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At Your Pleasure (Love in Key West Book 1) by ShanicexLola

Despite the painful emotions that stem from the draining relationship she recently ended, Nikita Lane is determined to get her life back on track. Her new home and advance in her career are just in time for the fresh start she needs. Nikita promises herself ‘no distractions’ until the most captivating diversion she’s ever laid eyes on introduces himself.

Outside of his successful career, Landon Evans doesn’t take much of anything seriously. His tunnel vision mindset is honed in on him and his brother being one of the best independent tech duos to ever do it. Throwing a curveball in his path, a chance encounter with a stunning woman he can’t shake alters his world.

Will Nikita do whatever it takes to keep her promise to herself, or will the universe ultimately step in and prove that when you let the wrong one go, the right one comes along? As for Landon, will ‘All Work, No Play’ remain his motto, or will he give into Nikita’s magnetic allure?

Follow their unique journey in, At Your Pleasure.


Curiosity by Christina C. Jones

You know what they say about curiosity, right?

(Curiosity is an erotic paranormal novella.)


A Love of Mine by Erika B.

Arya Taylor marches to the beat of her own drum. All she knows is a fast life and having fun. Arya isn’t in the mood for passion or stability. She runs from them. Slowing down has never been a part of her plan… until those plans change.

Khalid Briggs’ main focus has always been becoming a partner at his law firm. Familial responsibilities aside, his goals must come first. Tragedy strikes and places Khalid in a compromising position. Things he’s placed on the back burner now require his full attention.

Love, relationships, and balance were the furthest things from either of their minds. However, when life gets involved, the two learn they don’t have as much control over their lives as they think.


Find You: Book 5 of Explore Men of the Hamptons by Lula White

Barely alive.
“Shhh,” I murmur to Roland’s kids.
Using the key Sheldon gave me, we slip inside Roland’s house.
“Daddy!” Halle screams, shooting through the living room.
Sprawled across the floor, he lies in a pool of liquid. Terror fuels my legs to race for him.
“Hey, you guys, Daddy is sleeping. Go upstairs while I help him, okay?”
His kids whimper, and begin wailing. It’s too soon for them to see this.
“Is he alive?” Rome asks.
I check his pulse since I’m not sure either. I’m relieved to feel the inside of his wrist thump. “Of course, he is. He’s just very tired. Let me help him.”
I shoo them up the stairs to get ready for bed.
“Princess?” Her name drags from his mouth while he still sleeps.
“N-no. It’s Neera. Come on. Let’s get you to bed.”
I throw aside my purse and keys. Ignoring the stench, I roll up my sleeves for the job of pulling him up.

This the fifth and final book of the Explore Men of the Hamptons series- Roland and Neeraja. The saga of romance, riches, and rivalries continues among the brothers who revolutionized adventure and vacationing in the Black Hamptons– Kevin, Solomon, Lion, Keenan and now Roland.

*Strong language and medium-heat sex


My Soul Chose You : The Chosen Cousins by Nikqua

Life hadn’t been easy for Karim Chosen. Having to not only deal with an absent father but a mother who barely paid any attention to him, it was easy for him to keep things bottled in. Just when he gets a glimpse of normalcy, his life turns upside down. Selfish and spoiled are a few adjectives to describe Marley Ward. Growing up with the world at her feet, it’s hard for her to see anyone’s feelings besides her own. When a decision she made threatens to rock the world around her, she’s left to deal with the aftermath. Karim and Marley are thrown into a world of secrets and lies. Will they be able to handle the obstacles thrown at them or will they crumble under the pressure?


Triggered: A Love Story by Nako

You name it – she’d been through it. Saadiyah was the definition of being triggered. Her ex put the T in toxic. But what happens when she finally decides that she’s had enough? Find out in TRIGGERED: A Love Story

This is a novella.


Heart Renewed by Charity Shane

Sienna has spent the last six years grieving the tragic loss of her fiancé and trying to live with a broken heart. She’s been focusing on her medical career and can’t see herself with another man.

Alonzo has spent the last seven years serving time for a crime he didn’t commit and now just wants to rebuild his life. He doesn’t have time for anything or anyone that can derail his plans to rebuild his life, especially a woman.

Neither is looking for love but sometimes the HEART knows what’s best. Can two broken souls heal each other’s heart and find real love?


Snatching the Heart of a Boss by Tatum James

Number one rule: don’t fall for the boss.

Farrah Campbell is a newly single mom with dreams of being an example for her daughter and giving her a good life despite her daughter’s detached father. When Farrah gets a job at Daniels Dental, both of their lives are sent into a tailspin.

Dr. Todd Daniels owns a dental practice yet is still very much connected to the drug empire he and his twin brother built. Married to his career, he works day and night to ensure his success is permanent. Everything is business as usual… until the beautiful new dental hygienist hired at his objection piques his interest, making him consider risking it all.

Farrah’s objection to fraternizing with the boss is matched by the boss’s desire to get the tempting woman out of his practice before he falls too hard.


Wanderlust – India by Turtleberry

India is in a very unfulfilling relationship. She moves to Georgia with her fiancé despite not being happy. Then she meets Ahmad, who lives across the street from her new house. When she can’t deal with her relationship any longer, she has to make the tough decision to move back home. That means leaving her budding friendship just when she found a bit of happiness. Will she have to start all over on the road to happily ever after?


Melting Her Heart: A Second Chance Novella by Cheris Hodges

Winter McMillian doesn’t make mistakes, but after an argument with her best friend and a few too many drinks, she wakes up in the arms of a man she can’t stand. Remington Corders. How in the hell is she going to face him in the FBI field office where they work?
Just what had she been thinking when she kissed this man? Doesn’t matter because she was going to forget it and Remy better do the same.
Besides, Winter has bigger things to focus on and that doesn’t include Remington. . .
Remington Corders has never met a woman like Winter. From the moment they spared in the ring at bureau headquarters, he wanted to crack the ice that surrounds her heart. But she isn’t making it easy at all. When Remington finds out what Winter’s hiding, will he risk it all to melt her heart?


I Found Her (The College Route Book 2) by Denise Essex

Demetrius “D” Black is a gifted basketball player with a head turning arm tattoo of Ogun, the God of Iron. He goes above and beyond to sexually satisfy the women in his life and has a reputation of being a ‘Cunnilingus connoisseur’. When his childhood love goes missing, his desire to commit goes with her. He makes a vow to find her or never fall in love again.

LaTonya is a talented sports journalism intern that is tired of being reduced to her looks. She does her job and attends classes unenthusiastically, struggling to believe she’s worth more than being someone’s arm candy.

When they meet in the athletic department, D sees LaTonya’s caricature sketch of him. It’s clear that she thinks very little of a whorish man and finds him to be a walking stereotype. But after spending time with him she begins to question her attraction to him.

Will D open himself up to LaTonya despite the scars from his missing childhood friend? Or will he choose to be the stereotypical athlete afraid of commitment?


Ember by Celeste Granger

Her name made perfect sense to Eason as his eyes roamed over her exquisite features. It was her eyes, like a low burning fire, catching light without releasing it. The coloration, the intensity, the dance as they moved casually yet intentionally. Her name made perfect sense. Ember Knight is a woman who knows what she wants, in life and in love. As a digital marketing specialist, Ember works behind the scenes building up others while making a place for herself. Eason Leaumont is a man who knows what he wants, as well. He is focused on family and continuing to build with his twin sister. A chance encounter takes Eason completely off focus. What was intended to be all business turns into an unwavering pursuit of pleasure.


Be Mine by Carmen Lawrence

The phrase Friends with Benefits takes on new meaning for Gee and Zoey when their relationships go south, and they find themselves in each other’s arms seeking comfort and healing. Gee isn’t satisfied with just being her friend and sets new rules that leave the ball in Zoey’s court.

Left broken-hearted by her ex-boyfriend, Zoey wants no part of anything Gee’s cooking up. After all, her ex was a man, and she won’t trust men anytime soon. Zoey just wants to have some no-strings-attached fun and be left alone.

With Gee’s deep love, patience and caring attitude, will he wear down Zoey’s resistance? Will Zoey realize how much she cares about Gee before it’s too late? Or will she set her own rules and live life on her own terms to protect her heart?


Perfect Addiction: An African Contemporary Romance Novella (Perfect Romance Series Book 2) by Victoria Adeshua

They never planned to get addicted

After a tragic breakup in her previous relationship, Adaora makes a decision to stay clear of the male sex and focus majorly on building her career until she bumps into the charming yet annoying best man of her best friend’s husband to be making her rethink her decision.

Arriving in Nigeria for the first time in years for his cousin’s wedding, Segun decides to finally meet the woman he had heard so much about. But he’s disappointed when Adaora refuses to accept his friendship, unknown to him that behind the façade was a woman who has been hurt.

Upon discovering about her past relationship, Segun vows to persuade her into accepting his friendship and at the same time, help her get over her hurt and anger until he finds himself falling in love with her.

This can be read as as standalone novel. But for better understanding of the two major characters, read The book 1; Perfectly Magical.


Fight by Alicia Weathers-Grey

If you were trapped with someone you despised, how do you escape when help isn’t coming?


Need (Keatchie Corner Book 8) by Danyelle Scroggins

She’s hurting and I know her pain.

I also know unforgiven deeds die hard.

But I made a promise…

The agony of life is loving someone who loves you but not enough to stay.

But the blessing is having another chance to prove your love.

So, I’m not going anywhere.

The least I can do to honor the memory of someone we both loved is to take the advice she gave.

She said, “Young man, love is too powerful to hide. Because if hidden, it never fulfills its true purpose.”

I get it.…

If she never knows how much I care, or that I still love her, we will never be able to fulfill our destiny.

I’m commissioned by her mother.

Now I’m on a mission.

…To help her understand that we all have needs and she’s all I NEED.


The Trials Of Love: A Contemporary African Christian Romance by Amaka Ugbomah

Rather than take the risk of falling in love with the wrong one she chose to run…

But he found her and gave chase…

Zara has always known what the future held for her ever since she was a young teenager. It was just two things: life as a religious sister at the convent and her work with children.

So when she was asked to reconsider her choice for a while she was frustrated but determined that nothing will stop her.

But as the time approaches for her to once more plead her case Chuka walks into her life and the road she had deliberately turned her back on because of her fear of what it could bring now called to her. Can she resist what her heart had secretly always yearned for?

Chuka is convinced his search for love has come to an end when he sets his eyes on Zara. So he is determined to win her at all costs but will the price to be paid be too high?


The Brotherhood: Season One by ATL Diaries

Just west of Atlanta is a quiet upper class community of black women who believe they are the superior sex and are taught that having multiple husbands in a household is the way to build their race and community. Following a brief appearance in The Perfect Sister novel by Desiree, we take a brief look inside Stacie Newman and her three husbands, Alpha, Omega and Deuce. How each came into her life.

This Kindle Vella season 1 is now ready to binge. Enjoy these throw away chapters and stories of this hidden cult of black women and the men that submit to them.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 12th-18th

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