Readers have met fine as wine and mature man Malcolm Black in several books over the past years. AVM readers familiar with Mr. Black will recall he is married to the delightful Cinnamon Black. Between the two characters, several other books spun-off from their original story. In this story, the author provided readers a raw view of what happens when a man of God falls from grace yet does not forget his faithfulness. The author additionally showed readers a man of piety is still a man.

The backstory demonstrated the appeal Malcolm and Cinnamon continue to exude in every novel in which they are featured. Malcolm’s challenge was to introduce readers to Jeremy Felipe, a former minister he would mentor and show his realness to the congregation. The next step involved the Blacks’ introducing Jeremy to Francine Knight, another life-force finding her way back to spiritual wisdom. Any chance readers get to experience this power couple is a treat. The thoughts that there is another potential for a secondary power couple on the horizon is sensational.

A story just about Jeremy might cause many readers to jump with joy. This new character whets our appetites with his calm demeanor and sexy as sin vibe (Pun intended). Francine was not as present for this story, the focus kept drifting back to Jeremy’s aura. Let’s talk about his presence, it was sexy, suggestive and held this readers attention from the minute Malcolm introduced him. It takes a lot for a story to overshadow Mr. Black, but Mr. Felipe caught the attention this time around. A book with mature lovers as the featured characters is a treat. With a story focusing on Jeremy and Francine, it will no doubt be a masterpiece. A famous Cajun chef used to say, “I guarantee it.” 4.5 Stars.

Review – Calling Malcolm Black: Introducing Jeremy Felipe, by Angelia Vernon Menchan

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