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The Love Dealer by B. Love

They should have remained broken up, but finding out Sabrina was pregnant forced them to try again. For the sake of their baby, Sabrina and Nick agreed to move to Dallas and work on their relationship. Nine months after the birth of their daughter, Sabrina is a single mother… even though she lives with the father of her child. In need of a break, she returns home to Memphis for a weekend that will change her life forever.

Alonso swore, if he ever had the chance to reconnect with Sabrina, he would make the most of it. The high school sweethearts broke up in college, and Alonso has compared every woman he’s been with to the one that got away. When Sabrina returns to Memphis for the weekend, Alonso decides to do everything he can to make her his—even if temporarily.

Sabrina’s in need of love, companionship, and validation. Nick needs a dose of reality. While Alonso caters to Sabrina, Nick becomes fully aware of how hard it is to care for their child alone. When Sabrina returns to Dallas, she must choose between her past and her present. Will she allow Alonso to continue to give her what she needs, or will she and Nick be proof that the third time is the charm?


What Hassan Wants by Danielle Allen

What Hassan WantsWhat Hassan wants is her body.
What Hassan needs is her mind.
What Hassan has is a problem.


Learning Love: A Romance Novella by Cachline Etienne

When the death of Dianne’s father forces her to move back home, she dreads starting over. Leaving small-town Weston was the best decision she ever made—she blossomed on her own. Now she’s attempting to rebuild her life and an old acquaintance is stirring feelings she thought were long gone.

Alex, the well-mannered and handsome local tech supplier can’t seem to figure out the familiarness of Dianne. In his quest to uncover the mystery he finds himself falling for the witty teacher.

With walls of steel built around her, Alex must find a way to her heart. But with Dianne’s fear of attachment and an old boyfriend resurfacing, he’s challenged at every turn.
Can Dianne let go of the past and allow herself to love? Or will she continue to allow the grip fear has on her reign her life?


Work In Progress Two by Ashantay Keys

Wizard and Wonder Publications editor, Vanity, is living her dream life. Not only does she love her job, but one of the publications best selling authors is the love of her life. To be able to share her world with someone who totally gets her has been amazing, for the most part. Lately, she’s had this feeling in her gut that things aren’t as perfect as they seem. As a gentle way to gain some space, Vanity decides to take on a new author, but will this new writer find a way to scribble his name on her heart?

Writer extraordinaire, Mystic, has finally let his guard down. In the past he’d been unlucky in love but now it seems he’s the co-star in a real life romance. His lady is his friend, his lover, and understands his work in ways he never thought possible. Although, recently, he has sensed something between them is off. Past trust issues come to the surface, but with a new player in town, perhaps his luck is changing once again. 

Will Mystic and Vanity continue to let love write their story or will the presence of another be their tragic end?


Blue Obstacles by Zakiya

Blue Obstacles is a story of firsts pinpointing the memorable transitional times from prepubescence to youth to young adult. 

Blue’s evolution begins as an innocent adolescent with a strong affinity for football. She quickly learns life’s twists and turns are never predictable, beginning with navigating the bumpy roads of love and lust with popular basketball star, Jason. Luckily for her, she has two best friends on this crazy journey, and the trio does whatever it takes to keep each other grounded.

Through thick and thin as well as laughter and tears, Blue learns the true meanings of friendship, family, and love. As Blue and the girls embark on the many adventures being youthful and carefree has to offer, she begins to realize maybe she has bitten off more than she can chew. When the love of her life gets himself involved with a crew who’s out for revenge that he knows nothing about, Blue must decide how far she will go for love.

Blinded by this unconventional fusion, Blue makes a series of shaky decisions which can possibly lead her down a questionable road. Will she remain on track with her dreams and aspirations, or will she allow life to derail her and take hold of the steering wheel?


The Perfect Waters: Contaminated Waters: Book One by LeeSha McCoy

Twenty-five years ago, Princess Odessa and her beloved hounds saved the waters from an evil that had them gripped in fear for centuries, and they’ve been perfect ever since.
Until now.

With her three grown children returning to the waters, it’s an exciting time for all, but their happiness is short lived when an unknown substance begins to threaten their very existence.

With the help of her family, O’Asia must now work to get to the bottom of what’s trying to harm them, but can they do it alone, or will they need the help of an all-seeing, all-knowing woman up on land?


Right Into Your Arms by Mycah Edwards

NaZeem Benjamin is a different kind of man. He always knew in his future he wanted the wife, the kids, and the white picket fence home to match. Confident he’s found the one, Naz never doubts his vision won’t come true until his fiancée’s true reflection is revealed. Unfortunately for Naz, it’s now too late to break away with no strings attached.

Kendry Carter has been getting by. With no passions or hobbies, the way she makes her living is her little secret, but she’s always wanted more—whatever that may be. One night of spontaneity puts her in a predicament she must escape from. If she doesn’t, she’s afraid she will lose her life because of what she’s seen.

With two souls on the run from their complicated lives, something like fate leads them across the country aboard the Lune Lumiere. With Naz too recently scarred by love to even consider giving another woman access to his heart and Dree too afraid of being hurt to let a man in, when the sparks fly they decide to keep things strictly physical… Which would be easier to do if it didn’t feel like their connection was handpicked by God.


The Faith of Love by Jenae Marie

When Giselle finds herself in a desperate situation with her son, Brian comes in and saves the day. But can she trust his motives? And can she get a grip on her life before it spirals out of control? What happens when secrets cause a ripple effect no one is ready for?

Always the protector, Brian might have stuck his nose in the wrong business. Will his decision blow up his life and heart? Can he survive the aftermath while still remembering who he is?

Can Brian and Giselle’s love cover a multitude of sins when their faith is being tested? Can God turn their mess into a miracle? Giselle and Brian will need to fight through lies and past secrets and hold tight to The Faith of Love.


Night Sky Affair: Cynthia by Sheila Murdock

They never thought they would see each other again much less be on the same flight.

But Cynthia Fane found out that’s not always true, even if it’s been years since she’s seen her ex, Trey Edwards, after a mutual engagement breakup. But these exes are curious about how each other’s lives have been since ending it all before that expected future was supposed to begin between the two of them, and one of them finds out that the other’s life has been much better than theirs.

But Cynthia doesn’t realize just how many feelings she still has suppressed about her ex, and the feeling is mutual with him, and they try as hard as they can not to unleash it all out on each other in ways they never thought would happen again between the two of them.

But what happens before they leave this flight is something Cynthia never thought would ever happen. Never.


No Ordinary Grateful: A Christian Romance Novel (Beyond Ordinary Book 4) by Taretha Jones

Thirty-something, Veronica, is the beautiful single mother of a four-year-old son. She doesn’t have a lot of material things in life, but she’s grateful that God has provided all that she truly needs. When an old friend stumbles back into her world, she begins to think that she just might have a second chance at a happily-ever-after. Her blast-from-the-past is a famous ex-R&B recording artist, one who has decided to shed his semi-bad boy ways and live for Christ again. Unfortunately, scars from his past may prevent him and Veronica from having the love that they’re both secretly yearning for.


The Love List by B. Love

As a well-known social media Influencer, Arya Ingram has created a lifestyle for herself outside of her family that she never thought was possible. When her boyfriend, Zion, proposes, Arya believes she has everything she will ever need in life—until a scandal erupts on social media… threatening to taint not just her character but destroy her career as well. 

Sir’Kenya Mills had a plan for his life right after graduating high school. Now that he’s become CFO, he can finally start considering marriage and starting a family. Before he can choose a wife of his own, his grandmother’s failing health and last wish speeds up the process… forcing him to take a shortcut to love. Or, at least, pretend to. 

Arya needs to save face if she wants her career to survive this scandal. Sir’Kenya needs to give his grandmother the only thing she’s ever asked of him. A fake engagement between childhood friends seems like the perfect solution for both. Will they part ways with just their friendship intact… or will they succumb to the influence of love?


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New Release Round-Up September 19th-25th

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