Let’s get the housekeeping out of the way first. You will need to read book one or this book will be confusing. The story picked up in the hospital where book one ended with Quentin, Kaelyn, and Kayson getting some news that would change their lives forever. The way the couple handled the initial shock was much as I expected for the gravity of the situation.  The story emboldens and magnifies that what happens in the dark always comes to light. Quentin and Kaelyn’s relationship, once believed to be over, resurfaced after individual facts revealed their secrets. Kayson’s behavior after the news revealed his frilly kind of attitude. He needed a throat punch and a face slap. The little girl Kael ended up caught in the crossfire of the three adults behavior. Thankfully, Quentin acted like someone with good sense most of the time.  Kaelyn had to finally put on her big girl drawers and be an adult. The vacillations by the couples had my head spinning and, on my nerves, with both sides flowing like Magic Mike’s hip thrusts.  Overall, once the couple destined for togetherness accepted that fact, the story was a romantic, in a sweetly told love story. The family dynamics added the drama effect, but it also brought some gray areas in a more explicit focus. Overall, the story was enjoyable. I’m hoping the next part will cover the details still lingering in the periphery.  A good read worth 4.5 stars.

Review – Never But Forever 2, by Sidni B.

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