For a strong-willed, independent woman like Keyla Carson, looking for love is not on the agenda. However, should love come her way, she will welcome it with open arms. Working as a registered nurse, she doesn’t have the time to dedicate to dating, but she has needs that only a man can meet… and then there he is. The one who could scratch the itch and keep it soothed. 

Rashawn Hanes has no intention of ever settling down. As a handsome, successful, business owner, he is highly sought after by the ladies and takes full advantage. The wall around his heart has never been penetrated… until Keyla Carson comes along and turns everything on its head.

Will Keyla allow herself to fall for her fling? Can Rashawn become a one-woman man? Does love have a chance, or will fear stand in the way?

*This book is a spin-off of Roll Bounce Love. Although the stories can be read separately, you may have a more pleasurable reading experience if you read the aforementioned book.*


New Release Spotlight – And Then We Fell In Love, by Kay Shanee

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