Tis the season to be grateful – times two!

I knew attending this charity function was a bad idea. However, I didn’t know being bad was so much fun.

When I met Nate and Callen, I found them impossible to resist even though I was foolish enough to try. It didn’t take long to realize the undeniable chemistry that exists between the three of us. As it turns out, I need them like I need air.

These muscular umber alpha twin males are more than just good looks. The problem? Somewhere amongst the fun I’ve developed real feelings for them. No one told me true love comes with a price, though. Our relationship isn’t conventional and there are some people who would rather see us apart and miserable then together and happy.

Additionally, I worry Nate and Callen are too good to be true. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop because life has taught me that there’s always something being held back. Cue Thanksgiving Day when all hell breaks loose.

18+ only. This is a holiday reverse harem MFM romance. No cliffhangers. No cheating. HEA guaranteed


New Release Spotlight – A Reverse Harem Thanksgiving Tale, by Tempestt Chantel

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