Nikki Blaire is a new author that I recently discovered. Both of her novels were mega intriguing. After reading the books offered, I wanted more. Fortunate was the first book, and I found it well-written, appealing, with an engaging storyline. In this story, the author delivered another gem.

Quentin Henley was a former football stand-out player who was in the process of transitioning to his off the field career. In making his follow-up plans, the story revealed that Quentin had some personal issues. The concise spin-off story attractively showed readers a magnificent tale. The icing on the cake was the way Quentin and Sonsesia’s relationship evolved from how they began, to their joyous outcome. Quentin had good days and bad days, and as you read, you’ll discover what’s going on with that situation. Sonesia Fields was a pharmacy aid at a local pharmacy that Quentin and his family patronized. This is a significant factor in the story line. You will also see that Quentin and Sonesia’s relationship did not start off smoothly. It was amusing to see how their relationship improved over the novel and thrust the story forward.

A story should give readers the feeling of knowing the characters like a friend. I enjoyed meeting Quentin and Sonesia. Their story was short, yet it packed an enormous punch. The author’s writing style was easy to follow without gaps in the story. The flow and pacing excellently navigate readers through the telling of the couple’s experience. I am happy to admit that this author is one to reckon with as more stories flow from her brain. Great storytelling is my weakness. Don’t let another day pass without reading one of this author novels. Forward Pass was penalty free. 5 Stars!

Review – Forward Pass (A Forde Family Short Story), by Nikki Blaire


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