He thought he was marrying the love of his life.
Then betrayal got in the way.
Or was it fate?

On the night before his wedding, Blaise should’ve been at his bachelor party tossing back drinks, smoking cigars, and preparing to walk down the aisle. But, instead, he was barely tipsy, pissed off, and banging on his friend’s door in the middle of the night.

Bree had no idea what was going on when Blaise showed up at her apartment furious and ready to fight the world. At first, she was nervous and worried for everyone involved. Then, her only concern became him. His hurt was evident, and she was determined to be there for him in every way that she could. But that was a lot easier said than done, and from the looks of things, one night wasn’t going to cut it. Little did Bree know, her need to console him would open a door that her heart wasn’t quite ready for. But everything happens for a reason.

See what happens when two friends recognize that their path to true love always included each other. Will they stay on the journey and see how much their love is truly meant to be? Or will a new form of betrayal creep in and ruin everything they believe?


New Release Spotlight – Been About You, by A.C. Taylor

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