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Check out these new releases from September 4th-10th.

Chapel by B. Love

For the town of Rose Valley Hills, the wedding to commemorate the love between Nova Cane and Chapel Wilson was slated to be the event of the decade. With a guest list of over three-hundred people RSVP’d to be in attendance, everyone who was anyone, would be there. At the final wedding rehearsal, Nova shares a truth that can potentially end their marriage before it even begins.

Chapel has always been a runner. When things seem beyond her control, her fight or flight instincts cause her to flee. A year after learning of her fiancé’s infidelity passes before she has the courage to return home to Rose Valley Hills. And when she does, it’s with a plan of revenge. Nova must pay, and the woman he cheated on her with will too.

What starts out as a need for revenge and getting what she deserves leads to Chapel realizing how much of her life revolves around her circle of friends… and how many secrets swirl around in it. Anger and hurt take her down a path that shows her not only who she truly is but those around her as well.

With pieces of her heart shredded like confetti, Chapel has no desire for love. She’s too busy focusing on hate. Still, love finds its way to her through the person she least expects. Will she have the courage to exchange her plans of revenge for a new relationship, or has Nova’s betrayal made it impossible for her to ever trust and love again?


Impromptu Date: A Billionaire Baby Romance by Kay Shanee

Kamille Boatwright appears to have it all. As the owner of a successful business, her funds are unlimited. However, her professional life is the only thing that seems to be working in her favor. Aside from Ari, her best friend and business partner, Kamille’s social life is nonexistent, and her relationship with a few members of her family leave a lot to be desired. As her two-week-long family vacation nears, Kamille is excited until her cousins point out that she’s going solo, once again. Kamille doesn’t have a problem with being single, but she gets sick and tired of it being thrown in her face. Ari suggests Kamille uses an upscale escort service to find the perfect man to accompany her on the trip. Kamille isn’t sold on the idea, but eventually, she takes her friend’s advice.

Qaseem Mavens is every woman’s dream. He’s handsome, successful, and every bit of a gentleman but will resort to his street instincts in a heartbeat. When the chance to become a legitimate business owner was dropped in his lap, Qaseem didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity. Ten years later, he owns and operates Platinum Connections, the Midwest’s most well-known, elite, and lucrative escort service for wealthy Blacks. When Kamille reaches out for an escort, something tells him she isn’t the average client, and Qaseem wants to make sure he connects her with one of his best escorts. However, when plans fall through at the last minute, he decides to take the job himself.

Find out what happens when this unlikely duo is charged with pretending they are madly in love for two weeks. Will there be a love connection, or will Kamille and Qaseem return to their lives when it’s time for them to part ways?


Talaya: The Donovan Dynasty Book #4 by A.C. Arthur

The next step… 

For Talaya, the past ten months have been a roller coaster of emotions—fear, grief, joy, love. She’s not sure which ones are simply frequent visitors or which are the reality she can hold onto. All she knows for certain is that she wants Ridge, for however long fate allows.

Keeping Promises…

For Ridge, turmoil and influx aren’t new. Waking up every morning to a gorgeous headstrong woman in his bed though, well that’s something he’s surprisingly getting used to. Until her nightmares begin and the careful realm of normal he’d been trying to weave for them comes crashing down.

Now, to save the family they’ve both yearned for, they must fully embrace their healing and focus on the future. But will facing a new adversary open the gates to a world of death and destruction?

Publisher’s Note: Talaya is the SECOND PART to Ridge. Storylines from Ridge are further explored and completed in Talaya’s book. For premium enjoyment, Ridge should be read first.


Rocked: Novella (The Newton Family Series Book 3) by Iesha Bree

Is it too late for me to rock you?

After leaving his dangerous life behind and finding success, Rocko’s orderly world unravels when ghosts from his past resurface. Strange events make him fear for himself and his loved ones. Shocking secrets long buried return to threaten everything Rocko has built.

Finally having the family and life she always dreamed of, Laine starts to see the foundation crack as Rocko reveals parts of himself that he purposely kept from her sight. Can she handle the man beneath the fine picture he has shown her since they first met?

With the whole Newton family behind him, Rocko finds himself navigating the streets he thought he escaped, willing to embrace his merciless past skills to protect what matters most. But will unleashing the darkness inside destroy the honorable family man he’s become? Or will it be the very thing he needed to move his family to new heights?


Conflicts of the Heart by T’Lyn

Nilou Drake has it all. Her Career is thriving and her man is a dream come true. How is it possible to still feel incomplete?

Samad Baker has always been comfortable existing in the shadows. Allowing others access places Samad and the ones he loves in jeopardy.

Nilou finds conflict with her heart and the life she chooses while Samad has conflict with his troubled past.

If two conflicted hearts collide there is bound to be an emotional explosion and when the smoke clears, there’s no guarantee that either will sill be whole.


Blackened Berry by Crystal Collier

In the heart-stirring novel, Blackened Berry, two lost souls cross paths in a captivating tale of love, self-discovery, and redemption. Enter the enigmatic world of Evington “Black” Gibbs, a complex man driven by an unwavering savior complex, constantly compelled to rescue the defenseless from the clutches of despair. When he stumbles in his greatest mission, he’s left drowning in the sea of regret. His only solace? Rectifying his wrongs.

Meanwhile, Xiyana Azure, a spirited woman of indomitable will, finds herself caught in a relentless battle between her dreams and the suffocating expectations of her father. As she struggles to carve her own path in life, navigating the treacherous terrain of self-discovery, an unexpected contender emerges, vying for her heart—Black. This unexpected twist throws her off-balance, forcing her to question her desires and confront the tumultuous emotions that surge within her.

As the lives of Black and Xiyana intertwine, they embark on a transformative journey, unearthing the profound depths of a love that not only heals but also holds the power to be the salvation they both seek. Through the trials of love, the power of forgiveness, and the unyielding strength in following one’s heart, they discover that sometimes, the most profound healing lies in the arms of another.

Will they find the courage to embrace this love and rewrite the narratives of their past, or will they succumb to the weight of their own vulnerabilities?

Fake Around & Find Out by Mia Heintzelman

The more they fake around, the more they’re going to find out.

Gemma Holliday wants closure. Once she confesses her regrets to her ex, she’ll get back to designing book covers and enjoying springtime with an open heart. But, at his house, Gemma’s stunned to discover she’s been replaced.

Enter Logan Banks. Her ex’s insanely good-looking new neighbor…and Gemma’s high school crush. The book cover model is back in town just in time for his sister’s wedding. If only she wasn’t pressuring him to find a date…

When Gemma kisses Logan to make her ex jealous, it leads to a series of blindsiding moments: book cover photos of his oil-slicked chest in her inbox, embarrassing conference room sparks during his surprise appearance at her office, and an Oh-inspiring bar rescue. Soon, they forge an arrangement that benefits them both—she’ll be his wedding date and he’ll be her fake boyfriend. But will their fiery chemistry lead to a chance at something real?


Obeying His Law by Wynta Tyme

Since age eighteen, twin sisters Wyld and Allure Flowers have dominated the charts. With sultry voices belting out gems that turn into platinum plaques, The Soprano Girls have lived a life many couldn’t fathom experiencing. World travel, finessing sold-out crowds, and receiving accolades fuel their passion. However, once bad news about them spreads like wildfire, the allure of the fast life becomes an afterthought. Together, the twins agree to join Better Days Rehab Center and make their health a priority until fate plays her card and grief has now entered the arena.

Keyes Strong couldn’t be more different from his last name. His disposition is perplexed and a bit nerdy, with an undeniable passion for cooking. As the head chef of Better Days Rehab, he provides the finest cuisine for the upscale establishment. Nonetheless, when Keyes removes his chef coat, the respect from his peers seems to exit the room as well.

Fortunately, new patients bring new energy, and along with Wyld Flowers comes a peace the conflicted loner hasn’t felt since his childhood. Consumed in their fresh alliance, the pair become engulfed in one another and blinded to the snakes waiting for an opening to intrude. Wyld and Keyes are about to embark on a dangerous journey of what happens when you don’t obey his law.

Now the question begs, will there be better days ahead for them?


I.O.U.: Incapable of Understanding by Connie Easton

ad/dic/tion – the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Love was the most fun and lively person to be around. She kept a smile on her face and always brought the best out of someone. Well, that is until she’s robbed of joy. Life took a turn that she never saw coming leaving her with a hand she had never been dealt before.

Hassan is the quiet guy that can turn your world upside down if you let him. He’s career driven but also enjoys the ladies. However, his feelings are reserved for Love, and Love only. It’s been that way since they were kids. Now he’s faced with a proposal that could alter their bond.

Sometimes being alone can make matters worse. Neglecting help and isolating yourself can put you in a place you can’t work your way out of.


To Have and Hold: Faking Love by Tatum James

Lyra Hart, a teacher’s assistant working her way through college, lives a simple life. Her sister Natalie is a constant reminder that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. After a lifelong trail of arrests and stints in rehab, Natalie lands on her sister’s doorstep with a promise not to end up like their mother who overdosed just a few years prior. Lyra’s first mistake was trusting her younger sister. Her second was the one-night stand she thought would drown her sorrows.

Jevaughn Graham lives life by his own rules. He’s made quite a living for himself, but it’s nothing compared to the life he could lead if he could only get in on the family business. The illegitimate grandson of Badrick Graham stands to earn a third of his family’s multimillion dollar rum empire if he could only prove that he’s ready to settle down and be a responsible family man. When he reveals that he’s engaged, Jevaughn wins his grandfather’s favor and the chance to finally get a seat at the table. There’s only one thing missing… his fiancée.

A one-night stand brings the two worlds together in a life altering collision. A search for the woman who stole fifteen thousand dollars from him leads Jevaughn to a pregnant Lyra and a plan for a mutually beneficial arrangement. “Join me in Jamaica for my brother’s wedding, and I’ll wipe your debt clean.”


We Ready by Mel Dau

He was a conqueror. If it needed to be conquered, then Yetti Davis was the man to do it. That was all good and well until he came up against an unconquerable soul. There’s no handbook on how to make someone love you because if there was, he’d follow it to the letter for Mauri Singer’s love.

Mauri Singer is very much a conquerable soul; however, she will not be conquered in anyone else’s time except her own. Fast words, vain actions, nor good coitus can shift the unmoving. Only real love can do that, and she will wait until it comes for her.

Will Yetti and Mauri get on the same page to conquer each other, or will they remain passing ships in the night occasionally stopping for a pitstop in each other’s vessel? Only time will tell when they both will ever truly be ready.


Say It Right: Enemies to Lovers Romance (Hearts of Calverton Book 2) by Symone West

Sarai Tomlin always did the right thing. But she never thought looking out for a friend would return to haunt her. Since then, she’s dealt with a lot and is still healing. The last thing she expects is to see her friend again, only to realize he still hates her after all these years.

Nathan Jones lost so much the day they took him from his mother. Crossing paths with Sarai again stirs up the hurt. Now they’re in a situation where they can’t avoid each other, and he’s certain he’ll never forgive her no matter how much time they spend together.

TW: Mature language, mentions of addiction and assault.

*Friends to Enemies
*Enemies to Lovers
*Forced Proximity
*Slow burn
*Workplace Romance


Not Finished Loving You by Kimberly Brown

Alexis Monroe and Jaceon Palmer were college sweethearts. They’d planned their lives and were set to get married until Jaceon reveals a change in the plans they had for the future. Hit with the devastating blow that he no longer wants children, Alexis breaks things off.

Years later, she is married with a beautiful daughter and pregnant with her son. Tragedy strikes when her husband is killed in an unsolved hit and run accident. After struggling through her pregnancy and dealing with her grief for a year, Alexis realizes she needs help. She, her four-year-old daughter, and six-month-old son have returned home to live with her parents while Alexis gets herself together. For Alexis, the move to heal current wounds leads to the opening of old ones.

When Jaceon crosses paths with the once love of his life, every feeling he thought he buried comes right back to the surface. Realizing that he made a grave mistake has him jumping through hoops to rekindle what he’d foolishly lost. Still fresh with heartbreak, Alexis is forced to deal with the feelings she ran from all those years ago when close proximity continuously lands her and Jaceon in familiar spaces.

Will she give in to the reemergence of past feelings, or does the timing prove to be too much for the once couple to handle?


Unbreak My Heart: A Ridgewood Hills Novelette (F/F) (Lyrics and Titles Book 2) by M.L. Sexton

Telah and Jaydyn couldn’t get it right the first time around, but will this second chance be their last chance, or will they get it right?

Even though this is a standalone, both characters were introduced in book one. This book was inspired by the song Unbreak My Heart by Whitney Houston.


Giving My All To You by A.A. Lewis

Deshawn Baugh had a past that resembled a street-lit novel. Deshawn was “The Man” in his younger years. He was a certified boss in the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Everyone on the west side of the state knew his name and feared his wrath. The ladies loved him and his crew was loyal to him. That all changed when he was sentenced to a fifteen-year bid on a kingpin charge.

With twenty-five years to re-evaluate his life, Deshawn set out to turn things around. If he ever had the chance to do things over, he promised himself he would in every respect. So when the day arrived and Deshawn was discharged from Richard Handlon Correctional Facility, he had only one thing on his mind: being the best version of himself.
Evette Watts was unapologetically the boogie black girl. She earned the right to be called that. Evette held an MBA, and MS in Marketing, and her coveted AMEX Black Card. She secured her dream job and was living the life she always wanted. Well, almost. Despite her many attempts at finding a stable, six-figured, educated black man, Evette was single. She had profiles on every dating site and had been on countless outings, and yet she still came home alone. Heartbreak after heartbreak led Evette to almost give up on finding true love. That all changed when she met Deshawn Baugh.

A.A. Lewis’s realistic journey of love unfolds as Deshawn and Evette’s relationship plays out in this unique tale. Deshawn and Evette’s relationship brings all the drama, sex, and past baggage to the forefront as they attempt to merge their two very different worlds. Do they have what it takes to make it work or will they allow their past to impede their happily ever after?


Maid In Love by Charlotte Dinnis

What happens when fate brings together a wealthy business owner, Marc, and a cleaning lady, Ciara, in this sweet romance? Marc falls head over heels for Ciara – or so he thinks. In reality, he has mistaken her for someone else entirely – a wealthy business associate named Eliza. Things start to get complicated when Eliza mistakes Marc’s kindness for love and begins pursuing him relentlessly.

As the tension between the three characters reaches a boiling point, Marc must make a difficult choice between his old life of superficiality or following his heart with Ciara. But with their different social statuses, Ciara is hesitant to accept Marc. Can true love overcome all boundaries? This heartwarming tale of love, sacrifice, and second chances will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable love story that proves that sometimes the greatest relationships are worth fighting for.

Kitty Prowess by Jade Royal

For Lynx, her entire adult life was a struggle to feel like a mature lioness. No male had ever pleasured her to the brink of insanity and she always felt bored and frustrated with her encounters. Though she wanted to be a lioness that was dominated by a male and sought after, she was also clearly inexperienced to anyone that could smell her scent. She was afraid to make any move on a male, until Hades stepped into the picture. Her cat responded immediately and for the first time, Lynx had to force back her primal instincts. Hades called out to her in ways that set her body on fire. This time, she was fed up of being left hanging and disappointed. Lynx vowed she was going to get Hades. Only trouble was, Hades wanted nothing to do with her. And he was doing everything in his power to make it abundantly clear that Lynx was nowhere near his type, even if his lion was roaring to dominant a female that never knew pleasure before. While he was ready to shut her out, Lynx was prepared to wiggle her way into his life, no matter what it cost her. What would happen between them was something neither of them expected.

Teka Legacy by Dee Osah

When Phoebe Randall meets Abraham Teka, she knows she’s met someone special – and it’s the worst possible time.

With her college sweetheart waiting for a proposal and Abe’s family needing her help, Phoebe finds herself making impossible decisions between the man of her past and the man of her future. Will Abe ever be able to open up and let someone in, or will Phoebe be forced to let go of this precious gift she has waited for all her life?

If you enjoyed the emotional complexity of Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You, you’ll love this heart-warming story of love, family, and sacrifice.


You Make It Feel like Christmas by Toni Shiloh

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–for everyone except Starr Lewis.

As if going home for the holidays jobless and single wasn’t bad enough, she’s dragged into a holiday season full of activities leading up to her sister’s uber-romantic Christmas Eve wedding–to Starr’s ex-boyfriend. But when her brother’s best friend, Waylon Emmerson, attends their family Thanksgiving, she starts to wonder if maybe coming home for Christmas isn’t so bad after all.

As Starr finds the perfect distraction in helping Waylon make over his late mother’s Christmas shop, the most wonderful time of the year works its magic and the spark between them grows. But with the holidays fast approaching, Starr must decide what she wants out of life after the gifts are unwrapped and the ornaments are put away–to go back to New York City or to open her heart to a love that will last beyond Christmas Day?


The Art of Desire by Stacey Abrams as Selena Montgomery

Trouble comes in threes…

One doomed love affair after another has made lovely Alex Walton swear off men. Now, she’s determined to try something that maybe she can succeed at: a writing career. Little does she know that a chance meeting with a strikingly handsome stranger, a mysterious obelisk, and a lost kingdom will change her life forever. As Alex is about to discover, truth can be stranger—and far more dangerous—than fiction.

…but true love comes only once.

After three years inside a terrorist organization, Phillip Turman is trying to rebuild his life. His first assignment is to pick up Alex Walton, the maid of honor for his best friend’s wedding, at the airport. His second is to deal with his instant attraction to her. But his third may be the toughest: to keep Alex out of danger as his past—and her need to know about it—threaten to destroy their future.


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New Release Round-Up September 4th-10th

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