This story began with a vivid and haunting introduction, and then the story untangled into a dramatic storyline. The way the author describes her characters is like she’s painting a picture clear enough to draw freehand.  Raphael was eye candy one hundred percent.  An athlete’s physique is always a thing of beauty, and, Rafael DeLuca was no exception.

Rafael was an award-winning cyclist and best friend to Britt—owner of BSpoked, a bicycle shop. I was surprised to hear he had limited times to see her shop over the years. Because the main things I noticed about Britt were her strong support and admiration for herRafael, even when she had not seen him in person in years. It was also apparent Rafael had more than pure feelings for her.  You’ll enjoy the way the story brings back old members from Mahogany Heights and our favorite mountain resort.   The backstory surrounding Rafael’s accident and the injury which caused him to change the course of his life was hurtful and had me spitting nails. The emotional toll of learning his life would change drastically made the story a supple read. The side story with Rafe’s little sidepiece and his parents had me screaming at my Kindle. I did not expect to see the story unfold as it did.

In the end, the author delivered a hearty meal filled with delectable dishes, some sexy love scenes, and snappy dialogue. The magical pictures this author paints with her words is awe-inspiring. The story was a fantastic read! 5.0 Stars.

Review – In Tandem (Equilibrium Book 2), by Christina C. Jones

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