners – and his blood – to pay escalating bills. Tika supports his now fragile ego as his desperate search for a better job yields no results, but she has problems of her own: namely, coming to terms with the sudden appearance of a father who had been absent for her entire life, along with the dark family secrets his return dredges up.



The Pursuit (The Unexpected Series Book 3) by Aja and Roy Glenn

She played and he played. They both played themselves out of love, but what happens when you decide the game can be played and won?

Stacy Williams is tired of being all fun and games. Her best friend, Maya has it all; a husband, a baby, and happiness. Stacy wants that too, but men never take her seriously.

Quentin Edwards loves playing the field, and even though they serve their purpose, he’s getting kind of bored. Going on dates and sex – that’s pretty much it. Sassy and sexy never crossed his mind until he sees Stacy in her red pumps.

This is the third book in the Unexpected Series, so expect deep love and hot sex.



IV: In Love With A Brooklyn Thug (In Love With A Brooklyn Thug Book 4) by Nako

Compromise is the soul of marriage.
What happens when what you assumed was your perfect life really isn’t so perfect.
Nia Hudson, self-made girl boss is in her prime. She’s knocked off every single goal on her to-do list while her husband struggles to find his passion and purpose after he retired from The Underworld.
In a surprise release from National Best-Selling Author, Nako, Nia Hudson is back. Balancing motherhood, her business and being married is more than what she bargained for. What’s most important to her will be snatched from her in the blink of an eye. Is her relationship a priority these days? In “IV” readers are invited back into The Huffington’s household one last time.

Note: This is a complete read. To fully understand and follow the story it’s best to read In Love With A Brooklyn Thug series parts 1-3 to follow the story.



Everything Is Love by Aubreé Pynn

After heartbreak and betrayal, Dakari returns to California to continue his professional basketball career. With the world at his fingertips and having the crew back together just like their college day, he stumbles across a diamond in the rough that defies everything he thought he knew and wanted.
Baylee is back from the shambles she left behind after making a grave mistake that shifted her view on life. Attempting to rid herself of ghosts of her past, she sets her eyes on the perfect distraction, work. With her dreams under attack, she takes a leap of faith that lands her in a situation she isn’t prepared for.
Swearing off love forever, Dakari Summers and Baylee Alexander find themselves under a spell that they cannot break out of. With a whirlwind romance and falling uncontrollably for one another, a blast from the past comes to throw a wrench in their plans. Dakari is determined to hold on to this new love he found by any means possible.
Once tragedy strikes their relationship they must find their way back to love while juggling the trials of life. Will love betray them both once again or led them down a path of completeness.



Love Changes 2 by Cabria

Asya Amar is back, but with a new set of challenges facing her. After running from Las Vegas to Cozumel from her indecisive lover, Marcus Mack, Asya runs into someone from her past. Khalif Asad, who is 14 years older than her is the definition of a real man. He is something that Asya never encountered since the murder of her father when she was a teenager, in terms of being a protector and provider.

​With Khalif back on the scene, Asya has to decide whether to continue running from hurt or to run towards love. Marcus isn’t going to make it easy for her though. With his obsessive ways, Asya begins to truly question his sanity. Throw in another blast from the past and Asya and Khalif’s relationship becomes rocky. Has Asya finally let go of the past? Has she learned to put herself first?

Will she finally learn what being Perfectly Matched truly feels like? Be prepared for a shocking ending!!



Gabriel’s Melody (Moore to Love Series Book 2) by Celeste Granger

Their first encounter seemed innocent enough. But fate had other plans. They met on the campus of Jackson State University. She was a freshman. He was an upper-classmen. They fell in love. He broke her heart. Their second encounter could not be so easily dismissed. This time it didn’t feel accidental, it felt fated; as though the universe nodded in their direction. Yet past hurts weren’t easy to forgive. And sometimes, past loves couldn’t be resurrected; or could they.
Persia Moore was the youngest air traffic controller at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta. She lived for the job and was graceful under pressure. But Persia went home alone every night. During the day, Gabriel Fitzpatrick tended to his million-dollar fortune developing high end security systems for individuals and businesses alike. At night, Gabriel serenaded the crowds with songs of love and promise. And after that, Gabriel went home alone.
One night, quite by chance, Persia heard Gabriel sing and nothing would ever be the same again.
This is a second chance romance, standalone, in the Moore to Love series.



The Imperfections of Love: Demi & Christian’s Love Story (A Stone Cold Spinoff) by Bre’youn


Imperfection: a fault, blemish, or undesirable feature.

For most adults, the end game in life is to get married to the one person you can’t see yourself living without. You see the perfect marriage, with the perfect spouse, and the perfect family. Most times, all you hear about are the perfections of a marriage and the love that comes along with keeping that marriage going.

So, what about the imperfections? What about the imperfections of marriage that people don’t tell you about? What about the imperfections of love? Are those imperfections so faulty that they make you look at your spouse differently? Or is the love so real and worth fighting for that you simply overlook those imperfections?

Demi and Christian are back, and this time, we get to see their story. Six years later, and things are definitely not what they seem to be. Marriage has a way of changing a person. Sometimes it’s for the best, and sometimes it’s for the worse. Demi used to be so meek and mild and only addressed issues when brought to her. Never one to be vain, but always aware of her looks, there wasn’t much a person could tell Demi about her appearance, but over the years, things had changed. Christian still helps Zeke out with his business but is still a boss in his own right. When the imperfections of their marriage start to get to Christian, it results in a mistake that he and Demi will be reminded of for the rest of their marriage.

Kameron and Zeke are still going strong, and from the outside looking in, things are good. They have a healthy child, business is flourishing, and the love between them is as strong as it was when they first met…or is it? Kameron has a secret she has kept, but it’s not for the reasons anyone would think. Zeke has a secret of his own, but his actions result in an ending that no one would ever expect.

These couples are the true definition of keeping a façade going, but what happens when they can’t fake it anymore? Will the imperfections of their love be too much to bare for the couples, or will they overcome them and come out stronger than ever? Find out how things will end in this standalone, The Imperfections of Love.



A Lesson in You by Mya Denise

Elle Brown is juggling a lot.

She’s trying to deal with her first year of teaching, an abusive mother and a broken heart at the same time. The latter being the absolute last thing she wants to deal with. The end of her relationship shattered her trust so badly that she is momentarily swearing off love. All she wants is to focus on her career but life has a funny way of changing up one’s plans.

Dixon Clark, fellow teacher has his eyes set on Elle. He makes it clear that he wants her so much that he’s willing to make a deal with her. One month. He wants one month to be able to change Elle’s mind about him. Soon she realized that Dixon might be the man to make her go back on her word. Things aren’t all sweet though. In the midst of everything there is someone that isn’t happy about the budding romance between the two.

Elle though have sworn off love slowly gets swept up by Dixon. The question is will she fully let down her guard for him?



Someone Like You (Stillwater Series) by Crystal V. Rhodes

JOLENE CARSON is at the lowest point in her life. Unemployed and homeless, she is unable to see a brighter future, until her son presents her with an opportunity that changes everything. Unfortunately, it means having to deal with her son’s boss who turns out to be-the most disagreeable man that Jolene has ever met. How in the world is she supposed to deal with someone like him?

SOLO REEDUS is content with his life. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s smart, healthy, wealthy and good looking. Solo has everything a man could want. The last thing he needs is an obnoxious woman with too much attitude invading his well ordered life. How is he supposed to deal with someone like her?

It takes unexpected circumstances for Jolene to realize her self-worth. In the process, Solo learns to appreciate the strength and courage of an ordinary woman who turns out to be extraordinary.



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New Release Round-Up October 8th-14th

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