She fell in love with multiple things: her husband, her career, and her money-maker. Little did she know that one of those things would go up in flames as she reinvented herself. Escaping a tragedy, James Knight-Waters fell in love with a newfound soul but a ghost continued to linger around her life. Haunted for all of her past transgressions, James strives to start a new life full of love and beauty.

He was a star NFL player in his hometown – New Orleans. On his way to the start of a new season, his agent persuaded him into a new money venture. Coming across the vivacious James Knight-Waters on multiple occasions, King St. Patrick slowly realizes that his heart is running faster than his head. He was falling deeper than he anticipated and there was no escape.

With tantalizing relationships, agonizing secrets, and mischievous choices can James and King successfully ignite their love with no interruptions?

*This novel is a modern black gothic romance.*


New Release Spotlight – Haunted in Your Love, by M.T. Dixon

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