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Last Comes Love: A Bittersweet Love Story by Brookelyn Mosley

Lennox and Rylee sitting in a tree… k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes… well, not exactly.

Rylee and Lennox really underestimated their tight bond. Everyone could see it, that special thing they shared between them, but to Ry and Lenny that “thing” was innocent because they were only friends. Besides, the one thing Rylee Daniels found to be the most attractive was success.

As a floor trader for the New York Stock Exchange, money was Rylee’s motivation and took center stage in her life. Though she pushed love offstage, she often tried her hand at relationships anyway – several of them – the endings always the same and no less painful than the last. Just when she’s ready to close the curtain on love, it dawns on her – she didn’t have to look very far at all… but will she act too late?

When the Bronx Ballers’ star power forward, Lennox Walker, retired from basketball, his decision shocked everyone. To him, an early retirement from the league in his late 20s was a logical choice. No longer enticed by dollar signs, Lennox chose health over wealth and as a result, love became appealing to him more than ever before. He’s never been in a relationship, never desired to be in one and when he’s finally ready to settle down, Father Time challenges everything.

Best friends since childhood, neither Lennox nor Rylee believed their friendship had the potential to become anything near romantic. But then on Rylee’s 21st birthday, she and Lennox made a pact, a mutually beneficial deal that somehow sealed their fates.

Fast forward, 10-years later, when the two are in their 30s, that deal they made will force the inevitable evolution of their friendship. It will also cause a life altering shift in their platonic bond –  a shift that will change their lives unfathomably.



Equivalent Exchange (Night Shift) by Christina C. Jones

Keris Bradford is a woman on the brink.
Of what?
She doesn’t quite know.
Her life is shifting, rapidly, and the sudden, captivating intrusion of Laken Kimble isn’t exactly… reassuring.
For Keris, Laken is comfort and risk wrapped in one very appealing package.
For Laken, Keris is barrier and providence all at once.
For both, there arises a need to navigate those contrasts to a conclusion neither was looking for… a need to answer a simple question.

If you want this… what are you willing to offer in exchange?



The Preying Pastor by B. Love

“She needed to be careful, for if you walk with the prey… you eventually become the prey.”

Dallas Carver-Monroe has managed to live with a fairytale façade for the past ten years. Growing up in a religiously strict home caused Dallas to do whatever it took to please her parents – even if that meant marrying her high school sweetheart, Seth, right after they graduated. Dallas and Seth had a genuine connection, but she didn’t think he was the man she was supposed to spend her life with. Still, she married him to make sure they didn’t have sex and start a family without making vows before God.

After almost twelve years of hell on earth, Dallas is tired of the happily married First Lady façade that has been forced upon her. Just when she thinks she’s about to break free, tragedy strikes, and Seth’s evil deeds and enemies become her own. Silver lining? Ra Jake.

When Ra Jake returns home, he has only two priorities – fix things with his ex, Cree, and successfully protect the Pastor’s wife. Under different circumstances, Ra would have turned down the job. Losing his last client has caused pain to plague Ra in a way that he never thought was possible. Had it not been for a favor being owed to an old friend, Ra would have never taken on the responsibility of guarding another human being’s life.

Upon first meeting, Dallas and Ra would rather be anywhere than with each other. As time progresses, they create a genuine bond so deep it’s hard for anyone, Seth and Cree included, to be able to reach. But the old saying is… all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, this rings true for Dallas and Ra, and they will have to fight for their hearts and their lives before Seth’s horrible decisions rob them of both.



A Champion’s Proposal (The Champion Brothers Book 7) by Tina Martin

A Standalone Novel

Mordecai Champion has found the house of his dreams. Unfortunately, it’s located in a specially zoned, exclusive neighborhood in Wilmington, North Carolina. To be eligible to buy the home, he must meet certain requirements. Hence, a proposal for the real estate agent who’s caught his eye from the first – Jemisha Rayford.

Jemisha is struggling to stay afloat with her new real-estate business and Mordecai’s proposal may be just what she needs to secure a much-needed substantial commission. If she accepts, she knows she’ll risk her business and her heart to a playboy who’s never been in a serious relationship, but at this point, she may not have much of a choice.



If You Want Me (Harmony Heights Book 3) by Danielle Burton

Movies make it look easy.

Light-hearted rom coms where best friends fall into relationship bliss with very few complications along the way.

This is a lie.

It isn’t easy.

Not even a little.

Especially when you’ve watched that friend get their heart broken repeatedly.

When their walls are so high they block out the sun.

Certainly not when that friend is the most important person in the world to you.

When you’ve failed at love too many times to risk it.

When hearts are on the line that raises the stakes.

Feelings are hurt.

Mistakes are made.

And a perfectly constructed friendship may crumble under the pressure.



The Pact: To Have and To Hold by C. Monet

At thirty-years-old, Cynthia imagined she’d be married and even possibly on her way to being a mother if she wasn’t already. Slowly but surely, she’s been on a mission to knock things off her list. She has the career, the home, and the cars, but the one thing she is lacking is a love of her own.

Her fifteen-year-old pact with her best friend, Timothy, should solidify her last mission, however, on a dinner-date gone wrong, she finds out that Timothy has already planned to get married to someone else – his fiancée – Melanie.

Heartbroken and ready to give up on love, Cynthia’s mother steps in and introduces her to a kind, ambitious man named Shawn. Shawn has love and marriage on the brain and is ready to take Cynthia to new heights if she’ll let him. Timothy has a hard time letting Cynthia go once he finds out how hurt she is, and if he doesn’t step in quickly, he’ll lose Cynthia for good.

Melanie is pushing him to make plans for their wedding, and Timothy does his best to make her happy while still trying to accommodate Cynthia’s feelings, but she’s no longer pressed over what Timothy wants. For once, she’s putting her wants and needs first, and Timothy’s lack of acceptance for how he feels for Cynthia might force her down the aisle before him if he doesn’t run towards his feelings for the woman he’s truly in love with.



September Song (Southern Seduction Book 3) by S. Taylor

Connor Smith, a brilliant gaming designer, and Rhonda Macintyre, a sassy rich girl deemed a trust fund brat, first meet when Connor moves to Georgia from Dubai in the fourth grade. The childhood best friends eventually embark on a secret love affair in high school, which blossoms into a promise of a real future together.

But things change when Connor learns he’s earned an opportunity to work in Dubai for the largest tech and gaming company in the world, and his decision to leave not only breaks Rhonda’s heart, it tears the couple apart.

When he finally returns, years of hurt and disappointment and failed communication create stumbling blocks on their way back to love. Will they ever be able to get what they both want most in the world…each other?



Risky:  A Novella by A. Marie Johnson

“I knew what was at stake when I agreed to do what he asked of me, but I never knew my heart would become included in the risk of it all, and that raised the stakes.”

Remi White learned the hard way that sometimes in life we have to do what we don’t want to get what we do need. In desperate need of a very quick come up, she finds herself willing to spend one night with a man who is as mysterious as the past she doesn’t know he’s hiding, but what will happen when one night turns into several and Remi finds herself once again battling between what she believes is right and what she knows is wrong?

Although she knew what was at stake when she agreed to do what he asked of her, the battle between her heart and her mind leaves her willing to chance it all in a risky game of sex and love, a game where the two can so easily be considered equal.

Usually, the reward is always greater than the risk, but what will the outcome be when the risk is greater and Remi finds herself in a gamble of getting everything she’s ever desired only to give herself up in the process.

Please Note: This is a re-release with a new cover and exciting new edits.



Better than Roses: A Short Story (Morningstar Romance) by L. Jena’ Luwoye

She just needed a quiet place to clear her mind.

Not only does Nina hate her new job at Franklin Middle, but she also feels slighted by the good-looking P.E. Coach who’s been passing out roses to everyone but her.

Arturo’s girlfriend broke up with him just before Valentine’s Day. Heartbroken, he keeps his tradition of passing out roses to all the female teachers on Valentine’s eve, except for one, and now he’s trapped in a room with her.

With school out, will these two strangers be forced to spend an undesirable Valentine’s weekend together?

**This is the first standalone short story (around 3.8k words) in the Morningstar series**



Swagger and Baggage (The Brothers of Chi Town Book 2) by Cheryl Barton

It’s not a coincidence that casino owner, Torrence Allen, ran into his college sweetheart, Reese Michaels again; it’s fate. As his memories unfold, he had tried everything to keep her in his life and his bed back then and failed at both. She wasn’t ready for him then, but he hopes she is ready for him now.

Reese Michaels never thought she’d see Torrence again. Their split in college was dramatic and hurtful and still, no man had been able to win her heart. She considered herself the permanent third wheel to friends who had found love and marriage.

Their whirlwind affair, quickly turned into love just as it suddenly crashed and burned when a woman shows up to claim Torrence as hers. When it’s also revealed that this woman isn’t the only ‘other woman’, Reese finds herself left with a brokenheart, shattered love and dreams of forever beyond her reach. How did she not know about the other part of Torrence’s active and amorous life?

Torrence isn’t ready to give up on having Reese in his life after his deceit. He finds himself in the fight of his life to finally have the love and commitment he wanted only with her. His swagger had always won women over, but it’s his baggage that’s causing his life to spiral out of control and he can once again find himself without the woman he has always loved.



Ready for the Rancher (Sin City Secrets Book 2) by Zuri Day

She means business… until pleasure interferes.

What could go wrong with their no-strings arrangement?

Wealthy rancher Adam Breedlove won’t compromise his professional plans for anyone. But when a chance encounter leads to Ryan Washington’s bed, their chemistry spells trouble. She’s headstrong, seductive, stands for everything Adam’s against. And she’s his business partner’s sister—a partner with ulterior motives. Is Ryan’s heady passion a fun fling, something more serious…or cover for her brother to destroy the company?



Bel Amour by Chelle Ramsey

A beautiful story of love between a man and a woman. Photographer Kelly Holloway has changed her life, and is now pursuing her first love in a career of creating beautiful art from behind the lens of a camera. A freelance photographer for Courtside Magazine, she’s begun rubbing elbows with some of the NBA’s elite players. Running from heartache and disappointment, she’s come to the end of the road when she meets Atlanta Cobras’, Elias Dacosta.
Touted as the NBA’s #1 shooting guard and designated all-around ladies’ man, Elias’ private life is off limits to the paparazzi. No one really knows the man off the court, and he’s blocking every attempt from anyone getting too close, until he meets Kelly on assignment. Her attempts to hide behind the camera only peeks his interest further. He won’t rest until he wins at the game of love.
Follow Kelly and Elias through three years of ups and downs, as they learn about one another and themselves. Deemed to be the “perfect couple,” Kelly’s past rises up as a barrier between them. Will a lesson in sacrificial love keep the two of them apart, or will it be the bond that they need to bring them together again?



A Kiss From An Angel: A Novella by Sherron Elise

One of the proudest moments of Giana Covington’s life was witnessing her daughter, Noelle, win the title of Houston’s Holiday Angel. A year later she is faced with the lowest moments of her life: Nigel, her husband of twenty years, walks out on her and Noelle suddenly disappears weeks before she is set to compete in another pageant. After days of searching, Noelle is discovered dead and a massive manhunt ensues to capture her killer. Will this time of grief and tragedy bring Giana and Nigel back together or drive them further apart?



Sweet Love, Bitter Fruit (Brothers in Law Book 2) by Lyndell Williams

Has everybody lost their damned minds?

Harlem lawyer Marcus Kent fights for justice while preserving a stable, passionate marriage with wife, Toni. Smart and confident, he has it all together—that is until his world turns upside down.

Not only is someone stalking his sister, but an intern at work is also getting too close for comfort.
On top of all of that, Toni’s renewed infertility obsession causes them to continually argue, adding more strain and cooling off their steamy union.

Struggling with insecurities and yearning to have a child, successful psychologist Toni Kent looks to her husband for support. Unfortunately, relentless distraction and stubbornness prevent Marcus from being there when she needs him the most and jeopardizes their happy home.

After multiple failed in vitro attempts, Toni is ready to try again, but Marcus is done. He doesn’t want another headache or more heartache.

Will a baby-making impasse tear this dream couple apart?

From the author of My Way to You, a new novel about keeping the flames of love and passion burning in a world determined to snuff them out.

**Warning: This book contains strong language, sex scenes and elements of violence, racism, and sexual abuse.**



An Angel for Daddy by Lucy Eden

Ruby Hayes is intelligent, beautiful, great at her job and loves her students. She’s not too fond of me because despite moving to this small coastal California town only a month ago, I’ve managed to get on her bad side by consistently arriving late to pick up my daughter, Nina. It’s probably for the best. Between my job and adjusting to raising a little girl by myself, adding romance to the equation isn’t something I have time for.
Spencer Jones is successful, handsome, a doting father and terrible at reading a clock. His daughter, Nina also happens to my favorite student. Getting involved with the parent of a student is bad idea, no matter how witty and charming they might be. It’s probably for the best. Between my job, taking care of my dad and climbing out debt, a new relationship is the last thing I need.
Spencer and Ruby have plenty of reasons to stay apart, but can a little divine intervention and an assist from a pint-sized cupid teach them a lesson that will last a lifetime?



Taye’s Gift (Small-Town Christmas Wishes Series Book 6) by Pat Simmons

Who lays off someone before the holidays? Taye Thomas’ employer did, so instead of Christmas shopping, she’s job hunting. More devastating news comes when an old high school friend passed away. Could God be answering her prayers for help when she learns that Charity Hart left a $1500 check?
No, the caveat is it’s more blessed to give than receive. Taye has 30 days to find someone else in need to bless. To complicate matters, she’s lives in Kansas City, which is more than eight hours away from Snowflake and she can’t do it alone. Keeping a secret has never been so much work.



Ready Set Love: A Novella by Asia Monique

Isabella Thomas has overlooked her best friend their entire lives, but when her longtime boyfriend breaks things off she begins to see who her heart has belonged to all along.

Carter Hayes has known since the age of seventeen that Isabella would be his wife one day and when the opportunity presents itself, he finally decides to make a move.

NOTE: This short story was previously published on another reading platform. There has been added content along with a new ending.



Her Heart His Soul by H.M. Trey

The story of Deisyre Moore and Trevor Alexander continues…

Her Heart His Soul completes the trilogy, by H. M. Trey, of Window to the Soul of a Man and She Will Be Loved. Through the eyes of Deisyre Moore and Trevor Alexander, the quest to obtain happily ever after continues to unfold. There is no doubt that Deisyre and Trevor love one another. On paper, the two have it all thought out on how they want their lives to look as they travel the journey toward becoming Mr. and Mrs.

While the two make plans to unite as one, the devil is busy trying to rock their foundation at its core. During every stage to move forward as a couple, Deisyre and Trevor’s love and commitment continue to be contested by an ex-girlfriend who believes that she still has a chance with Trevor, and an ex-boyfriend who is hellbent on destroying not only Deisyre’s life, but Trevor’s life as well. Trevor has to literally “strap” up his boots to become a protector for his family; all while tending to his own mental and emotional wellbeing. Deisyre has to let go of her fears, and learn to trust her man despite her past issues with trust.

Will the heart of Deisyre, and the soul of Trevor, be enough to ensure that their relationship withstands the drama forced in their lives by a delusional ex-girlfriend and a cold-blooded, dangerous ex-boyfriend? The answer to that question ultimately lies in the strength contained in the heart of a woman, and buried in the soul of a man.



Body to Body by India T. Norfleet

After counting down the days on her calendar to what she deemed her end of summer vacation, Willow Henderson hightails it out of work one scorching Thursday afternoon and doesn’t stop moving until she’s checked into her resort. Her only plan is to relax poolside with a drink in hand, a good book, and a towel boy sexy enough to give her wet dreams. Her plans change the second she crosses paths with the sexiest milk chocolate piece of man candy her eyes ever had the pleasure of being blessed with. Immediately things take a tantalizing turn into one of the most sizzling hot getaways she’s ever experienced.

While countless body to body encounters leave her spent, an unexpected storm rumbles in the distance that threatens to not only ruin her trip but also her chance at something much more special than she realized. Will this chance meeting in paradise result in something deeper or become a slowly fading memory of one of the best summers of her life?

Nebraska Conner has seen his share of sexy women, especially as the housekeeping director of an extremely popular resort. Though in all the years he’s been employed at the Pier Key House, nothing prepares him for the stunning Willow Marlena Henderson from Detroit. From first glance, Nebraska knew he was in trouble. He didn’t just want the pleasure of making Willow’s acquaintance, Nebraska wanted permission and access to everything her swimsuit covered. And he set out to get just that.

At some point along this journey, something unexpected happens that leaves him blown away. While he tries to figure out how to proceed, life throws him a curveball he never saw coming. Will Nebraska react in time with the right decision before it’s too late or will he hesitate and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?


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New Release Round-Up September 30th-October 6th

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