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My Own Terms by Stephanie Nicole Norris

When my closest friends became the objects of my desires, I knew no one man could meet my sexual appetite.

I was brave enough to make them a proposition—confident in myself and what I needed as well as what I could provide. But I didn’t know if their egos would survive my proposal. And I didn’t want it to kill our friendship. However, I was ready to break free, and gone were the days of me holding myself back.

Note: This is a spin-off of The Heavy On The D series. A Reverse Harem romance involving the owner of the Den—Daniella Armstrong. 


Treble by Rilzy Adams

Treble: consisting of three parts; threefold 

A spilled chai tea latte and a swipe to the right thrust Sadie headfirst into Hendrix’s and Novah’s life. Although the couple has been polyam for almost their whole relationship, they have never been interested in the same person… until now.
Hendrix and Novah are not prepared for the heady, wondrous heat of the ride the three of them take, but they know one thing for sure: their lives will never be the same.


Back to Love by A.C. Arthur

If the feelings come back, is it possible they never left?

When Jorie Kemp set out to put her design company on the national level by entering a contest to be on a flipping houses reality show, she had no idea she’d end up working with her ex-high school sweetheart, Dominic Hughes. Let alone falling for his precious son. 

Baby mama drama, coupled with catastrophes on the project, makes the rekindled passion between Jorie and Dom seem like the worst idea ever. Yet, for these old flames, something just keeps reigniting the fire and pulling them back to love.


Love Always, Nova Black by A.C. Taylor

A simple life. That’s all Nova wants. That means no drama, good sex, and a chance to put all reminders of her soon-to-be ex-husband behind her. But that’s a lot easier said than done. Especially, since not everyone agrees with her decision to walk away from her marriage.

The last thing Don expects is to become a single father overnight. But after things with his daughter’s mother take a drastic turn, he’s left with no other choice. He has to become everything his little girl needs, while figuring out how to make all the right decisions along the way.

Don and Nova have a lot on their plate. But whenever they come together, they always find peace. The kind of peace that’s hard to break away from. Their bond is special. Their love is pure. But acting on their feelings can cause the kind of pain that neither of them are ready for.

See what happens when two friends try to navigate through the drastic changes of their personal lives, while also coming to grips with their feelings for each other. Will they be able to see the beauty of what’s between them? Or will one of them quit before their love story even begins?


The One by Sedona Rose

Asia or Spencer never would have thought bumping into each other, would be life changing for the both of them. 

*This is a 10k-instalove story*


Hell and Pomegranates by Kaige Keira

Forbidden fruits and flowers are the only things Aidan Deity sees when the enchanting Kori strolls into his club. He’s a man of many talents and has decided that his thirst can only be quenched by one woman.

Kori is the church girl with the devil on her shoulder whispering for her to throw caution to the wind when Aidan crosses her path.

Will their flames burn each other or fuel the fire that’s igniting between them?


The Piece I Needed by A.S. Wilson

Khaleef and Danai are engaged and madly in love—until Danai finds evidence of betrayal. Khaleef is driving home when she calls to break off the engagement and tell him not to return home. When his car spirals off the road and crashes, leaving him with a brain injury and amnesia, Danai finds herself torn between the love and the pain she feels.

Having put her career on the backburner, Danai sees the opportunity to get back to her old self and the dreams she had before she fell in love, but she puts her dreams on hold again to help Khaleef recover and attempt to restore his memories. Determined not to jeopardize his recovery, Danai vows to wait until he can handle hearing that their relationship is over. However, as they spend time together, trying to recover memories and building new ones along the way, Danai realizes that their relationship might just be the piece she needs to put together the life of her dreams.

Can she forgive and forget, or will she find herself moving on?


Acquainted by TN Jones

With the title of ‘the most highly recommended and respected event coordinator’, Unique Morrison decided to place a hold on her personal love life. At the same time, she set out to grow her organization into a lucrative franchise business. While living her best life in the Crescent City, one phone call from Brody Irving placed Unique in a delicate situation—one she couldn’t deny. Even though the professional football player intrigued her, Unique must keep her distance from the flirtatious, taken man. Will Unique be able to resist the ways of the handsome athlete?

Seeking someone to plan his maternal grandparents’ 60th-anniversary party, Brody Irving hired Unique Morrison for the extravagant event. Upon meeting the beautiful and successful owner of U.N.M. Exquisite Events, Brody Irving wasn’t prepared for the thrills, racing heart, involuntary groans, and unlimited thoughts of the vibrant, fun, and alluring woman. Quickly, Brody realized what his life could be with the right woman by his side. Eager to put his personal life on the right track, there’s an obstacle Brody must tackle, ending a two-year relationship with his financial advisor. Will Brody have the life he’s longed to have with a woman who fits him like a glove?


Solace in Seven (A Novella) by K.L. Hall

Fresh off a breakup and mending a broken heart, Cassidy Stokes has sworn off all men from now until the hereafter. Now as the only single gal on what was supposed to be a couple’s getaway with her girlfriends and their men, she decides to use her time on the island of St. Martin to reconnect with herself. After all, self-love is the best love. What was supposed to be a week filled with an abundance of R&R, turns out to be the trip from hell when she’s face-to-face with her high school foe, NBA superstar, Hendrix Croft.

With cognac brown eyes and caramel skin as smooth as satin, Hendrix “The Tomb Raider” Croft hasn’t aged a bit. He’s still sexy as sin and the bane of Cassidy’s existence. While recovering from an injury, news of his trade to one of the worst teams in the league hits the airways, making him the subject of endless gossip. He elects to get away for a mental break from the palm trees and plastic groupies that come with having a multi-million dollar jump shot.

When a reservation error at a prominent resort lands them in each other’s close company for seven days, they are forced to play nice or not at all. With a heart more jagged than cacti, what will Cassidy do when her misery starts to desire his company?


KINDRED: Xander’s Story by Robbi Renee

Kindred spirits are said to be individuals with the same beliefs, attitudes, and feelings. Similar souls who mutually experience an instant heart connection of love, peace, and understanding. But when that connection is threatened, can kindred souls fall deeply, dangerously in love?

Xander warrior, protector, the defender of people. But the awkward, gangly teenager Xander Kindred contradicts the valor and strength of the Greek name. He covets a simple life away from the hustle and madness of the inner-city streets. The oldest of the Kindred boys, Xander denies his family’s murderous legacy until an innocent walk home from school quickly transforms Xander from a boy to a man. Forcing Xander to protect his family and territory at all cost – even if it means sacrificing his kindred soul mate, the love of his life. 
*** Warning: Contains sensitive content. i.e. sexual violence, profanity


Eight Letters by India North

Amber Greer is dying, simple as that. She’s dying and for the last couple years she felt as if she put her life on hold. And for what? Just to do nothing but try and prolong her life that was going to end anyways. After he last doctor visit, she’s finally came to grip with her fate and made a bucket list. On that list are eight simple things she wants to do before the final curtain call of her life.

Rory Watkins is a doctor, he never have time for romance or dating. His job is his life and he doesn’t have any complaints but the work hours he put in. Upon meeting Amber, he’s completely taken aback by her beauty. Of course he asked her out, and already have high hopes in a forever. Sometimes forever can be short cut.


Tame Me by Kimberly Brown

Julissa Charles has had enough of no love. Her experience with men is one that has never surpassed the bedroom. She has become accustomed to being used for what she possesses between her thighs. While she watches her best friend find love with the man of her dreams, she longs for a love all her own. Plagued by past trauma, hurt, and insecurities, she has concluded that it just may not be in the cards for her. Deeming herself unworthy, she has settled for simply having her needs met, that is, until she meets the man who would challenge her very existence.

Cody Parrish has just returned home from a two-year deployment and is eager to get back to his roots. Single for the last five years, he is open to the dating scene. A reunion with two of his best friends throws him in the pathway of a beautiful, vibrant, and sassy woman who captures his attention like no other. Though their initial meeting ends on a sour note, he cannot deny her captivating presence. When they cross paths a short time later, he asks her out in an attempt to make up for their first impressions of each other.

While Julissa is a tough cookie, Cody is dead set on breaking down every defense she has. Will she give in and finally allow herself to experience the love she longs for, or will her past continue to deprive her of what she rightfully deserves?


No Looking Back 2 by Kendra Necole

The plan was to never look back, but the way life has played out for Easton, Lovely, Eva, and Ace… it doesn’t seem as though the past can be ignored. 

Easton wants to protect Lovely at all costs. He also has a personal score to settle with Blacka. The way Easton plans on maneuvering through the streets, revenge will be had, and he will have the love of his life on his arms, without looking over his shoulders.  

Sometimes it takes revisiting the past to start a new future. Lovely Augustin dreads reliving any moments she shared with Blacka; however, a reunion seems to be inevitable. But she will do whatever it takes to reclaim power over her life… and sometimes, that requires dancing with the devil. Lovely just hopes she’s strong enough to not be engulfed by the evil that awaits her. 

Eva believed she would be away from her cheating ex-husband once the ink dried on the divorce papers; however, he continues to force himself into her life, causing pain and destruction. Eva’s focus should be on her career and the love she found in Ace. However, things aren’t going as planned. 

Ace simply wants to love Eva through the destruction her ex causes, and through the surmounting problems in his own life. But everyone has their limits, and Ace is beginning to feel as though he can’t see the forest through the trees where Eva is concerned, and begins to wonder if their situation deserves his sole focus. 

The plan for these couples were to settle the score with the past and move forward in love and happiness. However, finding peace is easier said than done. Will they truly be able to never look back once all is said and done?


Restore My Heart by Thai

At the age of thirty-one, Nellie Garret is a well accomplished journalist who’s known for conducting exclusive interviews and spilling piping hot tea. Although everything has fallen into place for Nellie career wise, her personal life has taken a hit. Never having a serious boyfriend, she finds herself lonely and craving companionship. When the opportunity to immerse herself in love presents itself, she jumps in with an open heart. The storms on the horizon will come through to shake up Nellie’s life. Will Nellie take the easy way out and run away? Or face her past demons head on?

The last few years of Destiny’s life have been a complete fairytale. Destiny never thought she’d find an unconditional love like the one she shares with her husband. So when Destiny’s therapist asks her to explore a past she’s chosen to forget, Destiny finds herself wanting to rekindle a friendship with someone she used to hold near and dear to her heart. She’ll soon see when traveling back down a tumultuous road that some things are better left alone.

In this gripping tale, you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to live with buried pain, and how it can disturb your future.


Unexpected Serenity (The Prodigal Series Book 3) by Jacquelin Thomas

Ten years ago, Sheila Moore pushed Nicholas Washington out of her life because of her need to control, and her inability to believe that she was worth loving. In the final book of the Prodigal series, Sheila returns more mature and the mother of two teens. Nicholas returns to Charleston to teach and reclaim the woman of his heart, but is she ready to accept his love?

Just when Sheila and Nicholas finally reconnect, someone from his past shows up with a confession that will change their lives. Can Sheila resist the urge to revert to her former ways or will she trust in Nicholas’s love for her?


The Tainted Prince (Royal House of Saene Book 6) by Kiru Taye

Crown Prince Zawadi has prepared for one thing all his life—to become the next king of Bagumi Kingdom. Driven by the need to uphold the traditions and the prestigious name of the Royal House of Saene, he strives to balance culture and technology in building a better nation. Until his perfect world becomes tainted by an assassination attempt and a woman who goes against everything he believes.


Seducing the Seal (The Mitchell Brothers Book 2) by Yahrah St. John

Once satisfied with meaningless flings, the combat death of Navy SEAL Cage Mitchell’s best friend prompts him to retire from the military and look for deeper meaning in life. That includes pondering whether he’s ready for a wife and children.

What Cage doesn’t bargain for is falling for his younger brother Cameron’s girlfriend, Monae Williams. Monae, a sincere young woman, is passionate about working with foster children because she grew up in the rough-and-tumble foster system. She’s ready to settle down, but her boyfriend is more interested in seeking an Air Force promotion.

Honor and duty, the core of Cage’s character, prevent him from pursuing Monae; but when her relationship with Cameron ends, Cage tosses duty to his family aside. Usually guarded, Monae has fallen just as hard for Cage.
All sorts of fallouts ensue . . . but Monae has already seduced the SEAL, and there may be no turning back.


And Then There was Roma by Leila Lacey

Roma Stone has been through a lot. At forty-seven years old, she is finally getting out of an eighteen-year marriage to a husband who stomped on her heart more than once. He cheated, lied, betrayed Roma in every sense of the word, and she is free at last. It took her a long time to gather the strength to leave, so Roma makes a promise to herself. She will never love again. Love is too dangerous, too uncertain.

Despite the tragic joke that was her marriage, life has given Roma a lot. She has beautiful, healthy daughters, she is the CEO of a fantastic skin-care company, and she has friends who always have her back. There is no place for love in her life.
So, when Roma meets her new employee, twenty-eight-year-old financial banker Dion Perkins, Roma is anything but interested. After all, he’s practically a baby, and she refuses to trust herself around him, not when heat sparks between them every time they are in the same room.

Dion doesn’t care for Roma’s excuses. He wants to know this strong, sexy woman. He wants to explore the magnetic force he feels when they’re together. Who will hold on to their convictions longest when Dion begins pursuing Roma? Will she give in and see Dion is the only man for her, despite their differences? Or do the scars from her previous life run too deep?


Just a Little Married: A marriage of convenience romance (Moonlight Ridge Book 3) by Reese Ryan

She’s proposing a convenient marriage to the man she can’t resist. What can go wrong? Find out in this conclusion to the Moonlight Ridge trilogy from Reese Ryan.

She needs a husband…fast.

Could her former flame be perfect for the job?

To claim her inheritance, philanthropist Riley George needs to tie the knot—now! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so she turns to Travis Holloway—the celebrity chef catering her gala and her ex-lover. Can she make him an offer he can’t refuse without giving in to an attraction she can’t deny?

If Travis can keep things strictly business, he’ll save his family’s luxury resort. But it’s never been about business with Riley, only pleasure. And this agreement on paper is about to tempt them into reckoning with the past…   

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.


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New Release Round-Up September 27th-October 3rd

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