Starting over isn’t easy.

A year after her divorce, Zuri Edwards packs up her children and everything they own to get back to her roots—on her family’s ranch. Devoting her time to being a single parent and adjusting to having family close by, Zuri must work alongside the ranch manager as she is challenged to create additional streams of income.

Xavier Brown is a widower. His life revolves around being the manager of E-Ranch. When his classmate, Zuri, returns, she and her sons shake things up as they bring fresh energy he can’t deny.

The stakes are high as Zuri and Xavier work together through the harvesting stages to cultivate new produce and build the family’s brand.

Will the E-Ranch harvest come up short, or will it be successful and yield more than crops for Zuri and Xavier?

Contains mature themes.
After This is a novella.


New Release Spotlight – After This, by Leila E. Hart

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