Shiloh Hurston, a 27-year-old bank teller, and poet, is left piecing the remnants of her heart back together after ending a volatile and unsatisfying relationship. During her sabbatical from love, she finds healing in performing poetry at Ray’s, a lounge located in the small town of Roseville. What started out as an escape turned into a secret admiration for another performer and crowd favorite, Marquis Kent.

Marquis Kent, a 28-year-old carpenter, and reformed preacher’s kid, is desperately in need of a fresh start, and moving from his hometown to Roseville was the first step to a new life. He too finds relief in performing acoustic covers of his favorite songs at Ray’s. His sultry voice paired with his southern charm made him a crowd favorite, including the person he least expected – Shiloh.

To Marquis, Shiloh is the perfect woman who has it all together – a woman clearly out of his league. To Shiloh, Marquis is just another heartbreak waiting to happen, but she can no longer resist the temptation…

A serendipitous encounter opens their eyes to the realization that they have more in common than what meets the naked eye. But are they willing to put their apprehensions aside and explore what could be?


New Release Spotlight – Brown Sugar, by D. Rose

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