The same truth that kept them apart will be the same one that brings them together.

Life isn’t any fairer for a shifter than it is for a human. Aiden learned this in his younger years when he grew up next door to his best friend, Maci, a human with no knowledge of his world; a human he’s been in love with since he first understood the all-consuming passion that burned deep within his soul was no mere crush.

Aiden’s supernatural world is filled with evil nightmares he can’t capture. It’s no place for a beautiful soul like Maci. As a result, he denies himself the true treasure of a future with her in exchange for freedom apart from his kind.

Unfortunate circumstances bring Maci home years later.  The opportunity of a second chance gives Aiden renewed hope. The flames of passion burn within both of them leading to an instant reconnection that has them clinging to the possibility of a future together. With imminent changes on the horizon, will Aiden be able to protect Maci and his kind, or will the truth destroy the best of both worlds?

Could this be a second chance or another sick twist of fate? A Second Bite at Love is book 1 in the Unconventional Love Chronicles featuring steamy romance and a HEA.


New Release Spotlight – A Second Bite at Love (Unconventional Love Chronicles Book 1), by Tempestt Chanel

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