Picture this: Your fiancé cheats on you the night before your wedding with someone he claimed was his cousin. Then, just months later, he’s at the altar with the same “cousin”.

What would you do?

A: Crash their wedding and unleash chaos.
B: Accept an invite to attend a play party with his brother.
C: Get the ultimate “lick back” by having a fling with his brother at that very party.

For Tyme Henley, it’s all of the above.

But things take an unexpected turn when Tyme finds herself falling for Midnight Drayton, the very person she’s despised for a solid two years. As emotions and schemes collide, Tyme navigates a path filled with revenge, unexpected attraction, and a messy entanglement. Step into Tyme’s shoes as she seeks to rewrite the narrative she once knew, exploring the thin line between vindication and unanticipated romance.


New Release Spotlight – 12:01, by Bella Jay

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