Four words. Online dating gone wrong.

Brixton’s last long-term relationship landed him heartbroken, going in and out of depression for over half a year. Once he shedded the dead weight that comes with a broken heart, he left L.A. and never looked back in search of a new life in familiar territory. He moves back home to Autumn Hills and has been residing there for the last three months. He’s been very low-key about it, trying to get his affairs in order. He’s run into everyone he could possibly think of that he went to school with, worked with, etc during these three months.

Brixton takes a risk and puts himself on a dating app out of sheer boredom one night, but he doesn’t use his own picture. His last relationship scarred him, literally and figuratively, leaving him not as confident as he used to be. He comes across a beautiful woman on the dating app that he knows he can’t swipe left on. She jarred his memory something serious, as he remembers they dated briefly after college. It was Brinley. Brinley Ford. Memories come flooding back as he wants to get to know her again. He doesn’t take into account that he didn’t change his picture to one of his own nor change his name. 

Brinley b.k.a Bri by her family and friends is a kindergarten teacher by day and a passionate artist right after. It’s been quite some time since she had someone to call her own. After her last relationship, she made it a point to only indulge in flings, nothing more as she didn’t want to get her mind and heart wrapped up in another human that would just let her down. She decides one Friday night to indulge in not only a few drinks at 727 but a dating app, too. She comes across “Jett” and things take off from there. Once she finds out who “Jett” really is, all hell breaks loose. Will this end before it even begins?


New Release Spotlight – Endless Beginnings: Autumn Hills Book Three, by Amberlei Jae

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