Meet Amillion Williams, a plus-size woman turning forty who is in a dead-end relationship and hates her job just as much as she detests her thunder thighs. With the holidays approaching, she plans sweeping changes in her life. None involve losing weight. She’s already fought and lost that battle too many times to count. First on her agenda is spending Christmas with family, binge eating on barbecue and Lily Cheesecake.

Then, things begin to look up when she starts a blog that brings together her two loves: writing and eating. While reviewing an upscale restaurant in Houston and enjoying a meal alone, she encounters Everett, who is too good looking to be trusted, and besides, he drinks and smokes.

A simple exchange of phone numbers, which she assumes will go nowhere, takes them outside of the boxes they’ve been trapped in for years. Both yearn to be loved in a particular way, without walls or strings, and they may have just found it.


New Release Spotlight – Gourmet, by Cheryl Robinson

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