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To Break A Vow (The Vow Book 3) by Chencia C. Higgins

The middle child of the Hawkins clan, Jereth has always felt the need to create something that was just his. This need—and the impulsive actions he often takes to satisfy that need—has earned him colorful titles such as “rebel” or “wild child” amongst most everyone who knew him. Marrying a stranger in Vegas seems right up his ally and his family probably wouldn’t bat an eye at the news—if they knew about it.

Latonya Black lives a mostly satisfying existence working in her family’s business and caring for her adolescent son. Taking care of everyone else keeps her busy, but not too busy to realize she could use some male attention. On a trip to Sin City in celebration of her cousin’s nearing wedding, she comes across an enigmatic man who sweeps her away with his outlandish proposal. What follows is the give and take of a budding relationship between two people who could have it all if they just got out of their own way.



To Say, I Love You by The Authors of BLP

The ladies of B. Love Publications have come together for a short story anthology that revolves around those three words that almost every human being wants to hear – I Love You. Some stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Whatever your preference, the ladies of BLP have created a uniquely blended collection of stories that will speak to your heart and mind, entertaining you at the same time.

Please note: This is a 125,000-word collection of short stories from multiple authors. If you are not of fan of short stories, please skip over this collection.



Heart’s Desire (Unparalleled Love Series) by Delaney Diamond

Coworkers Nathan Crenshaw and Janice Livingston once had a passionate relationship that went up in flames and created a strained environment at their place of employment. Since then Janice has tried to move on. Unfortunately, they have to work together, and unfortunately, she’s still very attracted to Nathan.

Nathan can’t forget his connection with Janice—a connection he hasn’t experienced with any other woman. After an earth-shattering kiss rekindles their flame, will these two finally get it right—or will an outside force get in the way?



Soul’s Desire (Unparalleled Love Series) by Sharon C. Cooper

Some past loves can stand the test of time…

Ballet dancer Soul Carrington has lived her dream of traveling the world. But the past year has been one life hurdle after another until she moves back to Atlanta. Now life is looking up, especially when she comes face to face with a past love. A man who makes her heart dance pirouettes and her body pulse with desire.

Not a day has gone by that police officer Micah Olsen hasn’t longed for his first love. However, their encounter in Atlanta is not by chance. Yet, against his better judgment, he has to let her believe it is, which isn’t easy. All of the emotions he once felt for her return with a vengeance. Their attraction is more powerful than ever, and when hot kisses turn into heated nights, Micah knows he has to come clean. But will it be too late?



Everlasting Desire (Unparalleled Love Series) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Discovering the truth behind her boyfriend’s infidelity, Jada Wilson decides it’s time to regain her independence. She wants to shed her anxiety, and while looking for a stress-free resolution, the answer to her quandary comes from an unanticipated source—her best friend. He’s been the only consistent person in her life, and the unexpected way his touch ignites a passion within her takes Jada to new heights she wasn’t ready to explore, until now.

Award-winning MasterChef Solomon McBride has reached the end of his reservations regarding Jada Wilson. As her best friend for the past three decades, Solomon’s had enough of witnessing her heart break. But aware of her vulnerability, he carefully treads a path to rebuild her trust in love, and he’s ready to lead the way if she is willing to allow him.



My Love Wasn’t Meant For You by B. Love

Mekhi Kage is every woman’s dream man. He’s suave, alpha, handsome, and wealthy. Mekhi craves control, and he likes everything to go his way. As the founder of For The People multimedia company, Mekhi is determined to put out quality content for his African American culture. So when BaddieBookBabe, an infamously tough book reviewer, gives a one star review to Mekhi’s most popular and highest paid author, he is determined to get her to remove the review… or join his team.

Because it’s best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

Jacintha Freeman, or the BaddieBookBabe as the literary industry knows her, is tough on books and even tougher on the authors that write them. She’s determined to make sure that Black people are portrayed in the brightest light and highest high in the books that are supposed to represent them. When she is recommended a book by Stone, a male author who stands for the complete opposite of what she believes in, Jacintha refuses to promote him as a noteworthy author – no matter how much Mekhi tries to get her to.

Because it’s best to stand firm on your values than fall for a handsome face, right?

When Mekhi offers Jacintha a job as his Top Critic, she is skeptical to accept, but does so with the intent of making the industry she loves better. As time progresses, enemies become lovers who turn to enemies and lovers all over again. Promises are made, secrets are kept, and reputations are destroyed. It comes as no surprise to anyone when their professional relationship turns personal, but will their love be able to stand when it wasn’t meant for each other to begin with?



Ameer & Sanjay: A Risky Love by Asia Monique & ShaniceXLola

“You better be worth the risk.”–
Sanjay Howard

Sanjay Howard vowed to keep her eyes straight ahead and her focus on the important tasks at hand. The baton of power was handed over to her from her mother—OG Jacqueline Howard—placing her in charge of their pursuit. With the responsibility of her brothers and new role weighing heavy on her shoulders, she works hard to keep her family safe. Love was nonexistent on her agenda, but after crossing paths with the captivating Ameer Davis, his persistence and captivity was too prominent to deny.

Ameer Davis has a past he prefers to keep far away from his present life. A chance encounter with the alluring and mysterious Sanjay Howard, changes that for him. Not one to shy away from what he wants, he goes after her with everything he has. During his pursuit, Ameer senses similarities of his past role in Sanjay’s actions. Feeling inclined to save her, he vows to never give up on her, no matter how much she tries to push him away.

What happens when the mystery girl meets her match and their worlds collide? Will Ameer be worth the risk?



Her Man by Bryanna Crockett

Claudia is a full of life type of young woman. Her career is headed to the top. She’s making it on her own, and has no problem finding a man. The only problem is none of those men are like Malcolm, her best friend since elementary school, the love of her life. Malcolm has just tied the knot to the woman of his dreams, a beautiful nurse named Sonia, who helped him recover from a tragic accident. While dealing with family and relationship drama, Claudia must figure out if she can fight her feelings for Malcolm to support his love for Sonia or pursue her own happiness, revealing her true feelings to him once and for all.



The Perfect Water: Odessa (An African-American Mermaid Paranormal 1) by LeeSha McCoy

A Prince, a thousand-year-old Blue Whale, and the race against time to find the single most important thing to the waters’ survival.

For the waters to be perfect, an Odessa must connect to all life within them, and if the reigning Odessa loses her life, her sorcery is always passed to her first-born daughter.

Only, the daughter the waters know of, is not the first.

Asia’s mother went missing eighteen years ago and since then, Asia has feared the one thing she always dreamt of working with.

The ocean.

So instead, she’s been living life as a lab tech. She doesn’t exactly love her job, but it pays the bills and she has money to spend on nights out with her girls. However, her most recent night out ends up with her gaining markings on her skin and losing body parts…

Prince Zale is son to Emperor Ecthelion and Empress Océane. They rule Ocêllus, also known as the Royal Waters. News quickly arrives of O’Marilla’s murder and the waters become a state of panic.

Darya, the daughter of O’Marilla, arrives in Ocêllus to take her position as Odessa but unawares to anyone, she is not the first-born daughter.

A single member of royalty and Priestess Noelani are always pulled to the next Odessa, but so are the murky sea witches who use hounds to do their dirty work. So, with a woman up on land unawares to how important she is, the hunt for her begins before she gets into the wrong hands.

Who will find her first? And will Asia be able to find the one thing she needs in order to claim her sorcery so she can make the waters perfect again?



Back to Love (New Light Series Book 4) by L Monique

She left him and doesn’t appear to be looking back.
He still loves her but he’s tired of waiting.

Zyah and Justin fell in love fast and hard. After fourteen years of marriage, there are still some secrets can destroy the life they’ve worked so hard to build together.

All hell broke loose and instead of sticking around to sort through the mess of her life, Zyah jets off without telling anyone where she is and the worst part – her sister’s body isn’t even cold in the grave.

With Zyah on another continent, Justin begins to entertain the thought of life without her and all it takes is one thought to send what’s left of their marriage spiraling out of control.

Will Zyah come home in time to save her marriage? Will Justin move on? Find out in Book 4 of the New Light Series, Back to Love.



Forever Mine & Falling for the Beauty Queen (The Grants of DC Book 2) by Donna Hill & Carolyn Hector


Celebrity chef Alonzo Grant is no stranger to gold diggers. But his beautiful new maid doesn’t fit the mold. Mikayla Harris is smart, determined and utterly irresistible. She’s in Hollywood to pursue her acting dreams and care for her sick mom, not to embark on a passionate affair with her sexy side-job employer. But when she finally lands a film role—and an unwanted proposition from the director—will Alonzo trust her love is real?


Runway and pageant coach Charlotte Pendergrass has swapped her ex-husband’s lavish lifestyle for her family’s quiet Georgia cabin. Her charismatic next-door neighbor is a distraction she’s starting to enjoy. Successful pecan farmer Richard Swayne feels the chemistry between them, but the wary single dad guards his heart. As she helps Richard’s daughter fulfill her pageant ambitions, can Charlotte make her own dreams come true?



Spark of Desire & All For You (Hunters of Sacramento Book 3) by Sheryl Lister & Elle Wright


A suspicious fire at one of his construction sites ignites an all-consuming passion when Cedric Hunter meets arson investigator Randi Nichols. A woman battling to prove herself in a male-dominated arena, Randi won’t back down from danger, even if it costs her a love that fulfills them both. And if Cedric wants to win her heart, he must be ready to risk his own.


Dedicated and talented surgeon Myles Jackson can always be counted on to do what is expected, like joining his father’s practice. Then he meets free-spirited painter Aria Bell, who creates her own rules for art and life. She challenges Myles to rethink everything he thought was important and pursue his passion. As this desirable, extraordinary woman becomes more than his inspiration, can Myles find the courage to live his dream?



The CEO’s Dilemma & Undeniable Passion (The Clarks of Atlanta) by Lindsay Evans and Kayla Perrin


Furious and devastated when the project for the prestigious contest she won is canceled, architect Aisha Clark storms into the new CEO’s office demanding he reconsider the decision. Billionaire Roman Sykes was reluctant to take over his father’s firm, but he’s intrigued by the brilliant beauty. Her project deserves a chance, but an entanglement is off-limits. With passion as powerful as their ambitions, can both put career dreams on the line for love?


Her mother’s wedding brings burned-by-love magazine editor Rita Osgood to Sheridan Falls…where she feels an instant connection to homegrown hunk Keith Burke. A hot fling with the sweet-talking Realtor could be just what she needs. Until an unexpected arrival shatters the fragile bond between Rita and Keith…and their trust in a future together.



Then Came You & Written With Love (Sapphire Shores Book 4) by Kianna Alexander & Joy Avery


A cattle baron’s only child, Robyn Chance will inherit one of the most prosperous ranches in New Mexico. But despite loving the animals and the land, Robyn longs to see the world and all she’s missing out there. She won’t make her mother’s mistakes. So when her sexy former flame begins working at Chance Cattle Enterprises, she tries to steer clear of Troy Monroe. But the intriguing cowboy and life are full of surprises.


A couple weeks at a friend’s North Carolina summerhouse is just what romance novelist Zahra Hart needs to get some writing done and forget her broken heart. But then she discovers the man who secretly inspires all her sexy heroes is staying at the estate. Superhot pro football player Gregor Carter is nursing an injury and a bruised ego, and suddenly he and Zahra have to share Lake Lamont. Will fantasy and reality come together?



Steamy Nights in Germany by Geoffrey Charles

Randolph Witherspoon and Perry Dixon were two young soldiers who joined the military to pay off their huge college debt and find their way in the world. Convinced that the military offered an opportunity to complete their education and become debt free, the two young men embarked on an exciting journey into the unknown world of military life.

Randolph and Perry’s seemingly innocent and coincidental meetings and romances with two Air Force officers opened the door to a sequence of events that would lead the pair toward a wild and dangerous crescendo. The decisions they would make would decide the fates of many people they knew, and others they would meet along the way.

This adventure looks behind the curtains to reveal the lifestyles and some of the everyday things that soldiers, sailors, and airmen experienced while wearing the uniform on foreign shores. The stories are realistic, and the people are genuine types, but the author altered the circumstances, places, and names to enhance the reader’s enjoyment and imaginative possibilities. Both Randolph and Perry encountered some extraordinary people and saw some unbelievable situations. The readers will almost relive the adventures as Randolph and Perry observed through their eyes.

Will Randolph and Perry become great American heroes, or are they in over their heads? Were their meetings with their lovers coincidental or part of someone else’s master plan? Will a coincidence lead to tragedy or triumph? Grab a warm beverage, some chocolate candy, and popcorn, and settle in for a hard-to-stop-reading tale of military adventure, mystery, romance, and docudrama.



Slant Rhyme by Evelyn Latrice

A slant rhyme is a rhyme of words that have similar but not identical sounds. With a love so deep for music, Soar Major was well aware of the musical term but never noticed how it also described love. All her life she dreamt of being a singer, so when the deal of a lifetime was presented to her at an early age, she didn’t hesitate to take it. Soon after, she found herself in the cold, with a broken heart and shattered spirit.

Nafeek Howard was trying to walk away from the streets while he still had his life. He put everything he had into a childhood dream in hopes that it’ll all pay out big. With his sights keened in on the hustle of the music business, he wasn’t looking for love, just looking for the next big star. That was until he was intrigued by a soulful bartender with a broken spirit.

Two different people on the same path will soon find out how much of a Slant Rhyme love really is!



Right Pryce Wrong Time (Pryce Sisters Book 2) by Brenda Barrett

It was the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to compete for a position to write a television miniseries. Tiana Pryce was sure that she would be shortlisted until she found out that the show-runner for the miniseries was her former high school English teacher, James Dalton.
James had been her obsession when she was his student. She had stalked and hounded him until he was fired from his job because of her inappropriate behavior.
But that’s all in the past, right?
If she won a spot on his writing team, they would be meeting as adults. She could atone for her youthful sins against him, and he would see that she had changed for the better. After all, she was a newly engaged, mature woman, and what she felt for James in the past was a fluke or was it?



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 2nd-8th

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