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Her Exception: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by B. Love

Shalom Daniels has everything she wants in life outside of marriage and kids. Her career and personal relationships are flourishing, except when it comes to the relationship that matters most—one with a man dedicated to cherishing and protecting her heart. Fresh out of a relationship with a man who was almost perfect, Shalom begins to question if her boundaries and standards are too high, or if it simply isn’t her time for her happily ever after yet.

Mecca Smith has everything he wants in life outside of marriage and kids. He’s on track to start practicing the niche law he’s always wanted to, and his relationships with friends and family are perfect. Content with his current friend with benefits, Mecca isn’t looking for love when his ex, Shalom, is forced back into his life—and it’s a good thing, too, because they hate each other.

What was once a high school love that had the potential to last forever was ended with a letter, no contact, and heartbreak. They say there’s a thin line between love and hate. When Mecca’s biggest case to date requires Shalom’s expertise, will they be able to put their hate for each other aside, or will they learn just how thin that line can be?


Sinful Disruption by K.C. Mills

Not always eye to eye, but forever heart to heart…
Krew and Navy Troy are brothers with the same blood but different paths.

After looking death in face, Navy spends fours years struggling to get his life back. He did the work so opening his heart to the right woman finally feels right.

Navy’s dance with death is a wake up call for his brother, Krew. He failed at protecting his brother and he refuses to do that again. He spends four years building a foundation for the Troy brothers to have financial stability.

Krew meets a woman that proves that timing is everything, and this time, he plans on making it work.

Although different in almost every way, Navy and Krew have one thing in common, penance, sacrifice and struggle.


REIGN (Tanonverse Book 3) by Tanon

When the darkness from the past consumes your entire existence, what will it take to finally break free from the stigma and take your spot at the top?

Growing up, Taj had a hard life. So hard that when he was presented with a once in a lifetime chance to start over, he didn’t believe that his luck had finally changed. Years later, Taj is doing amazingly well but his troubled past still haunts him.

After a one-night stand, Taj accepts it as the push he needed to break out of his funk but it left him with a difficult question to solve—

Who was in his bed?!

When the truth is finally revealed, Taj is faced with more challenges that will further prove just how ready he is to accept his throne…


Eats for Free (Hot Holiday Hookup Novella) by Danielle Allen

The sign said Veterans eat for free.
And that’s exactly what I let him do.


12:01: A Delusional Enemies to Lovers Romance by Bella Jay

Picture this: Your fiancé cheats on you the night before your wedding with someone he claimed was his cousin. Then, just months later, he’s at the altar with the same “cousin”.

What would you do?

A: Crash their wedding and unleash chaos.
B: Accept an invite to attend a play party with his brother.
C: Get the ultimate “lick back” by having a fling with his brother at that very party.

For Tyme Henley, it’s all of the above.

But things take an unexpected turn when Tyme finds herself falling for Midnight Drayton, the very person she’s despised for a solid two years. As emotions and schemes collide, Tyme navigates a path filled with revenge, unexpected attraction, and a messy entanglement. Step into Tyme’s shoes as she seeks to rewrite the narrative she once knew, exploring the thin line between vindication and unanticipated romance.


Detached Lover: A Novel by Adrienne Denise

Anastasia “Tasia” Ingram is a well-known writer whose work has gained her valuable connections throughout the city of Atlanta. From the outside, Tasia has it all. She always dresses to impress, and her natural beauty draws the attention of men of all ages, tax brackets, and nationalities. She’s witty, smart, and has enough street sense to get herself out of any tight space, professionally and socially. Money is not a problem for her, and she takes pride in being a strong, independent, black woman. One would assume that in the romance department, Tasia has never known heartbreak, but her eyes tell a different story. Her bad luck with men didn’t just start when she entered the dating world. The first man assigned to love her failed miserably, and it appears Tasia hasn’t been able to bounce back since.

As she navigates her love life, a booming career, and the failing health of her less-than-pleasant father, a promising love interest takes a dramatic turn. Tasia can take the high road and move on or finally get revenge for every man who has ever broken her heart. Will this major life shift give Anastasia the relief she seeks? Or, will she lose it all on a search for recompense?


Snowed Inn: A Christian Romance Novella by Faith Arceneaux

The only thing Kyra wants is to be home for Christmas.

The lights, big tree, fancy dinner, and extravagant gifts are what she needs to end her successful year.

But when she misses the last flight out of the city, she decides to drive.

That’s when she’s met with doom and gloom — better known as Justice.

He finds her stranded on the side of the road and offers to help.

Will his offer lead her to realize the real meaning of Christmas?

Snowed Inn is a Christian Romance Novella.


Learning to Love Again by Riley Baxter

Nalani, a dedicated and compassionate teacher, never expected her life to take a turn when she met Lorenzo, a single father trying to rebuild his life after a painful divorce. When Nalani becomes the teacher of Lorenzo’s daughter, fate plays its hand, intertwining their lives in ways they could never have foreseen.

As Nalani and Lorenzo spend time together, their connection grows stronger, igniting a flame neither of them can ignore. The walls around their hearts crumble as they navigate the complexities of love amidst the challenges of co-parenting and healing from past wounds.

But standing in their way is Lorenzo’s vindictive ex-wife, who refuses to let go of the life she once had. Fueled by jealousy and bitterness, she sets a dangerous plan in motion to break apart the blossoming romance between Nalani and Lorenzo.

Will Nalani and Lorenzo triumph over the storm of deceit and danger, or will they be torn apart by an ex’s ruthless vendetta? Prepare for a heart-pounding journey where love is tested, loyalties are questioned, and the true strength of the human spirit is revealed.


The Love Strategist by Torryn Santana

Harper Lovejoy is the ultimate love guru who has cracked the code to finding true love. With her renowned consulting firm and foolproof strategies, Harper has become the go-to love strategist.

But when the captivating and elusive Breon Torres enters the picture, Harper’s expertise is put to the ultimate test. Harper is drawn to his mysterious demeanor yet wary of his player reputation as they evolve from friendly competitors in the game of love to something much deeper.

Quickly becoming fan favorites on a popular show, they must confront their fears, insecurities, and the pressures of fame to achieve their own happily ever after. Sometimes, surrendering to the heart is the best way to win at love.


Love in A Minor by Mo Flames

Jamin Love, the mastermind behind R&B group Love in Minor Keyz, was devastated when he tragically lost his cousin, the group’s lead vocalist. He struggled with accepting that someone else would take her place. Jamin knew no one could ever fill his beloved cousin’s shoes. However, out of his control, the record label BlakBeatz Entertainment chose Shayla Starr as the new lead singer.

Jamin bitterly resisted the change, preferring things to stay as they were. Yet, upon meeting Shayla, his world was turned upside down by her undeniable talent and spunk which captured his attention. Reserved at first, Jamin was pulled in by her magnetic presence.

Could this grumpy mastermind resist her alluring melody, or will he fall flat?


Breezing by Tracy Gray

Brittanie Shields is a quadruple threat. She’s educated, beautiful, successful, and self-sufficient. Brittanie is also over being single. She’s open to sharing her world with a partner, but her efforts to find a mate have turned up everything but a perfect match. After deciding to put her search on the backburner, Brittanie is offered an opportunity that she has a hard time turning down… For an employer that is everything she likes in a man.

Dominic Hill is cool being a bachelor. He likes his freedom and his solitude. When his world is turned upside down in a matter of moments, he’s at a loss as to how to handle it. Dominic needs help, and he’s not too proud to ask for it. But when Brittanie Shields is offered up as the solution to his problem, he starts to second-guess his need to keep women at arm’s length.

They’re employer and employee.

Will being in forced proximity cause them to jeopardize their working relationship for a romantic one?

Gamble Our Love Remi Ruger

Cassina Jamison has landed her dream job as a flight attendant and she’s ecstatic to be following her dream career path. Traveling from coast to coast is more than exciting and the holidays come with unlimited destinations to add to her traveling list. Her Christmas traditions include spending the holiday with her mom after her last flight lands for the year. A sudden change in climate leaves her heartbroken at the idea that this Christmas may not go as planned.

Spade Gamble is the owner and operator of many lavish companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, one being Royal Flush Casino & Resort. Having secured his wealth at a young age, he spends his time overseeing his companies and taking care of his employees in exchange for all of their hardwork and dedication. After a tragic incident, the holidays hold bad memories for Spade and he prefers to dive into his work rather than celebrate with friends and family. This holiday feels different and Spade can’t place his finger on why but he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Both parties are left with burning questions this year. What do the lonely do at Christmas? Will they drink their sorrows away? Or will they choose to roll the dice and take a gamble on love?


Jasora: An Alpha’s Queen by Natavia

Discover what happens when destiny plays its hand, and souls connect across lifetimes. Their fiery connection ignites memories from a past life, reckoning them to a love that cannot be denied. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride filled with passion, deceit, and the undeniable power of true love in this urban paranormal romance.


Shielded by His Darkness: A Paranormal Dark Romance by Wynta Tyme

Thirty-three-year-old Solar Moonly had a simple everyday routine. During the day she liked to create different sauces, and at night she managed the local Stop N’ Go with her twenty-five-year-old brother Tyrese. They were roommates and spent a lot of time together, but with him always wanting to hang out with his friends, they had more of a mother-son relationship. Life threw a wrench in her routine when one night she’s held at gunpoint with no witnesses but the sexy yet mysterious customer who saves her. After the dust settled, Solar thought she could return to her life, but when she’s rescued by that same mysterious customer again, he pulls her into his dark world. Just like her attackers, he demands something in return. Only his demands involve safe words and bites.

Thirty-seven-year-old Sylence “Sy” Gatz’s life consisted of three things: bullets, boobs, and bank rolls. He was a paid contract killer that completed every job necessary, until he was contracted to kill the brown-skinned beauty from the Stop N’ Go. Sy didn’t know what it was about Solar that held him hostage, but he knew he couldn’t kill her. After rescuing and spending time with Solar, he wants her to take up occupancy in his home and soon his heart. All she had to do was tell him what he wanted to hear. But that’s if she can handle his extracurricular activity fueled by the moon.

Unbeknownst to the pair, revenge is broiling on high for those disgruntled and betrayed, and they will stop at nothing until both Sylence and Solar are unalived.


Homecoming Chaos by D.W. Brooks

A dead body in the parking lot of her family’s business, a killer on the loose, and a handsome detective asking a lot of questions…

Jamie Scott’s life fell apart four years ago when she broke off her engagement, turned down a dream job, and went overseas to run away from her life. Now she’s back, but the reunion is not without problems. She arrives home just in time to attend the soiree her mother planned, but she’s not prepared for what she finds—a dead employee in the parking lot.

Detective Nick Marshall is assigned to the murder case at the forensics lab owned by Jamie’s family. He meets the headstrong Jamie, but he has a job to do. And his attraction to her… well, he’s a professional.

Jamie knows the stakes are high. She has to face the past and save her parents’ business while dealing with her family drama and an uncertain future. She also has to deal with Nick, who wants her out of the way of his investigation. But fate keeps throwing them in one another’s paths… and into chaos that they both want to avoid, but neither can seem to escape.


Daddy’s Maybe by Denise Essex

Destiny Cooper is an unhappily married woman with a shameful secret. She tolerates her husband’s cheating because she’s convinced, she deserves it. Although she hasn’t seen him in almost twenty years, Destiny is still pining after her high school sweetheart, Xavier. Each night she has indecent fantasies about him that temporarily satisfy her depraved state.

Xavier Grant is a riveting man with hazel eyes that garner him more attention than his unmatched intelligence. He’s agreed to move his high-maintenance wife and son back to his hometown against his better judgment for a CFO position recommended by his mentor. Destiny—the only woman he’s ever loved—broke his heart there two decades ago. He still dreams about the unabashed, explicit lovemaking they shared.

What happens when Xavier moves onto the same street as Destiny? Destiny is sure she will be exposed, and her secret will be revealed. Will things ever go back to normal in Destiny’s marriage? Or will she blow up her home and Xavier’s because of their unfinished business?


Finding Love Is Timeless: Golden Years Series Book 7 Novella (The Golden Years Series Book 7 Novella) by W. Parks Brigham

Finding Love is Timeless, is a sweet small-town romance in Allanville, Texas featuring two lovable grandparents who took their title and position in the family seriously. Dating was not their priority. Love, for them, was far-fetched and beyond their interest.

Allanville’s matchmakers had nothing to do with bringing Lawanda Morrison (widow) and Nipsey Wilkerson (widower) together. Un-uhn, it was their grandchildren’s Fall Festival, aching joints, tired feet, and the comfort of a haystack bench.

Despite a bit of family drama, these precious souls decide to give love a try. Note… Lawanda Morrison is the mother of Fletcher from the story. If you haven’t read “You’re The One For Me” Book 4; please do so for the background information. Believe me, Ms. Lawanda holds her own!


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up October 30th-November 5th

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