Rhiyan Carson has some tough decisions to make. Rocked by her recent divorce and nearly fired from her executive role at a prestigious architectural firm, her life is turned upside down. She needs a change quickly and decides to throw caution to the wind and board a 32-hour flight to Bali in the aftermath of an earthquake. Intending to lose herself in selfless service while on a volunteer mission, she may have unintentionally lost herself in love. AGAIN.

Kendrick Kekoa’s civil engineering firm has had international success as a natural disaster assessment, cleanup and reconstruction industry leader. As CEO, he has had his own personal success as a much sought-after bachelor as well.

When their paths collide, Kendrick’s ego and Rhiyan’s distrust are the makings of a perfect storm over the calm Bali blue waters. Will their union be a cyclone of healing love or a gale wind, strong enough to tear them apart?


New Release Spotlight – Bali Blue (A Wanderlust Romance), by Cher Terais

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