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Business Casual by Danielle Allen

Business Casual

It was supposed to be one night only.
It ended up being the best night of my life.
And everything that happened after that was against company policy.


Justifiable Persuasion by Cherish Amore

Hunter Dixon is making plans to better both her and her loved ones’ futures. Once everything seems like it’s aligned, tragedy strikes. Urged to push forward, she continues on with her plans, not expecting half of what comes her way.

Cannon Brinks finally has his second chance, and he vows to not squander it. Despite his sights being set on greatness, pitfalls surround him. Having to deal with an unexpected and sudden bout of betrayal, Cannon takes it to the chin, taking strides toward a better future.

When their paths cross, fireworks fly immediately but not without undisciplined sparks. Will the two navigate their way through untold truths and sideline input, or will they part ways, persuading themselves it’s the best thing to do?


Mechanics of Love (Love On Madison Island Book 3) by Meka James

It’s the person she least expected who provides a much-needed tune up of her life…

For Dr. Irene Johnson-Moore perception is everything. After living most of her life behind facades built from other people’s expectations, she’s ready for a change. At least that’s what she tells herself. But old habits die hard. And when her car breaks down, forcing her to deal with the town mechanic—a woman whose bluntness always irked Irene—her resolve is instantly put to the test.

Remi Martin prides herself on being unapologetically honest. Brutally so at times. No good ever came from pretending to be someone or something she’s not.

When she responds to a call from a stranded motorist, she never imagined she’d be towing the self-proclaimed “town princess” into her world. Irene Johnson embodies everything Remi tries to avoid, yet she can’t seem to shake her one-time adversary.

However, the more time they spend together, the more feelings begin to idle under the surface. But before their relationship can rev to life, they must release their preconceived notions or things could come to a screeching halt.


Put That On Everything : A Henderson Family Novella by Monica Walters

A large family can have an overabundance of love, comradery, and most of all… drama. The Hendersons have had more than their fair shares of tragedy, heartache, and betrayal. However, through it all, they’ve learned to put family first. They work through their family issues with understanding, guidance, and most importantly, love.

But as the drama lies dormant, too much time has passed in peace. They all know that this peace never lasts too long without something happening to disrupt it… not in their family anyway. Hearts are broken, but in the midst of it all, that Henderson love and bond shines through, assuring that whatever decision is made concerning one sibling’s trouble, they’ll be there for support.

One Henderson’s problem becomes everyone’s problem, and they work equally hard to assure that it doesn’t get out of hand. But will the outcome be the one desired by the majority or will someone be receiving a fresh start?


The Champ is Here: The Champion Sisters Book 4 by Twyla B. Stone

Successful. Savvy. Setbacks. Surprises. Olympia Champion’s world is about to be in a tailspin, and for the first time in her life, she’s unsure of what to do next. As the eldest Champion sister, her mantra has always been: put yourself first. But what happens when she can no longer live by her own creed.

Enter Mr. Gavin Upchurch. He’s precisely the type of man Olympia stays away from… Why? Because his thoughts of forever and a future are kryptonite to her, and she wants no part of it. He’s clear about what and who he wants and will proceed with his mission at all costs. His motto is you can’t win if you don’t play!

What happens when these two can no longer avoid each other and forces well beyond their scope of reasoning push them together. Will Olympia let go and allow Gavin into her heart? Will Gavin be able to stay the course without walking away empty-handed? Will they find their way to each other because of love instead of circumstances?

The Champion Sisters is a series spotlighting four sisters with very different personalities that are conquering their own world, in their own way, at their own pace. Join them on their journey as they navigate through family, careers, and life. Discover how they all end up coming out as champions.

The Champ is Here is Book 4 in The Champion Sisters Series and may contain spoilers for books 1-3. It is recommended that you read those books first.

*Book 1: The Heart of a Champion by Donnia Marie

*Book 2: The Rise of a Champ by Twyla B. Stone

*Book 3: A True Champion by Donnia Marie

*Book 4: The Champ is Here by Twyla B. Stone


In Between by Author Day

To stay or to leave. Have you ever been torn in between two worlds? Two lovers? Two lives? How will Tayla decide between the two versions of herself or will the decision ultimately be decided for her?


Love Storm by Mya

Cedric Davis, the son of Alana and Charles Davis, made a name for himself in the tech world. He was a smooth talking, attractive man who could have any woman he desired. Focusing on his career, he didn’t have time to court and cater to a woman the way he wanted, so he spent his time being a bachelor… Until he meets the woman of his dreams.

Ivy Ellis, a no-nonsense type of woman, was an advocate for sexual liberation while being about her business. She had severe commitment issues and was known to toss a man to the side after the slightest inconvenience. When the two of them cross paths, they are immediately smitten with one another as sparks fly almost instantly.

Sex, love, and past demons play a role in their spontaneous relationship. Will the two of them be able to weather the storm to get their happy ending?

Please note: This is a spinoff from “Let Your Love Fall Like Rain”.


Fragrant Affairs: A Short by Kyeate

If all you had left of her was the mesmerizing fragrance she left behind would that be enough?

Welcome to the world of Fragrant Affairs . Where exclusivity is the key and it pays to know people.

Allow her sweet scents to take you to an unimaginable height.


Beyond Measures: An Urban Romance by Kimberly Brown

Ariyanna “Ari” Ramirez has had enough of no love. After a two-year relationship filled with more heartbreak than happiness, she is starting over. When she meets handsome, suave, single father, Simeon “Sime” Cartwright, she has no idea that her life is about to change forever. Their romance is one for the ages, but nothing worth having comes easy and Ari is paying the ultimate price. Her world is slowly crashing all around her as she clings to Sime for love, comfort, and safety.  

Simeon Cartwright is a former street dude turned businessman and single father. His life revolves around work, his family, and his six-year-old daughter. Single since his baby mama ran off six years ago, Sime is instantly intrigued by the green-eyed beauty who comes with more than a little bit of baggage. While dealing with Ari’s drama he has a bit of drama of his own with the unexpected return of his estranged baby mama.

From baby mama drama to a deranged ex and murder, Ari and Sime fight to overcome everything thrown at them, all while trying to remain true to each other. Will they be able to make it and live happily ever after, or will they fold under the weight of the world on their shoulders?


Daughter Of A Don: An Underworld Exclusive (The Underworld) by Nako

The story of Sara King.
This novel explores the journey that Sara King takes to becoming a woman. 
Note: It’s HIGHLY suggested to read The Underworld first.
The Underworld Series
Please Catch My Soul
Pointe of No Return
From His Rib
The Christ Family
Stranger In My Eyes
The Arraignment
The Arraignment II
Orange Moon
Before You Judge
The Arraignment III
The Sentencing
Son of A Don


Closer to Me by Malay Reneé

It wasn’t long ago that Kane Booker was telling his cousin, Quran, the woman he was choosing to be with was nothing more than damaged goods with someone else’s kid. Now the roles have changed, and Kane finds himself being the same thing he referenced Tyme to be… damaged goods. The old playboy finds himself trying to co-parent with a woman he despises, as well as trying to find a new meaning of romance with a woman he once saw as unlikeable.

For the past three years, Dani has watched as her best friend, Tyme, went from turning down a date with the youngest Booker cousin to becoming his wife. With sharing in her friend’s happiness, she’s grown accustomed to Kane being a pain in her side. She’s learned to just ignore him at her best— until a night of unplanned passion spikes a liking between the two, which comes to a halt because of Kane’s unfinished business.

As time passes, these two find themselves in the unlikely company of one another, and their one night of passion is brought back to the surface. The pair who once couldn’t stand each other now have a new situation brewing. From dislike to strong like, the feeling is mutual with neither knowing how to handle this journey. Through misunderstandings, hurt outsiders, and harbored feelings, is a love between foe turned friend even possible? Can two people who wanted nothing more than to stay away from each other find peace in being closer?


When A Man Loves A Woman by Khara Campbell

True love – though some claim they want no parts of it because of the heartache they’ve endured or witnessed in its quest – we all either boldly or secretly desire it. Yearn for it. It’s part of human nature. But imagine having it – true love, that so many seek – for it to be taken away in a blink. At thirty-nine years old, Zion’s life hasn’t been the same since his loss. But unexpectedly, on a mundane day, thirty-two-year-old Kalena walks into his life, giving him a glimmer of hope.


Queen’s Surrender: To A Higher Calling (The Jamieson Legacy Book 10) by Pat Simmons

Opposites attract…or clash. 

The Jamieson saga continues with the Queen of the family in this inspirational romance. She’s the mistress of flirtation but Philip is unaffected by her charm. The two enjoy a harmless banter about God’s will versus Queen’s, who prefers her own free-will lifestyle. Philip doesn’t judge her choices—most of the time—and Queen respects his opinions—most of the time. It’s perfect harmony sometimes.

Queen, the youngest sister of the Jamieson clan, wears her name as if it’s a crown. 

She’s single, sassy, and most of the time, loving her status, but she’s about to strut down an unexpected spiritual path. Love takes no prisoners. When the descendants of a royal African tribe on her father’s maternal side show up and show off at a family game night, Queen’s vanity is kicked up a notch. The Robnetts take royalty to a new level with their own Queen. 

Evangelist Philip Dupree is on the hot seat as the trial pastor at Total Surrender Church. The deadline for the congregation to officially elect him as pastor is months away. The stalemate: They want a family man to lead their flock. The board’s ultimatum is enough to make him quit the ministry. But can a man of God walk away from his calling?

Can two people with different lifestyles and priorities cross paths and continue the journey as one? Who is going to be the first to surrender?


Made For Me: A spin-off from the Omego Trilogy by Chijioke Osuji-Ekwelem 

Urenna Okoro is a bombshell— beauty and brains with the right dose of charisma. She is a perfect example of a resilient contemporary woman navigating her way to the top in the corporate world.
Kunle Adeshola is a dashing, tough business executive, an intelligent risk-taker with zero tolerance for laxity. Love is the farthest thing on his mind when he meets Urenna Okoro, the newly-employed data analyst who turns out to become the best hand in his team and the very backbone of the success of his company.
Sparks fly between the two, as Kunle battles with his treacherous emotions, while Urenna finds herself in a dilemma between Jide, her ex-boyfriend and Kunle, his elder brother. But sooner than later, the secrets lurking in the shadows are revealed, and things never remain the same…


The Professionals (The Professionals Saga Book 1) by E Nigma

Steve is a typical customer service agent working in a not-so-typical department known as the Level Three team. Struggling just to survive the workweek at his stressful job, Steve tries to maintain his relationship with the sexy front desk worker known to the Level Three team as Black Barbie, while also trying to remain friends with his coworker Tasha, a flirtatious girl next door type that loves to keep Steve on edge.

As communication and other relationship problems enter into his and Black Barbie’s lives, Steve struggles with his feelings for Tasha, who starts to look like a better option for him. While Tasha finds the notion of a relationship with Steve intriguing, she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship she has with him and opts to get a taste of the group’s newest employee, Terrance.

Amongst the love triangle, the Level Three department is making major changes which causes undue stress to all of the Level Three team members. Surrounded by zany coworkers such as the animated Muslim Malcolm, the unluckiest man in the world Pete, and Mercedes, who plays as the team’s conscious, Steve must decide if he’s going to risk it all for an attempted relationship with his best friend Tasha, or work things out with his sexy but vengeful girlfriend Black Barbie in this comedic love story. These are the people you call when you have problems. These are The Professionals.


Reign Storm: Knight in Damaged Armor Book 3 by Kendy Ward

As a little girl, she was deemed trash, and no one wanted anything to do with her. Now all grown up, as the brash owner of the Bahamas’ number one magazine and a fledgling clothing boutique, Reign Bryant has made good on her promise to silence her bullies with success. Although the painful remnants from her past lurk in her spirit, the swanky condo, luxury car and glamorous life she dreamed of through the tears keeps a smile plastered to her face. Still, a reckless mistake from her past haunts her every day, and quick-tempered Reign must make it right before it’s too late.

Handsome detective Storm Knight is Reign’s teenage crush. After 16 years of being absent from her life, Storm is the only person who can lead Reign to the redemption she so desperately craves.
Despite his arrogance, self-righteous attitude and polarizing opinions completely opposite of her own, Reign finds herself still attracted to the man who was her first love. Will Reign and Storm be able to put their differences aside, or will her last shot at redemption be her undoing and tear them apart forever?


Gray’s Chemistry: a romance novelette by T.A. Harshaw


Once upon a time, Dr. Alexander Gray and his wife, Deidre, were a match made in heaven.
He was a handsome and ambitious nuclear chemist. 
She was a dazzling and passionate chanteuse. 
Nineteen years, one Nobel prize, one Tony award, and three sons later, they still can’t keep their hands off each other.
There is only one problem with that:
They’ve been divorced for four years!


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 20th-26th

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