Owner of the popular Foxview Heights Café, Mocha over Breakfast, Autumyn Moon Day known to her customers as The Café Lady, has a history of running away from commitment, literally. 

After leaving one man at the altar and fleeing two proposals, she vows to enjoy meaningless flings rather than addressing the root cause of her fears and it worked for her. Until Aeryn, the new owner of the tattoo shop across the street enters M.O.B., soon becoming a permanent fixture in not just one of her booths, but in her heart as well. 

Aeryn didn’t come to The Heights to find love. He came to meet and get to know the long lost sister he recently found out about a few months ago. However, when he first locks eyes with the gorgeous and flirty owner of the café, he gets more than he bargained for. Autumyn causes him to want more than long nights between the sheets, for the first time in his life. 

What happens when two people who are used to running away from love are being pulled to run to each other instead? Will they allow their unaddressed issues from their past to threaten their future? Or will they both let go of their fears and fall into the magic of Autumyn’s Kiss?


New Release Spotlight – Autumyn’s Kiss, by Kema B.

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