Love will conquer many things, and in this story, the author showed readers a few examples for men not to follow. Now, if they will heed those warnings is another thing. Summer Jackson did not know a lot about love until she met Nick Stiles. And Nick only knew about acting selfishly arrogant. Although this story had opposites attracting as part of the backdrop, there was much more. Thankfully, for Nick’s sake, Summer gave him a second chance for their relationship. I’m not sure he deserved it based on his misguided decisions. The pair’s chance for happily ever after materialized due to Summer’s forgiving heart.  The storyline in this revised edition is terrific with a few sweet, intimate moments here and there.  It was easy to feel the connection between Nick and Summer. The story was in the Nick of time with a cool Summer’s breeze. 4.0 Stars.

Review – A Special Summer (Love Conquers All Book 1), By Suzette Riddick

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