Revenge can be a double-edged sword when everyone has something to lose.

Denise Hayes’ shifter heritage has never been a secret. As a half-breed, she skirted the edge of the supernatural world. However, that all changes after she is taken hostage and severely injured. Now the rules are different, and she’s become the unwanted object of attention as she struggles to adapt to the complexities of shifter life.

Denise’s longstanding yet unsettled feelings for Mitch Mercer make it incomprehensible to know where her troubles end and fresh hope begins. Her feelings for the dangerous alpha male are impossible to ignore but terrifying at the same time.

However, feelings were never a part of the plan. Mitch has spent years subduing his emotions toward Denise to keep her safe from his world. Those feelings Mitch once saw as a hindrance also become the saving grace he never knew he needed.

When Mitch and Dense finally give in to their feelings for each other, the passion is hot enough to smolder metal, but his past becomes a roadblock that puts her safety at risk when an old enemy returns to settle a score.

Mitch has never been a fan of loose ends, and his enemy will do anything to gain the upper hand, including the unthinkable. However, Mitch has his own plan for revenge. The stakes are high. Still, vengeance and forgiveness are not the same paths, and only one road will lead to a future where Mitch and Denise can be together. The other road leads to irreversible collateral damage. There will be blood, which will be the least of anyone’s concerns.

This will either be a second chance at revenge or another sick twist of fate. A Second Bite at Revenge is book 3 in the Unconventional Love Chronicles featuring steamy romance and a HEA. This story is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 


New Release Spotlight – A Second Bite at Revenge (Unconventional Love Chronicles Book 3), by Tempestt Chantel

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