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Screwed (Preston Brothers Book 1) by Nicole Falls

Ciji Sinclair’s star is on the rise. As a celebrated interior designer, she’s recently wrapped her first show on CanDo Network. She’s excited to show the world her unique point of view in the world of design, but there’s only one problem…

William Preston is one of CanDo Network’s golden children since the show he co-hosts with his twin brother is a linchpin of the network’s success. He’s rattled by the mere presence of new kid on the block, Ciji, and what her show means for the network.

Two people who start as antagonists unexpectedly end up finding common ground. Once they get past the initial friction, what blossoms between them is simply beautiful.


The Rebirth of Noah (Written Between the Pages Book 4) by Monica Walters

Noah Brooks Charles has been living in seclusion for the past two years. Making the most difficult decision of his life has had him in the trenches, wallowing in depression. While he knew it was something he had to do for himself, he feels like he has thrown his family away. As he tries to make a break for happiness, something happens, causing anger and animosity to grab him by the ankles and attempt to drag him back to hell. However, God sends an angel in the form of singer, TAZ, to collaborate with him on a song for her album. She brings a calm to his mental and spiritual chaos, leaving him speechless. A business chat about music turns into a personal one, making him realize that life does go on.

Taryn Ariel Zenith, known to the music industry as TAZ, has lived life on her terms, not focusing on what the masses are doing, but creating her own path. She feels her inner clock is ticking and time is running out on the family she’s always wanted. At forty-four years old, she doesn’t have any children and hasn’t had a meaningful relationship in years. She’s always had an interest in the rapper, Noah, but after speaking with him about a potential collaboration, she gains an interest in Noah, the man. She realizes this attraction could be one-sided, but she wants to subtly show him that she feels like their musical collaboration could become more.

Noah has demons in his past from childhood trauma and a couple of relationships that are difficult to understand. Moving on and releasing himself of guilt has been hard. TAZ doesn’t know if she can compete with the women in his life, and somewhat regrets trying to pursue anything beyond friendship. Can they move past what should be in their rear view and live in their present to assure their future, or will they allow former relationships to dismantle everything?

*This book is an update to The Book of Noah.


The Only One by A.C. Taylor

“No matter how much distance you try to put between us, I’ll always want you. That’s never going to change.” –Jayce

Falling for Jayce Savoy was never a part of Keesa’s plan. But after living in the same apartment building, becoming friends, and slipping into each other’s beds, there wasn’t much that could be done to stop it. From day one, he was for her, and she was for him. Well…until he wasn’t.

Jayce knew he never should’ve let Keesa walk out of his life without putting up a fight. Before she left town, she poured her heart out to him, and she wanted him to do the same. But instead of him telling her how he truly felt, he played it cool and made her believe that she wasn’t the one for him. From that moment on, everything between them changed. The bond they once shared was broken, and the division within their friend group became clear.

Three years later, Keesa’s back in town, and she’s living right across the hall. Jayce can’t help but believe that fate is giving them a second chance. But past hurts aren’t easy to get over. Especially when old habits return, and new habits are determined to keep making an appearance. Can Jayce convince Keesa to finally forgive him for stomping on her heart? Or will she decide that the pain still stings, and she can’t risk making the same mistake twice?


Lyric (The Eisenberg Effect Book 2) by Grey Huffington

She’s a gem.

And on an entirely different level than the women I’m accustomed to.

She’s loyal and about her paper. That’s why I’d sacrifice the only friendships I’d ever known, wait for however long it took her to be ready, and happily sever ties with anyone who didn’t agree with or was against our union. Because the little spoiled brat that I once considered off-limits had given me a taste of her forbidden fruit and there was nothing I’d stop at to maintain the privilege of burying my seeds in her garden.

He’s a friend.

And doesn’t mind risking it all for me.

The truth is, I just can’t get enough of him. From his jet-black skin to his uncompromisingly addictive smile, he has me in a chokehold. However, our union isn’t as simple as we wish it was. That’s why I can’t see myself breaking my brothers’ hearts, destroying our family’s dynamic, or disappointing the man that means the most to me to be with him. I’d already cost him enough pain and suffering for the sake of love. I couldn’t bring myself to do it again.


Sinful Desire: A Sensual Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Misfits Book 4) by Asia Monique

Cian O’Sullivan
Gianna Bianchi reminded me of everything I am not—polite and poised. The perfect mafia princess according to “old school” standards.
She was the type of woman you stayed away from, the kind meant to wed the head of a family.
wanted her.
I wanted to possess her.
Control her.
Most of all, I wanted to love her.
Gianna Bianchi
Cian O’Sullivan reminded me of everything I am—possessive and needy.
He was the type of man you wrapped your arms around and never let go of, the kind meant to dominate you inside and out.
wanted him.
I wanted to be possessed by him.
Controlled by him.
Most of all, I wanted to love him.
Note: Sinful Desire is book four in the mafia misfits series and can be read as a standalone. This story includes depictions of violence; may be sensitive for some readers.


Treading Water by Diana W.

If “Keeping Your Head Above Water” was a person, Dante Poole would be its gold star poster child. Though he’s trying his hardest, it seems like wave after wave of life’s heaviest blows is determined to keep him under. From dealing with the wayward mother of his only child, to moving back into his childhood home with his parents, nothing comes as easy as it should, not even meeting the woman of his dreams.

Ava Jacobs is fresh out of a marriage and the last thing she should be doing is thinking about the man she literally hit with her car. In between putting out fires at her family’s business, and making sure she’s centered mentally, she keeps running into a man who makes her feel things she isn’t sure she can trust.

Can two people who are each navigating new worlds find a way to not only tread water but make it to shore and thrive together?


Love Always, Jah ft. Kahmad by T. Key

Just when they thought they had it all figured out, life comes along to test the theory. Will Jah be able to stand when the light rains turn into a thunderstorm? Can Kahmad rebuild a completely shattered world? Life will test their growth. How will they come out on the other side?


Spirit: The Billionaire Bae Book 4 (The Billionaire Bae Series) by Amber Ghe

Hustle and heart set them apart.

Spirit: My life was going nowhere with the Urban Spirits, Resort, Spa, and Dispensary, sending me on a mission to find my life’s purpose.

When I met Indio Grey, a sexy, strong-minded man with a desire for sports, he took my breath away.

When he showed me his vengeful heart, I knew he was forbidden. It caused me to back away. Still, I was intrigued.

Determined to get myself on track, I opened up to the idea of dating.

Indio: As the first deaf NBA player, I refused to accept the limitations that others placed on me.

I wasn’t willing to settle.

Spirit immediately disapproved of me and the rude ways I learned during the years I hid in my bubble.

I learned early that I would have to do something extraordinary to earn love, so I never tried. The burdens of being in the NBA left me unaware of Spirit’s affection.

When entrepreneur, Liam Carver, threatened to come between us, I had to act fast.


A September Kind of Love (A Small Town Fall Romance) by M.L. Sexton

Best friends. Torn apart. Back in the same city.
Kacique moves back home to the small town of Sagewynn, and the first person he runs into is the last person he expected.
Autumn didn’t expect Kacique to ever come back, especially after how they left things five years ago.
What tore them apart will bring them back together in this cozy, small town fall romance.


First Time: Best of Him Book 1 by Mila Hunt

Happiness doesn’t come easy.

Tiffany Wright always dreamed of being a top executive at a large corporation. In her first interview, she meets the successful Kenneth Burke who promises to help her land her dream career. In the blink of an eye, she gets married and moves away with a man she never loved. When Tiffany meets hotel owner, James Davis, sparks fly like never before. On her journey to rediscover herself, she must decide between her vows and her heart.


Weekend Girlfriend (Love & Justice Book 1) by Sean D. Young

What’s an innocent little weekend between friends?

No one knows Chicago defense attorney, Jason Austin, better than Charlee Summers. Friends since college, she is well aware of his playboy status and the wall he puts up whenever he thinks a relationship is getting too serious. She also knows his beautiful heart. However, Charlee never thought she’d agree to play his girlfriend even for just one weekend. That would be pushing it, especially since she feels things whenever they are close.

Jason Austin can’t stop thinking about the night that forever changed his relationship with his best friend Charlee. They both agreed that the timing wasn’t right but certain events are pulling them together to show that what they are denying is inevitable.

This Friends to Lovers story is sure to warm your days, nights, and weekends.


As If You Could by Nikki Brown

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it damn sure made me feel better.” – Micaela

Nothing is sweeter than falling into revenge’s lap…literally!


War (Tradition Book 3) by AlTonya Washington

Off the coast of Charleston, New Island was home to many things- among them stories of resilience and rebirth. New had been home to Warwick Noble before the depraved events of a long ago night removed him from his home and the girl he loved.

Sixteen years later, Warwick runs the family business with his cousins and accepts that a life with Seela Desmond is forever lost to him. There is much to keep him occupied. The events on a neighboring island have unveiled atrocities no one could have foreseen. Leading the dark business are Warwick’s own brothers. Though he’s not alone in the fight, War makes it his mission to bring them down. He has accepted a life without Seela, but a victory of such magnitude could change things…

Seela makes it clear that War has nothing to prove. Too long, have past regrets kept them apart. Seela wants War. She wants to experience all there is. She wants everything, except to confess her own dark truth. A truth, that could mean losing her freedom as well as the man she loves.


Them : A Temptation Novella by Angelia Vernon Menchan

THEM— the families of Center City are growing and flourishing. Jeremy and Aura welcome Jere, their baby girl. Muhammad and Miko are getting married and Stefano and Labrynth are facing a new stage of life. The kids are growing and presenting challenges and always Cinnamon and Malcolm Black are doing what they do as the elders of a dynasty.


Pharoah’s Forbidden Desire by Cherish Amore

Everybody has their own battles to fight. With generational curses and life happening, what do you do when what you need is right in front of you?

Desire and Pharoah have been friends since they can remember. They’ve been the other’s backbone, always representing the piece each other needed.

With an unbreakable connection, they stand together through all that comes their way. Trauma bonds are real and hard to break, but will it benefit Pharoah and Desire to stay connected, or will they be led to part ways and deal with their pains individually?


Love Wash Over Me : A North Brooke Port Novel by Kelsey Blue

Aleeyah was groomed to look good, marry wealthy, and be a trophy wife. But when her “perfect” life starts to blemish, she realizes it’s time for a change. She gets back to pursuing a goal she pushed aside for a man. When her best friend Trina mentions moving to North Brooke Port, she thinks it’s the perfect time for a much-needed fresh start and hopefully new love.Tyson thought he had it all. He was climbing the career ladder in the educational field and was happily in love. That is, until his proposal was shot down. Although he’s disappointed, he does the one thing he’s good at: he quickly shifts his focus back to his career and pushes love to the back of his mind. Even though it’s the one thing he craves.A chance encounter brings Aleeyah and Tyson face-to-face, but will their past experiences get in the way of love?


Donovan: A Money, Power & Sex Novella by Norian Love

Donovan Brown has always relied on his instincts in the streets, but will trusting those instincts in love lead him down a path of regret or redemption?

As the leader of the 713 Boyz, better known as The Wolves, Donovan relied on his intuition to build one of the most ruthless and feared organizations in the criminal underworld of Houston. When a heist goes wrong, he is forced to rethink his life and finds comfort in meeting an alluring woman whose charisma and sensuality ignites a fire between them that neither can extinguish. As their chemistry grows, a shadowy figure from his past comes back with an opportunity of a lifetime, creating tension in his crew and forcing Donovan to choose between allegiance to The Wolves and true love. With the pressure mounting in his relationship and his crew being torn apart from within, will he find the strength to leave the game behind for the only love he’s ever known, or will his loyalty to the streets lead him down a path of destruction and ruin?

Donovan: A Money, Power and Sex novella is the prequel to the bestselling urban romance series by award-winning author, Norian Love. If you like raw emotions, mind-blowing plot twists, and sizzling sex scenes, you’ll love this new installment in Norian’s page turning saga.

Buckle up for the latest steamy and action-packed chapter in the Money, Power & Sex series and get Donovan’s story today!


Persuaded by the Billionaire (Can’t Buy a Billionaire Book 11) by Rose M. Cooper

Can the billionaire bad boy finally settle down with the one woman who never wanted a happily ever after?

Kylan Murray makes it no secret that he’s not the marrying kind. But he’s always up for a good time, which is what he knows he’s getting with heiress Gisselle Phillips.
Only she’s sworn off men cold-turkey…
Gisselle is searching for herself and definitely not looking for love. So when Kylan asks her for one last good time, she refuses, only to find out that saying no to him makes him try that much harder to get her to a yes. Which is more fun than she cares to admit…
But she’s happy on her own, alone, isn’t she? She’s not so sure anymore when Kylan’s doing his devil’s best to persuade her that maybe they’re good for each other in more ways than one…

And maybe it’s time the bad boy and the good-time girl come together forever.


Can True Love Come Twice in a Lifetime? by B.L. Wilson

Amelia Roberts is a wealthy New York realtor. She’s taking a break from a difficult negotiation with a competitor, when she spots a woman who looks exactly like her dead wife. She grows curious about her dead wife’s body double and follows her. She learns the woman, Brett McKinsey, works as an art restorer for a small firm and she’s pregnant.

Secretly, Amelia becomes more and more involved in Brett’s personal affairs. When Brett learns of Amelia’s activities, she wants nothing more to do with Amelia and kicks Amelia out of her life just before she gives birth. What will happen next? Will Brett allow Amelia to help her through the birth and beyond? Or will Amelia decide enough is enough and finally walk away from Brett?

Find out, in Can True Love Come Twice in a Lifetime?


At War for Your Heart by Crystal Collier

Tawfiq has been dating Benazir—more like wasting her time—for the past three years. As a full-time blogger who focuses on love and relationships, Benazir often wonders how it is so easy to give others advice while her own relationship struggles to stay afloat. While some relationships bend under the pressure of infidelity, that isn’t the case for Tawfiq and Benazir.

A previous relationship that left Tawfiq scarred, coupled with unresolved issues with his mother, have left him with a crippling fear of commitment. Benazir is hopeful that things will work out—she isn’t ready to accept anything else.

Knowing Tawfiq’s capability to be the perfect mate, her love for him won’t allow her to quit, but just when it seems they’re on one accord, his commitment issues cause him to push her away just as quickly as he reeled her in. On the brink of dismantling their attachment, Benazir is faced with the decision to stick it out or leave the love of her life behind. What happens when love is inevitable, but commitment is out of reach? Will Tawfiq finally get over his fears and commit to Benazir? Will love continue to feel like a war that will never be won, or will love prevail?


Stay With Me : A Sweet Contemporary Neighbors to Lovers Christian Romance (The Philly Doctors Series Book 2) by Cara Joy

She’s falling hard for the guy next door. The only problem? He’s her landlord.

When outspoken Dr. Rayna Baning returns home from volunteering in South America, she’s a broken woman who needs a fresh start. So when a childhood friend recommends the extra apartment in his best friend’s duplex, Rayna is more than grateful. What she doesn’t expect is for her landlord to be an attractive ER doctor.

Dr. Tim Franklin is a volunteer youth minister whose past has kept him from forming close relationships with anyone. But he can’t resist his tenant Rayna’s kindness and friendliness. As sparks begin to fly between them, Tim discovers the secret Rayna has been hiding from everyone and he wonders if falling in love is worth it.

Can the two overcome their pasts and allow themselves a chance at enduring love?

Stay With Me is Book Two in The Philly Doctors sweet contemporary Christian romance series. If you enjoy sweet romantic stories that also feature the power of God to heal broken hearts and lives, then you will love Stay With Me.

Each of the books in the series can be read as a standalone book and in any order!


Sworn to Secrecy: Healing Berets Series, #1: Heart of a Wounded Hero, a Forced Proximity Slow Burn Romance by Jade Royal

He’s her protector.

She’s his mission.


Being in Special Ops, you never know what the next assignment will be. This one was supposed to be simple, but split decisions put me face to face with a woman whose presence threw every plan to shit. My duty was to keep my wits while guarding Raya against every possible threat, including myself. She’s too perfect, too addictive.

If I can’t stay focused, what’s going to stop things from blowing up in my face?


My objective was to finish what my father started, stay safe, and build a new life at the government’s expense. Everything doesn’t happen the way we want, though. This leaves me in unfamiliar territory, and not just the location. I’ve never been alone with a man, now I’m stuck with one protecting my life.

When right and wrong start to blend, I’m forced to trust the only thing I can.

My heart.


The Pregnancy Proposal: A Passionate One Night Romance (Cress Brothers Book 4)  by Niobia Bryant

A one-night stand with a celebrity playboy and this pregnant PR guru needs serious damage control! Watch fireworks fly in Niobia Bryant’s latest Cress Brothers novel!

What’s riskier to a good girl’s career—

A fling with a bad boy…or having his baby?

Career-driven PR whiz Montgomery Morgan is all about her professional public image. So why did she have a steamy hookup with celebrity chef Sean Cress? In an elevator, no less! Their secret is safe until Morgan learns she’s expecting. Now, damage control requires an engagement. Sean’s requirements are more “hot nights with Montgomery” and less “til death do us part.” But nothing can stop their undeniable passion—not even the start of something deeper…


London Calling (The Friendship Chronicles Book 3) by Darby Baham

An American in England…

Searching for true love!

Newly promoted expat Robin Johnson is ready to take London by storm! Her career blossoming, Rob soon tumbles headlong into the local dating scene…with disastrous results. When she confides her misadventures to her coworker’s understanding brother Craig, the last thing she expects is to find an elusive spark—with him! After so many false starts, can Rob find it in her heart to give Craig the chance that he deserves?


Where We End & Begin by Jane Igharo

Star-crossed lovers get a second chance at romance when they’re reunited at a wedding in Nigeria, in a heartfelt novel from the acclaimed author of The Sweetest Remedy.
Dunni hasn’t seen her high school boyfriend, Obinna, since she left Nigeria to attend college in America. Before their devastating separation, they vowed to find their way back to each other one day.
Twelve years later, and their vow is a thing of the past. Dunni works as a geneticist in Seattle and is engaged to a man she doesn’t love but one her parents approve of. Her future is laid out for her, and everything is going according to plan until she returns to Nigeria for a friend’s wedding and runs into Obinna. The shy, awkward boy she loved as a teenager is now a sophisticated, confident man. Things have changed, but there’s still an undeniable connection between them.
As they rediscover each other, their days filled with desire and passion, Dunni is reminded of the beautiful future she once planned with Obinna. But when devastating secrets are revealed and the reckless actions of their past bring new challenges, she’s left questioning everything, including if the love that consumed her as a teenager is still worth holding on to.


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New Release Round-Up September 26th-October 2nd

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