Grey has just finalized a divorce, freeing him from a toxic marriage. As a thirty-one-year-old architect, he has his dream career and paired with a supportive family, he has everything he wants…almost.

Orion has sworn off relationships due to her scarred past. With no father to show her healthy love, she’s been left to her own wiles to figure out what it is and pursue it, leaving her more bruised than before From her mother and friends, she’s encouraged to pursue something new that has popped up into her life, but she reluctant.

When Grey meets Orion, he’s immediately intrigued, as she is. While they’re enjoying getting to know each other, issues from their pasts pop up, posing new issues. Orion is left to pursue whether she’ll be caught if he chooses to fall.

Will she?


New Release Spotlight – If I Fall, by Author Indigo

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