Receptionist, Isis Bennett, isn’t looking to be boo’d up. Opting out of the complications of love and relationships completely. She’s single, carefree and loving it, and that will never change. Until Freedom Owens steps into her job, challenging the love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude that had always worked for her.

Newly retired, superstar rapper Freedom, is looking for a change of scenery. After dealing with his ex, love is the last thing on his mind. That is, until he walks into A Kiss of Ink and encounters a certain dreadlocked beauty. After their brief interaction he wants to make her his, but there’s just one small hitch to his plans. She doesn’t do rappers. 

Isis plans to stay far away from the handsome entertainer. To her he’s a player like all the rest and refuses to let him or anyone play her. When a dare shifts things between them she’s prepared to do what she does best. Leave him right where he’s at.

However, Freedom is determined to prove that he has more to offer than the late night pleasures of their arrangement. He plans to teach her a thing or two about love. Will Isis ever be ready and willing to receive Free Game?


New Release Spotlight – Free Game, by Kema B.

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