After accepting the adulterous ways of her cheating husband for years, Melanie Long is ready to slam the door on that chapter of her life and find what brings her joy–with her soon-to-be-ex’s wallet. Wanting to experience all the things she missed out on in her twenty’s, Melanie’s
intentions were to have a space of her own, reconnect with family, and find someone to fulfill her physical needs that have gone neglected for so long. However, getting involved with Warrick Jones may have been more than what she bargained for.

Warrick Jones lived a very meticulous life. He had to have control over everything. It was the
only way to keep his demons at bay. When it came to Warrick’s physical needs, maintaining control was not up for debate. However, Melanie knocked him off his square with her beauty and smart mouth. Warrick was intrigued by her, and thought he was up for the challenge of
making Melanie submit.

WARNING: Love After contains mature themes surrounding BDSM.


New Release Spotlight – Love After, by Shay Davis

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