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Crushed by Ivy Symone 

Crushed: Hurt by a person’s actions or their words. May seem inconsolable and difficult to recover from…Heartbroken.

While living vicariously through her friends’ enviable relationships, Tanya has grown weary of the single life. After being friend-zoned by every man she grows close to, her son’s father’s sudden interest in her gives her an inkling of hope. Her friends disapprove and say Tyrell doesn’t want her; he only wants the lifestyle Tanya can afford him. Will she see what they see and curve him, or will her insecurities cause her to settle?

With the way things stand between her and Eli, Cassie never knows what their status is on a day to day basis. After the birth of their son, Cassie thought things would only improve between them; however, she didn’t expect for her and Eli to end up in a co-parenting situation. They have differences that need to be worked out, but with a little conflict, it doesn’t seem that working things out will be in Cassie’s favor. What’s a girl to do?

For the past few years, Jazmin’s world couldn’t be better. With the shameful pain of the past behind her, she has established a wonderful life with her husband, Jah. At this point, nothing strong enough could disrupt their union…Or could it? There’s some shocking news that may disturb the discord of her household if Jah ever decides to reveal it. What’s Jah keeping from his Juicy?

You asked for an update, so here they are: the old gang from the Crush series and If You’re Willing. Can’t say that I didn’t warn you, but everything can’t remain peaches and cream forever. Enjoy though!



Replacement: A Building 402 Novella by Alexandra Warren

Angelica Pearson is taking a serious break from dating.
At least, she thought she was taking a serious break from dating until she comes face-to-face with the finest man she’s ever seen who also happens to be the new maintenance man in her building.

Angie knows what she wants in a man. And outside of his good looks, his natural charm, and his ability to make all of her apartment woes go away, Lawson isn’t that. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get to know him, right?

Lawson Hill is completely focused on rebuilding his life now that he’s a free man.
That rebuild doesn’t include getting involved with anyone, especially not the bougie girl at his job who always needs something in her apartment fixed.

From her high-maintenance appeal alone, he can already tell she’d be nothing but a headache to deal with. But when Angie proves there’s a lot more to her than what meets the eye, Law quickly learns he’ll be doing a lot more than just replacing air filters and light bulbs in Building 402…

Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d highly recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project.


When Claude Met Mae (Fall Black in Love Book 3) by D. Camille

FALL BLACK IN LOVE… is an Annual Volume dedicated to classic Black Love. This is a 20th CENTURY HISTORICAL that begins in the 1960’s.

When Claude Met Mae is a romantic tale of a love that shows life in the midst of protests and injustice. This story is a tribute to the sweet, powerful, beautiful black love that once was…

Claude Morgan is a strong, proud young black man with dreams that haven’t been previously available to someone of his age and color. His determination is built on events that shaped his world from a young age, but his main goal is one dark chocolate beauty, named Mae Mitchell.

Mae Mitchell, is no wilting flower when it comes to protesting and standing for the rights of her people. However, Claude Morgan is more than she ever bargained for, and his reputation is one that precedes him, as a troublemaker.

Claude’s perseverance makes Mae see him as a man who is unstoppable, and together they build the empire, he dreams of…in a time where their color was the biggest barrier against them.



For Better or For Worse: Wounded Hearts Volume 2 by D.T. Williams

After enduring a year of heartache, pain, and deadly romances, our resilient couple Grant and Lucy have finally found their way back to each other. Determined to rebuild their lives together, Grant and Lucy try and leave the past behind them and focus on their growing family. Easier said than done, as scorned lovers’ team up adamantly ready to take down the happy couple at all cost. Still recovering from a damaging separation, Grant and Lucy find themselves struggling to keep their marriage together as they fight off their vengeful foes. With emerging scandals and a risky pregnancy, their marriage once again is put to the test. Join Grant and Lucy as the fight to secure their union in the conclusion of For Better or For Worse.


The Passion of Love: Three Heartwarming Stories of Love by Bronetta Porter-Jones


Ivy Meeks was madly in love with her husband Albert, but after two years of marriage she caught him in a few lies. So she decided to follow him one night which confirmed that he was cheating. She decided to get a divorce and give him everything only taking what she had come with into the marriage. But after divorcing Albert she forgot that he paid most of the bills. Scuffling, working two jobs, trying to make ends meet, she is confronted with an outrageous request that will end all her problems. But is it worth doing something that she vowed she would never do again.


Kia Nelson is known for her natural beautiful. She wasn’t into the long weave, acrylic nails and the fake eye lashes. She was proud of her natural look. Standing only five feet one and leaning towards the plus size, she didn’t let that bother her. After opening up her interior decorating company and buying the house of her dreams, she was now waiting for her prince charming. Her best friend Toni Brown invites her to a gospel concert at Cornerstone Temple Church not knowing that her life would never be the same.


Liam Bomer and Sage broke up a year ago over a misunderstanding. Liam never stopped loving her. So after seeing her at a restaurant with another man he decides that he has to get her back. Although Sage still loves Liam, she has made up her mind not to let him break her heart again. So Sage is going to marry Robbie Fox as planned. A man that she hasn’t dated long and doesn’t really love, but knows that he loves her and will never hurt her like Liam did. Liam is ready to fight for the only woman he has ever loved,but Robbie has a plan of his own.



Not My Type: Instant Chemistry Series by Taylor Love

Sexy-Modern-Romance! Book 2-Instant Chemistry Series

Mika and Robert have an intense rivalry whenever they’re in the same room. Yet they heat up the sheets in the bedroom! Can a desire they can’t deny lead to a lasting romance?

Who’s playing to win in this game of love!

Their best friends may be married, but no law said they have to like each other.

Mika lives the saying “carefree black girl” to the fullest. She has a solid interesting career, good friends, and money to do whatever she wants! What she doesn’t have is a man of her own. Even so, she’s not so desperate that she’ll fall for Robert Lorde. While he may be tall, dark, and handsome, he’s way too arrogant and boring to be her type.

Robert likes his life to be predictable. While others see that as boring, he counts his blessings for the stability. As a financial investor, the last thing he needs is whirlwind Mika Harrison tearing through his life. Yet even his practical mind can’t deny the chemistry they have. Will a little fun with her leave him with a headache…or heartache?



Sights of Summer (Senses of Summer Novelette Collection Book 2) by Chanelle

Housewife-turned-superstar-novelist, Suzanne Rand, hardly resembles the frumpy, brokenhearted woman she used to be when she returns to North Carolina to sell her family home. Now wiser and independent, she arrives with no plans to stay.
Rick Gordon hopes to change her mind. The former bad-boy-turned-successful-businessman knows they have an unfinished chapter and he plots to use seduction to lead her right into his arms.
But although Suzanne can’t resist the passion that ignites between them will their rekindled romance survive the secrets of the past or will leaving be the best for both of them?



Claiming Mrs. Felipe: Jeremy Felipe Book 2 by Angelia Vernon Menchan

“Are you serious?” Francine asked Jeremy. He had come to her home, directly from the airport. He hadn’t told her he was flying to Miami. She had been thrilled to see him and took him immediately to their bed but afterwards he told her. Now she was standing over him, her arms folded. He sat up, confused by her apparent anger.

“Yes, why are you angry?”

“Because first of all, you flew to Miami without mentioning it to your fiancée to do something foolish.” Her face was a mask of irritation and his of confusion.

“Foolish? Please expound.”

“Negro, don’t get professorial on me. I’ll expound… You went to her home, the home of her and her husband to straighten her out. That’s arrogant and disrespectful. You could have created discord in her marriage. You’re better than that Jeremy Felipe.” Jeremy pushed back against the headboard, reaching for his glasses as Francine’s words resonated. He placed his glasses on his nose and glanced at her and she was still standing but her arms were no longer crossed. He took in her nude elegance and his body filled with desire. He pulled the sheet over his growing erection and she snorted.

“You’re right. I wasn’t thinking. She insulted you and included Lasha. I wanted to punch back. I was wrong but damn, I got to be a fool?”

“You’re not a fool, your action was foolish and you didn’t tell me you were leaving town.” Jeremy uncovered and got out of bed, pulling her in his arms. Francine tried not to yield but was unable. His big body electrified her.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I’m grateful you’re making me a better man, less arrogant, disrespectful and foolish hopefully,” He said huskily, pulling her even closer.

“Stop with the grinding… I’m hungry. You’ve already had dessert. We need dinner.” She said moving away a bit, leaving him at attention. “Now put that away and kiss me.” Jeremy backed away, holding up his hands.

“Nope, no kissing, it leads to fornicating,” Jeremy teased and Francine picked up her dress and stepped into it.

“Fine,” She said strutting away but Jeremy grabbed her, placing her on the bed. He started kissing her and moans escaped her from his loving touch. He abruptly stood and walked to the bathroom whistling. He heard her screaming out in frustration. His chuckles filled the air.

Jeremy was standing in the bathroom with his arms folded when she tried to sneak in.



Healing His Medic (The Protectors Book 1) by Nana Prah

Doctor Comfort Djan is looking for salvation after a tragic accident, which takes her to deprived regions where her skills heal the helpless. Until Fate thrusts her as a medic on board a West African military coastal protection ship. Proving herself to the male-only crew is nothing compared to being near one intense naval officer who has her feeling something other than her survivor’s guilt.

Commander Akin Solarin wants nothing more than to do his job, especially when his medic’s temporary replacement turns out to be a disconcerting woman who pushes all his buttons. He runs a tight ship, and doesn’t need captivating and efficient yet aloof Comfort around to keep his heart-rate in semi-permanent overdrive.

Neither can deny the attraction between them, but navigating uncharted personal waters may be the least of their problems when confronted with bold pirate attacks and other vicious unknown dangers onboard the frigate. And when Comfort’s life gets on the line, Akin knows he will do anything to save his medic and heal her battered heart in the process.



More Than You Know by Lisa Washington

Ricardo Diaz started his company from nothing and is proud of the work he is doing. His company is threatened when the software program he has been working on for the government is copied while he is away taking care of his wife. He needs to make a decision, his company or his wife.
Monica Diaz has battled cancer once before and won, but this time is different. None of the other treatments are working and she running out of options. This new, experimental treatment in Germany is her last chance at life. She begins losing faith in her recovery and decides that she wants to die alone by pushing everyone away, including her husband. But God. God has a different plan for the both of them. Family and friends have a way of showing just how much love they have for you. Sometimes, more than you know.


The Woman Trapped in the Dark (Blink, Texas Trilogy) by J.D. Mason

The Woman Trapped in the Dark is the propulsive third novel in J.D. Mason’s contemporary trilogy about unforgettable love, scorching desire, and dangerous secrets.

Marriage can be deadly.

People disparaged their relationship. Enemies tried to tear them apart. But even so, Abby Rhodes and Jordan Gatewood fought hard to be together. Now, they are looking to settle into a life of married bliss. But sometimes the greatest threat stems from the person you trust the most.

Someone is hunting Abby. She has been taken prisoner, held captive by those who would stop at nothing to destroy Jordan. Now he must figure out how his dark and murky past holds the key to finding her.

Every moment, hour, or day that these people keep her locked in this place slowly robs Abby of any hope she has of surviving this nightmare. She wants to believe that Jordan will save her, but it doesn’t take long for Abby to realize that it’s up to her to find a way out of this terrifying ordeal before it’s too late.



Taste: An Erotic Novella by Fatima Munroe

What do you do when you’re married, but your Uber driver is a whole snack? Change your destination on the app and get ready for a ride that will explore all of your innermost passions and desires! Lyric is stuck in a marriage where her and her husband Nolan have become complacent. Determined to be the good wife, she puts on her big girl panties one leg at a time every day waiting for her husband to come around and love her as a husband should. When she sent in her request for an Uber to take her down to the airport for yet another boring business trip, Thaddeus shows up and turns those panties into something more than she imagined. Get ready to take a ride to Nola like no other when Thad shows Lyric that even as a married woman, she still deserves a taste…



Second Chance Blues (Blues in Every Key Book 2) by Aja Rowan

It was supposed to be another boring fundraiser.

What happened that night could cost Sonia her future….

Then the man who shattered her heart shows up.

He can help.

But can she trust him?



Mostly Love (Spring Branch Series Book 1) by Jayna Fontenot

Melody Taylor is a lot of things, but trusting isn’t one of them. And when she returns to her hometown to open a new business, she has absolutely no intention of falling in love. But fate, friends, and family have something else in mind—something in the form of high school basketball coach Devin Parker. One accidental date, two basketball games and a plate of cheese fries later, Melody can actually see this working out…

But when trust issues past and present threaten to tear them apart, Melody must finally learn that her fears don’t have to define her life. And it may take a literal fire to get her to recognize that love was right in front of her all along.



When Hearts Collide by Michelle Touro

“She captured his finger between her lips and slowly sucked it.”
After a tragic accident and devastating change in her career path, Lacey never imagined she would find herself utterly enthralled with a tall, dark, and super sexy answer to her greatest fantasy. With Neo- Soul as her underscore, not only does Quentin offer a perfect opportunity for Lacey professionally, but he quickly becomes the new groove in her every step.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 17th-23rd

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