Ember Morellio is a woman who has dedicated two decades of her life to the solemn world of mortuary science. After years of tending to the departed, she realizes that she has become stuck in a cycle of routine and isolation, feeling as though life is passing her by. Stricken by her people-pleasing tendencies, Ember yearns for something more profound than her predictable existence.

As she embarks on a quest for self-discovery, Ember encounters Pyro Hersch, a rugged yet reformed man who now works as an equine therapist. Pyro’s past is riddled with challenges, but a near-death experience has pushed him towards embracing a life defined by faith, family, and a newfound purity. When Ember and Pyro’s paths unexpectedly intersect, an undeniable connection sparks between them, pulling them out of their comfort zones.

Pyro’s grounding presence and Ember’s daring spirit complement each other in ways they never thought possible. Despite their histories of toxic relationships, they find themselves drawn towards building something genuinely healthy and enriching. Together, they navigate uncharted territory, confronting their inner demons and learning to prioritize their own happiness.

As Ember and Pyro’s bond deepens, they discover that their pasts don’t define their futures. The journey of embracing love, trust, and vulnerability becomes their most adventurous path yet. My Soul You Saved is a heartfelt exploration of two individuals breaking free from their old patterns to form an unbreakable bond. Through their struggles and triumphs, they inspire readers to embark on their own quests for self-discovery and the true meaning of connection.


New Release Spotlight – My Soul You Saved, by Crystal Collier

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