It’s been three years since Ellie and Jeremiah got married. Zoe is now eight and things are going pretty good in the Lewis household, especially since Ellie just signed on for a new movie being filmed in Philadelphia. But the good times don’t last very long when Ellie’s old triggers start to resurface as Jeremiah spends more and more time away from home as a new children’s book author. Ellie is used to both of them traveling, but it seems the more he travels, the more distant he becomes.

Even Ellie’s relationship with her father, Destin, is getting better, while it seems her relationship with the two most important people in her life are getting worse. Then, her father tells her something that could break up her family completely – not to mention the director of the new film giving Ellie the attention she’s been missing from her husband.

What will she do when she finds out that her father’s disturbing announcement is true and could cause more problems in her marriage? Will Ellie be able to run from temptation before she destroys everything she’s built? Will Jeremiah be able to say ‘no’ to his flesh in order to honor the woman who has made him a better man? And will Ellie be able to get Zoe the help she needs before she rejects Ellie completely?

Find out in this long-awaited sequel to Storms of Love.


New Release Spotlight – Battles of Love, by Mya Kay

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