A diamond is still a diamond no matter how dirty it is. Diamond Kane’s past has shaped her, turning her into the killer she is. Diamond lives by the motto get that bread get that head then leave.

But Diamond’s life isn’t as glitz and glam as it may seem. She’s getting payback from her past one kill at a time. The people closest to her turn envious. 

Diamond’s vengeance becomes her peace of mind as her heart grows cold. 

When one of the bodies she is about to drop is someone she once knew, Diamond’s entire life is changed. As Justice “Ice” Russ reentered her life Diamond wonders if he will be able to save her, or add to the damage already done. 

Will Diamond continue on her path of hate or will she finally find the peace she’s been searching for?


New Release Spotlight – Ice Me Out: Dirty Diamonds, by Dak

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