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Check out these new releases from September 18th-24th.

A Beautiful Distraction by Robbi Renee

Justin Davenport’s effortless swag and business prowess make him a hot commodity in Haven Pointe. The second oldest son of the Davenport family dynasty, Justin is a man who is all work and a little play, with many disturbances. Tortured by traumatic loss, he copes by entertaining distractions in the form of beautiful women. Justin always delivers a good time but never promises a tomorrow with him, let alone a lifetime. He is who he is; take him or leave him, but women rarely want to depart. But what happens when emotionless distractions are no longer enough to mask the hurt? 

Elori Maxey is a single mom, dancer, and yoga instructor hustling hard to rebound in a familiar, yet new city after the death of her biggest supporter, her daddy. Elori’s effortless beauty, zen spirit, and Brooklyn swagger doesn’t go unnoticed in Haven Pointe. She’s looked for love in all the wrong places but still hopes to find a kindred soul connection. Elori’s free spirit begins to play tricks on her when she finds herself desiring to be more than just a diversion. 

Justin and Elori find themselves in unsuspecting territory – battling between restored passion and empty adoration. What happens when two anguished souls collide? Is it a beautiful distraction or a catastrophic disruption?


Running Back To Love by Quisha Dynae

When a woman’s fed up, there is nothing you can do about it.

This statement is true about Jacira Ali. She decided to pack up her belongings and relocate several states away from the pain that her fiancé continuously caused her. She had no interest in the glitz and glamour of being with a professional athlete; she wanted peace and normalcy.

Quick Jacobs is currently the league’s most successful running back, and North Carolina’s most eligible bachelor. Retirement is near, and he has the desire to settle down. The only problem with that is the women he meets are only interested in his fame and money.

With the pain in Jacira’s heart, she isn’t interested in dating another baller. However, Quick is determined to mend her broken heart and show her that not all pro athletes are not the same.


When September Ends by Sabrina B. Scales

In September, everything starts preparing for change. From seasons, to nature, to people, there are no exceptions to this rule. While the warmth of seasons past start to cool at our feet, and the crisp chill of seasons to come are knocking at our door, we are left to question with our hearts and our hands, will we know which way to go when September ends?


Accidental Heartbreak (The Accidental Series Book 2) by Tina Martin

A guilty conscience is holding him back, but how much longer can he resist her?

Two months ago, Carter made the decision to cut ties with Shayla Kline, a woman who he nursed back to health. A woman – the only woman – he’d ever fallen in love with. A woman whom he later found out was his brother, Jacob’s ex-fiancé. It was bad enough that Jacob had committed suicide, leaving a note written specifically for Carter to take care of Shayla. It was even worse when Carter felt himself longing to be with her. Deciding to be loyal to his brother and not his heart, he goes on to live his life without her but soon finds that his very soul aches for her closeness.

Shayla is convinced that Carter doesn’t love her. And there is no way she can force herself to stay where she’s not wanted, even after he makes a pop up visit to her job and takes her out to dinner. Having had enough of his mind games, she decides to leave Charlotte and move to Norfolk, Virginia where she has a new job lined up and ready to make a fresh start. With the help of her intelligent, debonair boss, Donovan Sharper, she just might have enough distractions to take her mind off Carter.

Carter worries constantly about Shayla being away. He knows if he’s going to win her back, he has to tell her about how he really feels for her. Still, he doesn’t have the courage to reveal that Jacob was his brother. He knows that sooner or later he would have to tell her, but he loves her too much to break her heart yet again. That is until his secret begins to eat away at him and makes him feel so horribly guilty, he can hardly function. Now he knows he must tell her about Jacob. The problem is, he doesn’t know if she’ll forgive him for keeping this secret.


Dear Summer Nights by Mycah Edwards

Dear Summer Nights is the story of a girl left heartbroken and unemployed after being unable to bear the heaviness of her life falling apart another day. Desperate to feel and remember the beauty of life before she falls into a dark, lonely abyss, she accepts her best friend’s proposal to journey across the country just in time for the end of summer. Follow along as this journalist learns to relinquish control and exist in the gift that is the present. Dear Summer Nights brings you along for the unexpected voyage to her freedom. To her peace. To discovering herself. To a love she never imagined happening, because unbeknownst to her, the fourth person on the trip is someone she despises most.


Above All Else by Ivy Laika

Bliss is fed up.

Due to being discouraged by her dating life, she contemplates giving up all together.
That is, until her sister sets her up on a blind date with Darius.

Will Darius restore Bliss’ hope in dating or will he be another failed first date?


Only For One Night by Nek Mills

Isyss and Desmond Reynolds are happily married and excelling at their careers. They’re more than satisfied with each other sexually, but Isyss is keeping a secret from him in fear that it will alter their relationship. Her birthday is slowly approaching and she has no idea about the lengths her man will go to make sure she’s happy. Desmond is determined to give Isyss an experience she won’t forget. But, it’s Only For One Night…

My Soul You Saved by Crystal Collier

Ember Morellio is a woman who has dedicated two decades of her life to the solemn world of mortuary science. After years of tending to the departed, she realizes that she has become stuck in a cycle of routine and isolation, feeling as though life is passing her by. Stricken by her people-pleasing tendencies, Ember yearns for something more profound than her predictable existence.

As she embarks on a quest for self-discovery, Ember encounters Pyro Hersch, a rugged yet reformed man who now works as an equine therapist. Pyro’s past is riddled with challenges, but a near-death experience has pushed him towards embracing a life defined by faith, family, and a newfound purity. When Ember and Pyro’s paths unexpectedly intersect, an undeniable connection sparks between them, pulling them out of their comfort zones.

Pyro’s grounding presence and Ember’s daring spirit complement each other in ways they never thought possible. Despite their histories of toxic relationships, they find themselves drawn towards building something genuinely healthy and enriching. Together, they navigate uncharted territory, confronting their inner demons and learning to prioritize their own happiness.

As Ember and Pyro’s bond deepens, they discover that their pasts don’t define their futures. The journey of embracing love, trust, and vulnerability becomes their most adventurous path yet. My Soul You Saved is a heartfelt exploration of two individuals breaking free from their old patterns to form an unbreakable bond. Through their struggles and triumphs, they inspire readers to embark on their own quests for self-discovery and the true meaning of connection.


Breadcrumbs Four by Ashantay Keys

Holy and hood, Junie Coalman is a man of God. He’s not perfect but tries to live right knowing His Father forgives. Welcoming his new roommate, a friend of a friend who is in need, and keeping a respectful distance from her, becomes a test of his faith, morals and celibacy.

In a bind, Blume François is forced to temporarily move into a place with her forever crush, Junie, disrupting his world and relationship with God. When a traumatic incident strikes, he rises as her protector, eventually taking her on a spiritual journey that brings about new faith, a new bond, and new possibilities. Furthermore, preparing her to find the strength she needs to make it through the toughest battle of her life. 

Are Junie and Blume destined for never ending trauma or will they be able to show the world what a little faith and love can do?

Strip Me Bare (A Jareau Family Novel Book 4) by Kimberly Brown

What happens when two people from different worlds find solace in each other?

Alaina Jareau was born into a life of privilege. With the world at her fingertips, there was never much that she longed for that money couldn’t buy… except true happiness. For years now, she’s been hiding behind her influencer persona, showing off her life of luxury. After spending years abroad in Spain, she’s returned home to be with her family. But returning home opens old wounds and brings about the revelation of a dark secret she promised to carry to the grave.

Roosevelt Monroe has spent his life taking care of others. As a single father of the beautiful, vibrant, six year old Junie, his world revolves around work and being a parent. Dealing with his ex-wife Tristian, a recovering alcoholic, proves to be a struggle at times, but he is making due with what he has. With the return of the woman he’s been longing for, he’s excited to finally make his move. However, Tristian doesn’t make it easy for him.

When drama arises in Alaina’s world, Roosevelt easily proves he is a man that would stick by her side. They cling to each other, navigating through the rough patches with gentle and unconditional love. Enjoy this journey of losing everything you thought was important and gaining everything you never knew you needed.


Amour: An Illicit Love Affair by DAK

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.”

Read with caution. On these pages, grief leads to the sacrifice of love. Faith and loyalty is questioned. Love is brewed and jumbled with betrayal. When faced with so many adversaries, can one truly be happy in the end?


R&B Mixtape Vol. 2 by Connie Easton

The end of summer is near, and these couples are only here to relieve stress and make memories.


Between a Soul Tie by A. Blossom

A soul tie can either set you free or hold you back.

When it comes to soul ties, Kaylee Martin has spent the last eight years of her life stuck in one. When the man she’s given her entire life to hits it big in the music industry, Kay finds herself being left behind as he explores the world of money and fame without her. Even with all the signs pointing toward the exit, Kay struggles to let go of the only love she’s ever known.

Successful businessman Amijay “Blue” Willis has it all, including money to spend and women to blow through. His only downfall tends to be mixing business and pleasure. With the constant nagging of his older brother, Blue tries his hardest to separate business and his personal life for good.

When Kay and Blue are constantly thrown into each other’s space, they can’t deny their growing attraction for each other. Will Blue be able to wedge himself in between this soul tie? Or will the strings connecting Kay to another prove to be too strong?


Promise Me: Age Gap Forbidden Billionaire Romance by KeKe Renée

Can I have power and love, or will one ruin the other?

During the day I am a Senator.

A man of power and expectations set for me.

But at night, there is one place I can unwind and just be me.

Raya was supposed to be a distraction from the politics and the pressures of my life.

Instead, she becomes an addiction. A force so seductive and sweet, I fall for her instantly.

I want to promise her a lifetime of love, but dating outside the boundaries threatens to destroy our love.

Will this forbidden romance endure, or will my career leave me hurt and alone?

Indulge in seduction in this new series from KeKe Renée. During the day these billionaires are powerful tycoons that run the city, but at night, they come to Billionaire Boy’s Club play.


Sincerely, Her Gangsta by Mya

Honesty Samuels was left to deal with the consequences of her actions. Newly single, heartbroken, and wading through rapid water, she puts her heart on lock and focuses on her new life as a mother with a budding career.

Sincere Allen was dealt a terrible hand in the game of life. With no father and a mother battling an addiction, he had to get it out the mud. His hard work catapults him into notoriety. From dope dealers, rappers, and everyone in between, they knew to steer clear of The Sin. Anyone who had the misfortune of crossing his path never lived to tell the story. He was a ruthless criminal with a tattered soul.

Summoned to his home, Honesty is catapulted into a life she didn’t expect to be a part of. What could have been a tragic ending turns into a harmonious beginning neither were prepared for. Will Sincere and Honesty work through their inner turmoil to have a beautiful happily ever after, or are their souls too far damaged for salvation?


The Streets: A Ridgewood Hills Novelette (M/M) (Lyrics and Titles Book 3) by M.L. Sexton

A one night stand led to many years of hurt, but can English win over his best friend’s brother?
This story was inspired by the song The Streets by Doja Cat.


Star-Crossed Rhythms: A Forbidden Romance by Torie Savon

Two destinies collide.

Amina Phiffer, a gifted young violinist, is the heir to a prestigious classical music label in Los Angeles. Darren Harding, an up-and-coming electronic DJ, is determined to ignite the hip hop scene. When fate brings them together at a glamorous music gala, their instant attraction defies all boundaries—including the bitter rivalry between their families’ feuding record labels.

As passions bloom and talents intertwine, Amina and Darren find inspiration in each other. But can their love overcome multiplying threats? Ambitious media, wavering loyalties, and long-held grudges endanger music’s hottest new power couple.

When tensions crescendo during the pair’s bold attempt to fuse classical and contemporary styles, tragedy strikes. In the aftermath, two bereft families confront hard truths about pride, prejudice, and the power of unity.

Can star-crossed love be the bridge between genres, generations, and cultures? Or will heated competition and hardened hearts drown out music’s most beautiful melody?

Star-Crossed Rythms captures the electric spirit of L.A.’s cutthroat music scene in an emotive re-envisioning of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.


In Deep With You by Shandra Ward

Love hasn’t been in the cards for Astrid Montgomery. Or at least that’s what she’s convinced herself of. As she works to balance motherhood, an abusive boyfriend, and her sanity, tragedy strikes, and Astrid is forced to uproot her life in Daytona, Florida for her hometown, Saxton City. The plot to hide away in Saxton quickly turns to Astrid confronting old wounds while an unexpected love encounter begins to blossom.

Ex-bad boy, Zane Keys, has managed to reinvent himself in Saxton City. Through the hustle of running a five-star hotel, the Keys Resort, he’s become a brilliant businessman but internally he carries deep burdens. As dreams of his late twin brother, Gabe, become more frequent, Zane works to overcome remnants of pain and emotion while fathering his troubled teenage daughter part-time. His heart lightens when a long-lost love interest resurfaces.

When Astrid begins working for Keys Resort, Zane does his best to remain cordial but his heart has other plans. As secrets begin to unravel for both parties, they discover the only two people they can rely on are one another.


Love Wins: Nikki’s Tale by LaDina Strawder

Nikki, an intelligent and outgoing young woman, has had her share of trauma. In fact, she questioned the reality of love and her entire existence because of it. Despite the familial and friendship “love” that seemed to remedy her pain, Nikki did not recognize the toxicity in her relationship with her long-time boyfriend. After a divine encounter changes her life, Nikki is willing to risk it all for love.


Duo: an over-50 romance (California Dreamin’) by T.A. Harshaw

“So, uh, g-goodnight,” she stammered, giving him a wobbly grin.
He didn’t grin back.
“Goodnight,” he intoned smoothly.
She pulled at the doorknob, suddenly desperate to get out of there. She felt like the air had thinned, and maybe it was just all the smoke, but her breathing was weird. The door didn’t budge, though, and she pulled again. Nothing. An unreasonable panic seized her. Panic because she’d never liked locked doors, not even when circumstances necessitated them. And unreasonable because she was voluntarily living in the man’s house for an indeterminate length of time. If he’d wanted to harm her in any way, he could have done so by now. Nevertheless, she used both hands to yank at the door, and when it didn’t open, she knocked the wood frustratedly.
“I can’t get out!” she breathed out frantically without turning to look at him.
She heard him move and marveled again that he was able to do so, so quietly. He stopped behind her, too close, and reached around her waist. She held her breath as his forearm brushed hers. She heard the flat click of a lock disengaging, and his hand fell back to his side. In a zing of pique and a rush of returning air, she slumped against the door, taking deep breaths, and mutely flailing herself for being so silly. All she’d had to do was unlock the damn thing. She slowly unfurled her fingers and flattened them against the door, waiting for her heartbeat to regulate itself. Her knuckles burned.
“What did you think,” he spoke softly, right above her left ear, “that I was trying to keep you?”


It’s simple. Cassie Bohannon wants her grandmother’s cache of unpublished poems, and Gabriel Westfall wants her to earn them. All she has to do is live in his house for a short time, write some songs, then get back on a plane and go home.

But there is nothing simple about the famous music producer. He is complicated; hard, cold, and arrogant, and he is intent on making her pay for a trespass she had nothing to do with. To make the matter even more volatile, Cassie breaches the agreement they made, and the act threatens to bring the already shaky alliance crashing down around them.

After a while, the answer to only a duo of questions matter to Cassie: Can she get her grandmother’s poems back to where they belong? And can she do it without ending up in Gabriel’s bed.


Cherished by the Alien Prince (The Brides of Rakesh Book 5) by Eva O’Hare

Continuing from the events of Captivated by the Alien Prince…

Ashley Hughes is paired with the charming Prince Amun, but the latest complications on Rakesh challenge her policy of not being wooed by his charms.


Unfinished Business by Yvonna Russell

Once upon a time a scandal was a scandal, Leanne Robey survives and emerges victorious when she secures a part on the new all black soap-opera, The Passionate Life. But when theater actor Derek reluctantly joins the cast, a clandestine affair begins. Career choices pull them apart. Twenty tears later The Passionate Life daytime serial has been green lit for a reunion show. Leanne is a housewife, living in Montclair, New Jersey with her son and her investment manager husband. Derek has a successful career playing second leads in nighttime episodic television in Los Angeles. The secret lovers indulged in a tempestuous romance while on the show but now fate has bought them back together. Twenty years has passed with a lot of water under the bridge, do Derrick and Leanne have unfinished business?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up September 18th-24th

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