For some, friendships are more meaningful than familial relationships. They hold more weight, memories, and secrets. 

Friends since the beginning of time, Londyn and Spencer don’t know what it’s like to not be friends. They are inseparable, almost connected at the hip. Spencer is quiet, driven, and fun while Londyn is just the opposite. They are the yin to the other’s yang. So what happens when the fun, slick shots are uncovered as underlying feelings? 

Remington and Spencer have been together since forever. They’ve experienced so many firsts together. Besides Londyn, Remi is Spencer’s person. What happens when jealousy and secrets revealed creep their way in?

Charlie is Spencer’s older sister. Never being one to jump in the mix, she always played the background. Seeing the betrayal, Charlie finds herself on front street, trying to protect her sister, but with planning a wedding and secrets of her own being aired, will Charlie be able to protect her sister from the one she trusts most? 

Situation after situation leads to a night of intervention. Good intent is quickly tainted by soured relationships. What happens when that intervention turns into so much more? Will bridges be burned beyond repair, or can the circle of friends bounce back from the past?


New Release Spotlight – Bonds Ablaze, by Cherish Amore

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