Rasheeda Hanes has always shied away from serious relationships, and it isn’t because she doesn’t have any interest in them. She finds that the men she dates aren’t ready for the type of love she desires. Rasheeda wants a man that will love her from deep down in his soul, and she is patient enough not to rush the process.

Foster Murray is not your average black man. From a young child, his relationship goal has been to do the exact opposite of his parents. Their failed relationship was an example of what not to do. Although finding love, it isn’t in the way he expects. Unfortunately, after twenty years of marriage, the happily ever after he thinks he’s attained comes crashing down.

Rasheeda and Foster’s May-December romance has the love, passion, and intimacy for the perfect love story. But will trust issues and family drama stand in the way of their fairytale?

*This book is a spin-off of Roll Bounce Love and And Then We Fell in Love. Although the stories can be read separately, you may have a more pleasurable reading experience if you read the aforementioned books.*


New Release Spotlight – A Love Like This, by Kay Shanee

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