Hurt people, hurt people.
No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to Kira McDaniels trying to find her place in the world. Growing up in a broken and toxic home has left her unable to show love, and more importantly, receive love. How can one accept love from another when her own parents abandoned her and left her to fend for herself mentally, emotionally, and physically? Kira pushed through life with a hard exterior protecting her and focused on being better than her parents. However, the lack of guidance as a young woman has left her broken, and Kira doesn’t know what to do when Haneef Young walks into her life, showing her things could be different.

Haneef is not a perfect man by any means. He grew up in the streets, worked hard to get his business off the ground, and stayed on his grind to get away from illegal dealings. Focused on his money and his end goal, Haneef wasn’t looking for love. It was something he had very little experience with, however, as soon as he laid eyes on Kira, he saw the bright aura trapped behind beautiful dark eyes and wanted to free her from her pain. No matter how hard she tried to push him away, Haneef always showed up, letting Kira know that she had someone in her corner.

Kira and Haneef’s journey to love is anything but easy. The two experience many trials and tribulations… but love is a beautiful thing. Take this journey with Kira and Haneef to find out if love can truly conquer all.


New Release Spotlight – Just Wanna Be Loved, by Shay Davis

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