In Could This Be Love ~ Part I, Nia Simpson and Raffiel Jeffries fall for each other, hard and fast. Although Nia was initially cautious about the pace at which their relationship was moving, she finally opened up her heart to love. Then she’s hit with what seems like the ultimate betrayal.

Raffiel is certain that Nia was made for him. At every turn, he receives confirmation that she is the one. But there is something that he doesn’t know about Nia that could change how he feels about her.

Is the omission of information the same as lying? If so, Nia and Raffiel are both guilty. In the finale, secrets are uncovered that will rock their world. Is this newfound love strong enough to see them through the hard times?

People are going out of their way to ensure that these two don’t get their happily ever after. This couple will be tested and find themselves questioning if this could be love.


New Release Spotlight – Could This Be Love? 2, by Kay Shanee

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