From the moment Alauni saw Law Montgomery, she knew that she wanted him. But he was the one thing that she didn’t mess around with…he was a cop.

Law doesn’t care about Alauni’s attempts to stay away from him. He knows what he wants, and given the way that her body responds to him, he’s pretty sure that he can get it. But his need for her goes beyond the physical. He sees Alauni in a way that she doesn’t even recognize. He knows her heart, and he’s determined to convince her that he can take care of it. But when he finally steps into her world, he soon realizes that it might be more than what he bargained for.

What happens when it’s no longer just fun and games, and things get real? Will Law be able to handle the challenge and be all in? Or will Alauni give him every reason to walk away and never look back?


New Release Spotlight – Anything Goes, by A.C. Taylor

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