Who would say no to a free trip to the Caribbean? Me, if it was offered by the wrong person. When my aunt interrupts my cycle of self-sabotage, she sends me away to a resort that she claims eases her own mind and worries. Naïve, I take the offer. What is only told in the small print is that this resort is different. Different as in a nudist paradise. I’m freaking out. How will I get through this week from hell?


School is out and it is summer vacation. On a teacher’s salary, my options to escape are limited. Not this break. This break I will carry my fine ass to Jamaica and run around the beautiful island au naturel. These plans come to a halt when a handsome sulking stranger asks for my help. He’s too fine to deny but do I really want to get involved? What’s in it for me?


New Release Spotlight – Bare with Me, by Kendra Danielle

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