Back on the scene, Milo is out and ready to reclaim what was his. Prior to his incarceration, Kimora and Zahara were his world. Having to let her go did some damage, but he’s prepared to make up for it.
Kimora is hurt, having been left to deal with her heartache alone. Six years has passed since she’s been with Milo, but it’s almost as if no time passed at all. Quickly, they fall back into step, forming the family they had before.
Like with anything good, there are issues that arise. For Milo and Kimora, their problems take on the form of old enemies and meaningless exes. On the brink of losing what he loves most, Milo has to right his wrongs before too much time passes. Feeling familiar hurt rising up, Kimora pushes away the one she needs most, landing in a peculiar situation.
They say the other is their forever, but after dealing with everything thrown their way, will that statement remain true?


New Release Spotlight – Guns and Love: Milo and Kimora, by Cherish Amore

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